How is hashish made?

Ways to make hashish

Hashish is a concentrated THC substance made from marijuana trichomes, which is colloquially known as resin. Cannabis contains THC, which is the psychoactive substance that when smoked produces those effects that we are looking for. Therefore, by concentrating the trichomes where THC is stored and separating them from the plant matter, the potency of the concentrate obtained will be significantly higher than that of the flowers or buds.

Thus, in order to enjoy good quality hashish we will first have to extract the resin, that is, separate it from the plant matter. Nowadays, the ways to make hash from dried plants are basically divided into two families: dry sieving extractions and ice and water extractions. As you will see in today's article, there are different machines and tools to greatly facilitate obtaining great results with any of the methods chosen.

For centuries, hashish has been the most popular cannabis resin concentrate around the world
For centuries, hashish has been the most popular cannabis resin concentrate around the world

Dry hashish extraction

For hundreds of years, resin has been extracted from marijuana plants for consumption or to improve it and make it easier to transport or store. The most traditional and well-known way to make dry extractions (that is, with dry plant matter) is to use sieves to sift the resin from the flowers and leaves. A clear example of this would be Moroccan producers who use porous fabrics to filter marijuana resin, a resin that once separated is pressed into blocks of various shapes and weights.

From this traditional way of extracting resin, objects and machines have been invented that facilitate the work of making dry hashish. We present some of them:

Sieves (for example, screen printing ones) can be a very useful tool since they give us different possibilities of use at the same time. Since they can be purchased in various brand sizes and mesh microns, they are very versatile and allow the resin glands to be separated according to their size, or what amounts to the same thing, according to their quality.

Thanks to this fact, and if you have enough budget, one can purchase several sieves of different microns and achieve truly spectacular results, especially if once the resin is obtained, one works with static electricity to obtain pure heads of glandular trichomes.

How to make dry sift

In this post we present you a system to obtain top grade dry sift separations easily and without investing in expensive equipment. All we need to obtain a much better product than commercial hash is a set of screens/bags, buds or trim and a little patience. Enjoy your concentrates!

On the other hand, PolenMaker is a simple-looking glass shaker that gives good results in a very short time. It is a glass cylinder 19cm high and 9cm in diameter with a 140-micron sieve inside and two easy-to-open caps on both sides. Its use is very simple, you simply open the top cap, insert the buds, close it, and shake it for a few minutes; After that, the bottom part is opened and the powdered resin can be easily collected. As with any other way of making hashish, we advise you to freeze the buds to facilitate the release of the resin glands. You can even fill the Pollen Maker with flowers or leaves and freeze it all together a couple of hours before starting.

Pollen Maker is a very useful tool to get a small amount of resin in a very short time
Pollen Maker is a very useful tool to get a small amount of resin in a very short time

DrFlwr is a very easy-to-use dry resin extraction device. Following the Pollinator principles, it is a bucket made of completely removable polyethylene, which is made up of a cylindrical tank made from a sieve. Once we have the buds frozen, we will put it inside the cylinder and connect it to the power, so that the cylinder will spin like a washing machine, progressively extracting the resin and depositing it inside the structure. The device is disassembled, leaving only its structure and the resin that has been extracted is collected with a card. The used marijuana can be easily recovered for consumption or to make another extraction either dry or on ice.

With the DrFlwr dry resin extractor you can get a considerable amount of hashish in just a few minutes, and without effort!
With the DrFlwr dry resin extractor you can get a considerable amount of hashish in just a few minutes and without effort!

Pollinator is a device for dry resin extraction, with a function very similar to that of the DrFlwr. In fact, it was the first machine designed for the automated production of hashish decades ago thanks to the ingenuity of Mila Jansen. It is completely removable to facilitate the collection of hashish in powder form. Its drum is suitable for large quantities of marijuana with very good results. The subsequent recovery of the plant matter after use is simple because the cylinder is removed from the box, the cylinder cap is removed and the plant matter is expelled.

Pollinator was the pioneering dry resin extraction machine on the market, born by Mila Jansen decades ago
Pollinator was the pioneering dry resin extraction machine on the market, born by Mila Jansen decades ago

Extraction of hashish with ice

As we have already mentioned before, hashish extractions can be done dry or in ice water. In this section, we will focus on water and ice-based extraction using different instruments or machines, which will make the task much easier.

The first thing you should keep in mind before doing any type of ice extraction is to put the weed in the freezer. This fact is very important since it is essential for the trichomes to jump out of the plant material and pass through the meshes or bags until they are retained in the bag corresponding to their size. Thus, by separating the trichomes according to the diameter of their glandular heads, you can achieve results of the highest quality.

How to make ice water hash

In this post we tell you the basics for making top grade ice water hash easily at home. Cannabis concentrates are becoming more and more popular, and hashish is probably the safest, besides being the favourite extract of many connoisseurs.

Normally, this type of concentrates is obtained thanks to a series of bags with a sieve of a certain micron size sewn into the bottom. Ice-O-Lator hash bags, for example, are one of the most popular. The bags are placed one inside the other until a series of filters are obtained through which the water will pass and the trichomes will be retained in each bag depending on their size. The first bags, with the highest micron, will basically retain plant matter, while as the micron decreases you will find pure resin glands. Typically, the best quality is obtained in the size range between 70 and 120 microns.

These extraction bag kits can consist of a different number of bags, from 2 to 8, and are usually available in different bag sizes (volume) (4 liters, 19 liters, etc.). Its use is very simple: basically you will need two cubes of similar volume to your bags, ice bags, some pastry rods - or similar - which can be manual or electric, and, of course, the plant matter, which can be small leaves. or buds. We recommend removing any branches or sticks before filtering to avoid damaging the bag sieves, especially if you use a type of bag made entirely of mesh, without canvas, such as Medicalnets.

By placing the bags one inside the other, filtration is achieved according to different microns, so that the different qualities are separated
By placing the bags one inside the other, filtration is achieved according to different microns, so that the different qualities are separated

Once you have all the material on hand, having left the marijuana in the freezer for the last 24 hours, proceed to fill one of the cubes with ice cubes and cold water, also introducing the plant matter. While it hydrates a little, it is the perfect time to prepare the other bucket, which will hold the bags. Start with the bag with the lowest micron and place them so that the one with the largest micron is on top, being the first through which the water will pass.

Let it rest for about 10 minutes before starting to stir, adding more ice to the cube where you have the vegetable matter if it has melted while you were preparing the other cube with the bags. After this time, start stirring the contents with the pastry rods or the tool you have chosen (we recommend that it be made of stainless steel); If they are manual, stir gently and constantly, while if you have electric whisks you should set the lowest power and beat. The length of time you should stir will depend on several factors, but you can follow this rule: as soon as you see that the water goes from having an amber color to a slightly greenish color, it is time to filter by passing all the contents of this bucket to the one with the bags.

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Once the previous process is done, what you have left is to see the results obtained. To do this, you must first remove the last bag placed in the bucket (the one with the highest micron) in order to be able to remove the plant matter with the ice inside, filtering the water with the resin, which will be retained in the sieves of the following bags. Depending on how many bags you use, you will get more or less grades of resin quality.

The first thing you should do to recover the resin from each bag is to dry it a little: to do this, take kitchen paper and, on the outside of the bag, place its mesh on the paper, so that it will absorb a good part of the water, extracting as much moisture as possible from the resin. Remove the resin from the bag with the help of a very clean spoon and spread it on a drying mesh or similar. To dry the resin you have several options, from freezing it and passing it through a cheese grater, to chopping it with a plastic card or a fine stainless steel strainer. The point is to get the smallest pieces possible so that drying is fast and uniform. Let the resin dry for about 4-5 days in a clean, dark, and well-ventilated place...and avoid heat sources at all costs to dry it!

Once you have finished the extraction, you can repeat the operation by putting the plant matter and ice back into the corresponding bucket and stirring for a while longer before filtering the mixture again. Normally, in 2-3 washes the results will be of much lower quality and will have decreased in performance considerably.

Washers like this Icer Pure Factory greatly facilitate the process of separating the trichomes
Washers like this Icer Pure Factory greatly facilitate the process of separating the trichomes

To facilitate this extraction process with water and ice, you can choose to use some of the machines that are marketed for this purpose, which basically act like portable washing machines for clothes that you may have seen if you like to go camping. Using these machines is very simple, as you just have to fill it with ice, cold water, and your frozen flowers, let everything rest for about 10 minutes (until the water is 4ºC or less), and turn on the machine at minimum speed. Once you see the color change in the water that we have talked about (from brown/amber to slightly greenish), turn off the machine, let it sit for another while, and use the drain pipe to pour the water into the bucket in which you will have placed the extraction bags as we have already explained. Quick, simple, and effortless!

One of the advantages of using a washing machine is that almost all the plant matter will remain inside it and will not "dirty" your bags, making the filtering process even more comfortable. The bad thing is that, once you're done, the inside of your washing machine will be full of small pieces of plant matter, quite tedious to clean. For this reason, washing machine bags are used, where you can put the plant matter and which, with their micron size of 220 microns, will allow all the resin to escape from the bag and remain in the water while the plant matter is retained inside. , making the subsequent task of cleaning the washing machine much easier.

Here you have several models of hash washing machines that will serve you perfectly:

In addition, you can also find kits that include a washing machine and extraction meshes, such as the following:

In the following video, you can see what the process of making hashish with a washing machine is like:

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