Rick Simpson's cannabis oil

The Rick Simpson story:

Rick Simpson
Rick Simpson

Describing himself as an "ordinary man", Rick Simpson was born in 1949 in Canada, where he worked in the medical field. In 1997, he began to suffer an important brain injury besides postconcussion syndrome, which caused him intense and permanent ringing in the ears, comparable to the noise of a lawn mower, 24/7.

For some time, he took all the medicines prescribed by his doctors, without success. On the contrary, he felt like those medicines were actually worsening his situation. In 1999, after watching a T.V. programme about medical marijuana , Rick called a friend and asked him for a joint. Surprisingly, he felt much more relieved than when he took the prescribed medicines for his pathology, so he asked his doctor for a marijuana prescription. Unfortunately, he flatly refused.

During the subsequent years, the symptoms of his disease worsened, impeding Rick to have a normal life. After contemplating suicide, he decided to search for himself an alternative to improve his health. He reminded how smoking marijuana relieved him, and began to wonder which would be the effects of a cannabinoid concentrate in oil form. He began to grow marijuana plants to make an extraction from the female flowers, that he started to consume in small doses every day. According to Rick, the symptoms of his injury quickly relieved, his sleep improved and both pains and blood pressure lowered. Rick lost a lot of weight and even looked fit and healthy. He could finally live a normal life again!!.  

Rick Simpson, an important personality in the world of medical cannabis
Rick Simpson, an important personality in the world of medical cannabis

In 2003, Rick Simpson underwent surgery because of skin cancer in his face that he suffered for several years. But a few weeks after surgery, the cancer returned. Rick then tried his marijuana oil applied directly on the skin. According to Rick Simpson, a few days later the cancer had completely disappeared. Excited by this new, Rick told his doctor about it, but he just refused to hear Rick's story.

Rick Simpson
Rick Simpson

Soon after, Rick visited his mother -who suffered from psoriasis for many years - and applied his cannabis oil on the infected skin area. After a few weeks, the sores had disappeared and her skin was healed. Rick Simpson decided then that he was going to freely share his marijuana oil with all those patients who asked for it!!

During the first year, Rick treated 50-60 people with diverse skin problems. The following year, he treated a man with a severe and inoperable melanoma (skin cancer) with his oil. This man was healed only three weeks after the beginning of Rick's treatment. This person also mentioned that he suffered from glaucoma, and Rick recommended him to consume cannabis oil by mouth. The eye pressure of this patient soon decreased.

Rick successfully used his marijuana oil in cancer patients, as well as diabetics. He maintained the treatment until the patients were completely healed, and soon realized that a dose of 60g of oil was needed to heal the most severe diseases.

Since 2003, Rick Simpson freely proposed his cannabis oil to more than 5000 patients which suffered from diverse diseases such as cancer, diabetes, melanoma, leukaemia, chronic pain, warts,  viral and bacterial infections...with convincing results. Rick stated that 70% of the patients that followed his treatment were healed from cancer, by consuming 60g of high-quality cannabis oil. Rick also states that in those cases in which it is too late to heal the disease, his oil - at least - improves the life quality of the patient, so he/she can die with dignity.

Simpson claims that he healed his skin cancer with his marijuana oil
Simpson claims that he healed his skin cancer with his marijuana oil

Unfortunately, Rick Simpson attracted the wrath of Police and Justice in Canada, where he was first questioned and then imprisoned. The last episode was in 2009, just a day after being awarded "Freedom fighter of the year" by High Times magazine. He was treated like a criminal and was judged as a common dealer, while he always proposed his oil freely and only for therapeutic purposes. He decided then to leave Canada and seek political asylum in Europe, where he still works on his famous cannabis oil.

Mykayla Comstock, a 7 years old girl who suffers from leukemia, uses Rick Simpson's oil
Mykayla Comstock, a 7 years old girl who suffers from leukaemia, uses Rick Simpson's oil

Nowadays, it is not hard to find in the media testimonies from patients who use Rick Simpson's cannabis oil. As a recent example, we can mention Kristina Marie, a 24 years old young woman who was diagnosed with a brain tumour which was, according to her doctors, impossible to treat. The vital prognosis was seriously jeopardized. Kristina decided to follow Rick's treatment with his cannabis oil rather than chemotherapy, and since then her tumour progressively decreased in size. Rick Simpson's oil has also been used in children, as for example in the case of  Mykayla Comstock, a young 7 years old girl from Oregon who suffers from leukaemia. We also heard about some cases in which it was used in babies; recently, doctor William Courtney - who figures in our Medical Marijuana news - could efficiently eliminate a critical brain tumour in an 8 months old infant, treating him with marijuana oil.

Use and dosage of Rick Simpson's cannabis oil:

We need approximately 500g of first-class cannabis buds, completely dried, to produce around 60g of Rick Simpson's cannabis oil - RSO - which can be used for a 90-day standard treatment. This amount can be increased up to 120-180g in the most delicate cases. This oil can be vaporized, smoked, ingested, used as a suppository or applied on the skin (in pure form or mixed with cosmetic products ).

Kristina Marie, diagnosed with a brain tumor, uses Rick Simpson's oil
Kristina Marie, diagnosed with a brain tumour, uses Rick Simpson's oil

Rick advises using marijuana strains with the highest possible THC level. Sativa varieties will work better for those suffering from depression, while Indica strains are recommended for any other kind of ailment due to their relaxing effect.

Rick Simpson's Oil and brain tumor
Rick Simpson's Oil and brain tumour

Regarding the dosage, Rick Simpson recommends starting with three intakes per day, approximately the size of a rice grain. Later on, this dosage will be doubled every four days, until reaching 1gr per day after approximately 5 weeks, that will be the average daily dose during the length of the treatment.

An excessive dosage is not harmful, the main side effect is an intense sleepy feeling.  RSO often causes this feeling, so patients use to rest for about an hour after every intake. It is useless trying to fight against this feeling since resting effectively helps to cure diseases.  Frequently, and after a month of RSO use, the fatigue related to this treatment disappears, while the patient will have his/her sleep quality improved.

Once the treatment is ended, Rick recommends to continue using marijuana oil to prevent a relapse of the treated disease, but with much lower doses - for example, 1gr per month.

Keep in mind that Rick Simpson's Oil reduces blood pressure, therefore it should not be used in combination with antihypertensive medication.

Treatment of skin cancer with Rick Simpson's Oil:

According to Rick Simpson, marijuana oil is useful to cure skin cancer, and only a few grams are needed to fulfil this goal.

Use approximately 30g of high-quality cannabis buds from an Indica strain; this amount of weed should produce up to 3-4gr of oil. Rick Simpson recommends to apply this oil directly on the skin cancer and wrap it with sanitary adhesive tape. Reapply the oil and renew the adhesive tape every 3-4 days.

Once the skin is healed, Rick recommends continuing the treatment for around 2 weeks to completely eliminate any mark of the cancer.

Melanoma and Rick Simpson's cannabis oil
Melanoma and Rick Simpson's cannabis oil

Rick Simpson's marijuana oil recipe:

From the original method described by Rick Simpson.

Alchimia is not responsible for the manufacture and use of this oil

I usually work with at least 500g of buds of the highest possible quality, preferably from a mostly Indica cannabis strain. 30g of quality buds will produce up to 3-4gr of quality oil, although the exact return may vary from one cannabis variety to another. That is to say, we can not know the exact amount of oil before processing the green vegetable matter. The average return for 500g of quality buds is around 60g of oil, sometimes even more. Many people claim that this should be amber and translucent and, in most cases, the oil that I make looks exactly like this. However, both colour and texture mainly depend on the processed strain and the solvent used to extract the oil. Thus, don't worry if your oil is sometimes darker, it does not affect its medicinal properties.

Rick Simpson's marijuana oil
Rick Simpson's marijuana oil

My process entails processing the vegetable matter twice with an efficient solvent such as pure naphtha, to extract all the available resin from the plant. Naphtha has proved to be a very efficient solvent to produce oil, and can be found sometimes as petroleum ether or light petroleum. The only solvents that I've tested are ether, alcohol and naphtha. Ether is my favourite, it is so efficient, but also very expensive and hard to find. I also think that ether suits best for closed distillation equipment since it is very volatile and its vapours make it a dangerous substance to manipulate.

Alcohol is not as efficient as ether or naphtha because it is less selective, but it still works pretty well. It will dissolve more chlorophyll from the buds, which will result in a darker oil. For the best efficiency, a solvent must be 100% pure, and 100% pure alcohol is also expensive and hard to find. On the other hand, naphtha is relatively cheap and not very hard to find. Lots of paint shops offer naphtha for diluting paints, so it is a solvent truly easy to find and for this reason my personal favourite. 

All these solvents - including alcohol - are toxic, although if you follow these instructions the solvent wastes present in your oil will not be a problem at all. Once extracted, the oil is left at room temperature to create a sort of grease. The final oil is, actually, highly non-toxic. Even if a small amount of solvent waste is present in the oil, this itself will neutralize any toxicity.

Rick Simpson's oil quickly became a reference in medicinal marijuana
Rick Simpson's oil quickly became a reference in medicinal marijuana

I don't recommend using butane gas as a solvent to produce this medicine since it is extremely volatile and demands advanced equipment to neutralize any possible risk. Moreover, using butane gas will not produce the decarboxylation of the product, which makes it a less efficient oil for medicinal purposes, unless it is vaporized.

From the beginning, the green vegetable matter must be completely dry. Place it into a deep container so the mix of solvent and oil will not overflow during the cleaning process. Once the container is full of buds, fill it up with solvent. Always ensure a well-ventilated, spark-free area, without any flame or hot element near (Do not smoke!!) Use a piece/stick of wood to crush the green matter, and add more solvent until the buds are completely soaked in it. Stir the mix with the wooden stick during approximately 3 minutes.  Gently pour the mixture of solvent and oil into a clean container, leaving all the green matter in the first one so that it can be processed again.

Add more solvent to the green matter until it is soaked and stir it up again for 3 more minutes. Slowly pour this mixture into the second container, where we have the first mixture. A third clean up produces little oil and has little medicinal value. Indeed, the first clean up extracts 70-80% of the resin from the buds, and the second one almost all the rest. 

Rick Simpson preparing his marijuana oil
Rick Simpson preparing his marijuana oil

Use a big container - clean and empty - with a small hole on its upper lid and place a funnel in the hole, as well as several coffee filters inside the funnel. Pour the mixture of solvent and oil from the first and second clean-ups through the coffee filters to remove undesired plant debris. Once the mixture has been filtered, it is ready for the evaporation stage. 

To separate the solvent from the oil, use a rice cooker/steamer with 2 temperature levels and a hole in the upper part. Make sure that the rice cooker is placed in a well-ventilated area; place a fan close to it to dissipate the vapours produced when the solvent is heated. Rice cookers are designed for not overcooking the rice, with inner temperature sensors that will gradually decrease the temperature as the internal heat increases. If the temperature gets too high when producing oil, some cannabinoids contained in the resin will be vaporized, something that you don't want to happen. For this reason, I strongly recommend to all beginners using rice cookers, since it eliminates the risk of issues like this. Of course, the rice cooker used must work properly. 

Make sure that there are no sparks, flames or heating elements near the working area where you place the rice cooker since vapours produced by the solvent are highly flammable. I've been using the same technique thousands of times, and never had any problems, but for your own safety, I recommend following these instructions very carefully and avoid breathing the vapours produced by the solvent. Fill up the rice cooker at about 75% so the mixture boils without overflowing. Turn on the rice cooker at high-temperature level so the solvent starts evaporating. As soon as the level of the rice cooker decreases, gradually fill it up again with more mixture of solvent and oil until all is processed. 

Ready to use Rick Simpson's marijuana oil
Ready to use Rick Simpson's marijuana oil

When the level of the rice cooker decreases to a thickness of about 5cm, add a few drops of water to the mixture. Usually, 10-12 drops for every 500gr of buds will be enough at this stage of the extraction. 

Such a small amount of water will allow better evaporation of the remaining solvent, for the evaporation temperature of the water is higher than that of the solvent. When the level has decreased enough, I wear protective gloves to lift it and shake it a little bit - to mix its contents - until the cooker automatically reduces the temperature level. 

When all the solvent has been evaporated, you will hear a crack produced by the oil in the cooker. You will also notice that small bubbles are formed in the oil. Do not worry if you see a little smoke or vapour appearing from the oil, for this vapour is mainly produced by the water drops that we added before. Once the rice cooker automatically lowers its temperature to the minimum, gently pour its content into a stainless steel container. A small amount of oil, very difficult to recover, will remain inside the cooker; you can take a piece of hard bread to absorb the remaining oil, but take caution with the dosage and remember that, when ingested, this oil can take 1-2 hours to produce effects, which can be strongly narcotic. 

Take the oil that you poured into the stainless steel container and place it on a heater element, e.g. electric coffee maker, to evaporate all the remaining water in the oil. Generally, this process won't take long. Terpenes can also produce small bubbles in the oil when heated, so it is advisable to leave the oil on the heater element until it shows no activity. When no more bubbles are produced and there's no visible activity, remove it and allow it to cool for a few minutes.  Use a syringe - without the needle - to pump the oil (the cooler it is, the more difficult to pump it). The oil will quickly become a dense grease as it cools down, sometimes it gets so dense that it is difficult to remove it from the syringe. If this happens, simply put your syringe under hot water and the oil will become more liquid. If a patient removes too much oil from the syringe, he/she can easily pump it again with it. 

Rick Simpson's marijuana oil
Rick Simpson's marijuana oil

If I have 500g of green vegetable matter, I need about 10L of solvent for the two needed clean-ups. If you want to process a different amount of weed, you only have to calculate the needed amount of solvent. The whole process usually takes around 4 hours, from the beginning of the process until I have my medicine ready to be used. It is also noticeable that this oil's lifespan is extremely long when stored in a fresh and dark place. I believe that these instructions make the task of producing oil much easier to everyone, but always verify that you have all the needed stuff to do it properly.

At first glance, it may seem a little difficult to manufacture our own medicine, but this is truly a very easy and simple process. Once you have prepared a couple of times your own medicine, you will soon realize that it is no more difficult than preparing a cup of coffee. 

Which solvent should I use to make medical-grade marijuana oil?

Apart from Rick Simpson's original recipe with naphtha, different methods to make resin extractions have been tested using different solvents, such as alcohol or olive oil. A recent scientific study, performed during 2013 by the Institute of  Biology of the Leiden University (Netherlands), compares the quality of these extractions.

We should remember that cannabinoids found in marijuana plants are not (almost) in active form. In effect, a decarboxylation is needed to transform the inactive acid forms of cannabinoids into the active form sought by users. This decarboxylation is performed by heat, so it is often done during the consumption (smoking, vaporizing...) or the preparation process of the extraction (cooking marijuana butter, ...). Inactive THCA transforms into active THC, inactive CBDA into active CBD and so on. If you make a cannabinoid extraction but don't decarboxylate it, the therapeutical properties of this extraction will be less efficient.

THC Decarboxylation
THC Decarboxylation

To perform this decarboxylation of cannabinoids we need to heat them at 106ºC for 30 minutes approximately. The main problem here is that we lose many marijuana terpenes when heating them, and these aromatic molecules have also interesting therapeutic properties! A heated cannabis oil contains almost no terpenes, while a non-heated oil contains almost no active cannabinoids. This is, unfortunately, a common issue, no matter which solvent we are using. In the case of RSO, active cannabinoids are more important than terpenes, that is why it must be heated in order to perform the decarboxylation of THC and other cannabinoids.

Let's speak a little bit more about Rick's favourite solvent, naphtha. Besides it is a dangerous substance to work with, several products - of varying quality -  with this name can found on the market. Naphtha is a translucent liquid resulting from the distillation of petroleum, that may contain some additives to enhance its stability or conservation. Unfortunately, Rick Simpson specifies neither the quantity nor the naphtha source to extract his cannabis oil.

But the main disadvantage of naphtha is that it leaves solvent wastes in the oil that will hardly evaporate. Analysis confirms that cannabinoid extractions made with naphtha have the same level of solvent wastes than terpenes! The more concentrated is an extraction, the more difficult to remove solvent wastes. As we mentioned before, Rick Simpson claims that these wastes are not a problem, for the oil itself will neutralize any toxic effect from them. In other words, the healing properties of his oil should be potent enough to compensate any negative effect from solvent wastes (There are no studies that can confirm this statement, so Alchimiaweb is not responsible of it).

Marijuana Tincture
Marijuana Tincture

Alcohol extractions (ethanol) are probably the most ancient technique. It was available in pharmacies until 1950 under the name of Cannabis Tincture. However, finding 100% pure ethanol is very difficult, and we can not use common alcohol (available in any pharmacy) since it contains a denaturant, not a consumable agent. Ethanol has relatively low toxicity and great cannabinoid and terpene extraction capacity, but it also extracts chlorophyll from the plant, which gives the unpleasant green colour of the final extraction. Eventually, it is possible to filter this alcoholic extraction with active carbon to eliminate the chlorophyll, but this process also eliminates most cannabinoids (50%). For these reasons, alcohol is not the ideal solvent to make our resin extractions.

Olive oil is a good solvent to make medicinal-grade cannabis oil: 100% free from toxicity, is very efficient for extracting both cannabinoids and terpenes. As olive oil is not a volatile substance, it avoids terpene evaporation much more efficiently than other solvents such as naphtha or ethanol.

To make an extraction with olive oil we only need to heat it in a boiling water bath (<100ºC). Use 100ml of olive oil for each 10gr of marijuana buds, and heat it for about 90 minutes. Then, remove the mixture and warm it at slow temperature - 120ºC approx. - during 30 minutes to perform the decarboxylation of cannabinoids. Allow to cool and filter the mixture. These kind of extractions are safe and easy!!

As we have seen, olive oil has numerous advantages compared to other solvents. It has only one disadvantage: as it does not evaporate, it will be impossible to concentrate the extraction, so we will have to use larger amounts to achieve the same results. On the other hand, it can be easily used in everyday cooking!!

Cannabinoid extraction with olive oil
Cannabinoid extraction with olive oil

We will tell you soon how to make resin extractions with butane gas as a solvent (BHO).  It is also possible to make cannabis extractions with CO2, as well as supercritical CO2, but these techniques require advanced equipment.

In the next posts, we will also tell you how to make an extraction using vegetable glycerin as a solvent, a technique used by breeder TGA Subcool to obtain his medicinal marijuana.

THC action on tumor cells (source = NORML)
THC action on tumor cells (source = NORML)

To conclude, here you have the famous movie made by Rick Simpson, Run from the cure (2008) - subtitled in Spanish - with testimonies from several patients and a demonstration of Rick making his oil.


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cynthia Is an Alchimia client 2020-10-31
I'm new to the subject & just bought my first seeds & I have a question directed to any knowledgeable maker of RSO. I was really impressed with his film whcih interviewed people with different kinds of cancers whil Ricks was skin cancer but someone challenged me with this question or statement & I hope to get enlightened by one of you: he said "Rick Simpson oil cannot cure all forms of cancer. Rick Simpson was able to cure a form of cancer on his skin and when THC comes into contact with some types of cancer cells it causes apoptosis (cell death) In the cancer cell. Because Ricks cancer was on his skin it was relatively easy to cure that Type of cancer. However you need to be very careful because some cancers THC can actually Exacerbate the problem. The way that Rick Simpson oil is made also destroys a lot of other valuable cannabinoids and terpenes and only leaves a predominantly high THC content resin. Rosin or Phoenix tears would be far superior medicine when decarboxylated properly.unquote. My question is: does his process cause the indica strain plant (he recommended one use only a single indica strain plant) to have it's ordinarily higher cbd content be lowered with the end result that the thc is higher and if so, does that cause a problem for certain types of cancers? His remark about that apoptosis causes cell death confuses me because the intention of chemotherapy is to cause apoptosis but it doesn't discriminate and kills both cancer & healthy cells. Would somebody who knows about the pros & conts of Ricks process to make the RSO please tell me if it raises the originally lower thc content and destroy other valuable plant terpenes etc or Not? Please feel free to contact me directly at cynthiamarshall115@gmail.com if you know the answers to these 2 questions and understand this subject matter well. I need to be careful not to recommend something to others if it could in fact harm people with some kinds of cancers so this is a very consideration.


Cbrooks 2020-04-21
hi, my father has a spot of cancer in his liver and also have severe cirrhosis of the liver and it is starting to die. his spleen is starting to die as well. He is 75 years old and was an alcoholic for most of his life quitting just 7 years ago. He is no longer making platelets and has 2 blood transfusions last week. he is on liver medication now and has been using THC his whole life. He really wants to try the RSO but the hospice nurse said since his liver is dying it would kill him even faster. do you think he should try RSO to help extend his life? He is currently in at home hospise and he is told he has 6-8 weeks.

Tim Alchimia 2020-04-22
Hi and thanks for your comment and question. I'm really sorry to hear about your father. Firstly let me say that I'm not a doctor, so please bear in mind that anything I tell you is purely my own point of view and opinion, and as such is in no way to be interpreted as medical advice. From what I've read, it seems that the link between cannabis use and liver disease is unclear, and scientists have found conflicting evidence, but overall, cannabis has been found to be either beneficial or harmless in relation to alcohol-related liver damage. Other studies have noted that the endocannabinoid system is very active in cirrhosed livers, indicating that molecules which target the CB1 and CB2 receptors, such as THC, could have some therapeutic potential to treat the condition. Quite aside from the valid scientific research, I'd say that after a life of alcohol abuse, I don't think that using RSO at this stage would be anything but beneficial, even if it is simply for palliative use. I think that, if it's what your father wants then he should be allowed to try it out. Unfortunately, many health professionals have a prohibitionist mindset and not much understanding of the therapeutic properties of cannabis, preferring to warn against its use in all cases, mainly due to ignorance and fear. I'm not saying that the Hospice nurses don't know what they're talking about, but I wonder what kind of experiences or studies of therapeutic cannabis they may have had. In all the articles I've consulted I've seen nothing to suggest that using RSO would hasten the liver disease and kill him faster, in fact, what I've seen indicates quite the opposite. However, the nurse could be in possession of information that I have not got access to, and there may be other factors or complications at play with your father's condition. I hope that is some help to you, and I really do wish you and your father all the best.


tjsauser 2020-01-17
My Sister was diagnosed of Lung Cancer, the first diagnosis was in May 2017, After many suffering and pain.But in 2018 and 2019, the Lung Cancer returned. I came to know about cannabis oilin a YouTube Channel and was happy to know about The Rick Simpson cannabis oil.In few weeks of taking the Cannabis oil,There where great improvement in her health. We have been watching her health for 3 months now and i am gladly saying my Sister has been cured. Best WishesPeter Sauser


Jeffrey Paul Kendall 2019-11-14
how do I buy the oil?

Tim Alchimia 2019-11-15
Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your enquiry. We don't sell RSO. If you're in a legal state then I recommend trying dispensaries, they ought to have some in stock. If you're not in a legal state then things get a little more complicated. As I understand it, people sell RSO over Craig's List but you really need to be wary of scammers, not everybody is honest. In some countries, there are patient groups that provide RSO to those in need. It all depends on where you are, but in nearly all cases the best approach would be to grow your own and make the oil yourself. That's really the only way to have full control of what goes into the oil. I hope that's some help to you. All the best!


Li 2019-10-11
"gr" used in this article i think maybe is meant as "gm". "gr" means grain and "gm" means gram in apothecary terms. Helpful to point out this particular discrepancy because it is used for medication dosing. Ex: there are 15gr/gm

Tim Alchimia 2019-10-14
Hi Li, thanks for your comment, I think in this case it stems from the article being translated to English from Spanish. "gr" is used to denote grams in Spanish. I will edit the article to change this, many thanks.


A. p. 2019-09-09
I am diagnosed with colon cancer (Carcinoma) I would love to get in some varieties (steve / indica) to make oil

Tim Alchimia 2019-09-16
Hi, thanks for your question. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It's probably a good idea to choose a variety with a balanced CBD/THC ratio for making oil, something with a 1:1 ratio would be a great starting-off point. We have a wide range of CBD-rich genetics to choose from in our CBD department. Wishing you all the best.


Zanitra.C 2019-09-08
Where can I buy Rso oil where I'm not being scammed? My bother has stage 4 brain cancer.!

Tim Alchimia 2019-09-16
Hi Zanitra, thanks for your question. It's a hard one to answer because it depends where you are. In many US states, there are dispensaries selling good quality RSO, you will most likely find reviews on Weedmaps and Leafly to help you decide which is best for you. In the UK there is a non-profit group called Bud Buddies who supply RSO to patients in need. Check for a similar kind of group or a patients' group in your area. Unfortunately, buying online is risky and there are plenty of scammers selling low-quality oil and taking advantage of sick people, another sad consequence of prohibition. All the best of luck in your search.


Jim Dunham 2019-03-31
Wow! After all I got a web site from where I be capable of in fact take helpful information concerning my study and knowledge.


BEN Scarborough 2018-10-12
I used this method and CURED my skin cancer in 2 different spots. Thanks Rick for everything.


Robert Barry 2018-09-08
Hello everyone, If you are looking to purchase the Rick Simpson Cannabis oil kindly contact the medical team for the Medication via email:*deleted* or *deleted* the team deliver world wide

Tim Alchimia 2018-09-12
Once again, another reminder not to buy oil from online scammers claiming to represent Rick Simpson. Please go to his own webpage at http://phoenixtears.ca/ for any info regarding Rick Simpson Oil and how to make it.


Rao 2018-08-09
Hi , Thank you for the wonderful website and your kind and wise advice. My sister who lives in India had stage 4 intestinal cancer and tried main stream chemo medicine for 18 months, only end up in death bed and doctors gave up. Some how, she survived and i sent 15% CBD oil to her as a alternative and she felt good after taking and was able to walk and doing good, but CBD was getting over and i couldn't find the same seller again to send the medicine to India. Mean while, while searching for alternative, i found a seller on amazon.in and bought RSO. she started using very small doses ( 1/2 grain 3 times a day) as RS suggested.on his website. by 2nd day, she started feeling intense heat on the stomach and leg aches and painful bowl movements. She also found entire body was very hot. by third day, it became worse, so she stopped taking RSO. She found white discharge in the bowl on/. the third day. Any way she stopped for now and all the heat symptoms are gone.i need to find alternative for it. I don't know the strain they used or how it was prepared for this RSO. Now the listing on amazon.in was removed from amazon.in and probably not legal. I was wondering what should be the cause of this reactions. Did you hear of this symptom in any patients. Is it a good idea to get from another vendor and see how it works?. I appreciate any suggestion for this case.

Tim Alchimia 2018-08-09
Hello Rao, I'm glad to hear the CBD oil was working for your sister, and I'm very sorry to hear about her reaction to the RSO. I'm not sure why the reaction happened, but the most likely reason is either from pesticide residues left over from the cultivation, or from an improper purging of the solvent used to extract the RSO from the flowers. Unfortunately these are the risks of an unregulated market, it creates the perfect conditions for those wishing to take advantage of patients for financial gain. Its for this reason that we always encourage people to have full control over what they ingest, by growing their own flowers and carrying out the extraction themselves. My advice would be to search the internet for a reputable supplier of Organic CBD Oil, if you can't find one that will send directly to India, then might I suggest buying it, getting it sent to you, then you can send it on to India yourself. It's a bit convoluted but if it means getting clean medicine, I'd say it's worth it. All the best.


woody 2018-08-05
I like the idea of olive oil extraction, would you post more complete instruction? For instance, the blog says to boil it...I would assume that means double boiler, not imersing olive oil in boiling water... just need more clarity for dummies like me that dont want to put a thousand bucks worth of indica in a pot and ruin it !

Tim Alchimia 2018-08-06
Hi Woody, thanks for your question. Yes, you're right, it should be simmered in a double boiler for 90-120 minutes. Be sure to keep it from boiling, if you see bubbles rising then turn the heat down. Hope that's cleared the issue up for you, happy extracting!


mr.oliver 2018-08-04
God sent,We already lost hope for a better life when the report came that my husband cannot go for more Chemo anymore as he had stage 4 lungs cancer. Luckily after so many research online on how to stop the disease, I gained a lot about the cannabis oil that i bought from the Rick Simpson founder of cannabis oil as a cure, whose contact I got online on reading a testimony about his past works and glory who have been healed by this oil, The medication was delivered to me within 24 hours by the UPS delivery service after procurement. My husband has completed his treatment for 60 days which is 90 days treatment, unquenchable joy to our family to all, as my husband is cured of his stage 4 lungs cancer within 90 days of treatment. Thanks to all God and Rick simpson for saving lifes, today i acknowledge the greatness of cannabis oil and to those that wish to purchase the medication from Sir.Rick should contact angel sent by God on his email, God bless you sir rick Email Him at : xxxxxxxxxxx for help, As Cannabis Oil is the one and only medication for cancerous disease and other diseases.

Tim Alchimia 2018-08-07
Hi, while we're happy that RSO has worked for your husband, we cannot allow you to falsely advertise here for the sale of cannabis oil. We know very well that Rick Simpson himself does not sell the oil anywhere, and definitely not online via a fake email address. I'd like to take this opportunity to warn anyone seeking RSO not to be fooled by scam artists in this way. Anyone advertising RSO or any other cannabis products in these comments or indeed in any other comments on Facebook, YouTube etc is almost certainly a scammer and should not be trusted. While they may not steal your money, there's no way of knowing that the oil they might send is safe for consumption, and absolutely no guarantee of its content in cannabinoids. Please stay safe and only buy RSO from reputable dispensaries, or someone who has been personally recommended to you. Failing that, try and make it yourself, it's not difficult at all. Unfortunately nowadays there are too many people who are only taking advantage of patients while filling their own pockets.


JASON 2018-07-14
I just want to thank Rick Simpson for saving my life! In 2012 i had a heart attack i was only 32.. while in the hospital they ran a heart cath and found some slight plaque blockage but nothing too bad to stent.. Then they checked my blood... my hematocrit and hemoglobin numbers were through the roof! Im producing too many red blood cells and clotting like crazy! Bad enough to cause a heart attack... so now i go from heart dr to blood dr. And just so happens we is also an oncologist.. (cancer doctor).. he puts me through a bone marrow biopsy and confirms that i not just have polycythemia (over production of red blood cells) but i have Primary Familial Polycythemia Ruba Vera with +JAK2 mutation... whats the difference you may ask... well i inherited this MPN (blood cancer). And have had it all my life! It explains soooo many things that i went through growing up that now it brings tears to my eyes not understanding why as a child doctors didnt discover this sooner... So anyways immediately im in for phlebotomy after phlebotomy after phlebotomy mostly one a week... they were a hassle but man did i feel better just from having blood removed.. then after 6 months of this every week blood draw i say to the doc "listen doc im tired of being a nurses pin cushion every week" and he says im sorry but you have to continue and we need to start you on oral chemo because im aggressively still producing too many red blood cells.. WHOA! Chemo?? Nope not gonna happen doc but i will keep being a pin cushion.. i got home and researched my tail off!!! I used to smoke weed in high school.but grew up got a job.. married with children so there was no more tokin for this guy.. until i read pheonix tears.. i immediately got a hold of some of my hard core bud smoking friends and ran your website by them... i went and got my michigan medical maijuana card and the journey began! At this point im down to 130lbs and look like death walking considering im 6'2. And not too mention just weak and always in pain.. plus 4 herniated disc to boot.. So i made sure to take the oil the first time soon as i finished my phlebotomy i ate a 1/4 gram and i.got STONED!!! Slept like a rock woke up 14 hours later feeling amazing but hungry lol.. so i didnt take so much the next time... but i continued this till i saw the doc the following week and he said that phlebotomy must of been a real good one last week cause it looks like things are improving from your blood draw counts ? lol yeah ok doc sure i will play along yup must of been i felt amazing after getting jabbed with another needle... ?.. so he says come back in 2 weeks in stead and no phlebotomy this week!! I was so excited i couldnt wait to eat more oil!!!! Unfortanetly its not cheap and i couldnt get enough to last everyday for 2 weeks when i went back there was little improvement but i had to have a phlebotomy.. then doc says see you in a month.. i said what a month?? He said yes whatever your doing keep doing it because its not just phlebotomys that are helping you.. so now i find the local compassion club where i can buy oil at a lower price then at dispensaries because my stoner friends stopped helping some caregiver he was... back at the doc a month later he says everything looks AMAZING come back in 2 months no phlebotomys.. then he said dont come back for six months!!! By this time i was taking matters into my own hands.. i never made it back 6 months later due to obamacare putting my insurance out of pocket costs sooo far out of reach but its been 4 yrs later almost 5 i take my oil every single day! I add it to gummy candies to drinks its truely gods gift! Oh yeah i havent shown one single sign or symptom of this blood cancer and have had zero phlebotomys in almost 5 yrs now! Rick thank you so much!!!

Tim Alchimia 2018-07-16
Hi Jason, that's an awesome thing to read, we're so happy RSO has worked for you, it's stories like yours that will eventually see this wonderful plant finally liberated from decades of repression and put where it belongs: in the hands of the people who need it (and those who just want it too, of course ;)) Like your doctor said, just keep doing whatever it is you're doing! All the best!


Fred 2018-04-12
Some people are very smart when it comes to making the oils Etc. The problem is when you explain how to do it your talking to folks like there all really smart And like myself when you explain how to do it you lose some folks including myself. Not to know any one but try explaining like your talking to a 5 grader well some of them know a. Lot more then I do when it comes to high tec. Stuff as Iam old school and didn’t even Finnish the 10 th grade I joined the army at 17 and was in Nam at 18 so Iam not the brightest bulb in the pack. Iaminpain 24/7 Thanks

Tim Alchimia 2018-04-13
Hi Fred, thanks for you comment, we'll try and take this into account in future and make things a bit clearer to understand. Here's a link to a video by Rick Simpson himself which shows how to make the oil in a fairly easy to understand way; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZK-1hQ9QbQ I hope that's going to help you out. All the best!


Wojciech 2018-03-07
Hello I need urgent RSO Oil in Europe... Who knows where I can buy?


ROHAN ALI 2018-02-13
Hello, Dani Alchimia. I am Rohan Ali, a molecular biologist. I have gone through your whole Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil content in detail, and highly appreciates your work in this field as knowledge regarding such treatment is rarely shared globally. I want to purchased that oil directly from market but found no place to purchased it as Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil, for my aunt who is suffering from leukemia. WOULD IT BE BETTER TO PURCHASE ULTRA6 NUTRITION HEMP OIL FROM AMAZON?? http://amzn.to/2GayBVt

Tim Alchimia 2018-02-14
Hi Rohan, thanks for your question, we're happy you've fond the article of use. The issue with buying Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is that unless you're in a legal state it won't be available on the market, apart from the black market, which we wouldn't recommend as you'll never know exactly what you're buying, it won't have been tested for cannabinoids, pathogens or for residual pesticides, fungicides, solvents etc. From what I understand there are a lot of scam artists preying on patients and remember, it's also a legal risk. If you are in a legal state, then I'd recommend finding a reputable dispensary and asking there. Although the best and most trustworthy way of getting RSO is to find some good quality cannabis and make it yourself, that way you'll know it wasn't made with mouldy, pesticide-ridden weed and you can have complete control over the whole process, giving your Aunt far better results. The oil you linked to on amazon is professionally produced and meets all safety standards, however it's an Industrial Hemp oil, so it will only contain CBD, not any THC, which is the key component in RSO. It's also very weak and diluted, just 500mg over 30ml isn't much at all. Properly made RSO ought to contain around 70% THC, that's around 700mg per gram. Without this high concentration, it won't have the same effectiveness. So in summary, either from a reputable dispensary (some do mail order) or, even better, make your own RSO. I hope that's been of use, all the best!


Lee 2017-07-21
Hi, is here anybody who makes RSO in Europe or willing to travel with me to a country to buy it? I have a neuromuscular disorder.


Carla C. 2017-06-19
I used Everclear...I don't understand. I followed the directions precisely. Only 3 steps and I followed them to the letter. The water bath took forever, it felt like and in the end it seemed like there was nothing left but a very very very small amt of tan and green liquid then I stired and then it quickly turned into a very dark green sticky resin. No more bubbles, I waited, trust me, I waited. The mixture wouldn't get any thicker and since I only had .5oz to start with the outcome wasn't very much. It took FOREVER to get that small amt into a little mason jar. Is it ok to give to her??? Seems to work, is it bad? How much should I give? Since she has bladder cancer, how should I administer? Orally, Rectally? Can anyone with bladder cancer help me with this question??? Do I keep it in fridge? Why did my concoction come out like it did? I FOLLOWED EVERYTHING TO A "T"!!!???? PLEASE HELP!!???!!??)

Dani Alchimia 2017-06-20
Hi Carla, If you want to get an extract as pure as possible and you're using everclear, my advice is to make a QWET extraction (quick wash ethanol) and forget about RSO. You have the explanation of the process in our post on cannabis extractions with alcohol. I myself wrote that article, so I'll be pleased to solve any doubt you have (as you'll see, the process is very simple, and results have nothing to do with RSO in terms of quality). Cannabis extracts are a bit unstable at room temperature and degrade with light, so it's always better to keep them in the fridge. As you can understand, I have no experience on curing cancer, so I'm going to contact a doctor who collaborates with Alchimia and see what he says about dosages and routes of administration. Hope it helped!


Carla C. 2017-06-18
Hi, I DEFINITELY need your help!!! My furbaby Layla, was diagnosed with T.C.C. TRANSITIONAL CELL CARCINOMA, which is a rare yet aggressive form of bladder cancer and was given only a couple months to live. She is the LOVE of my life. She currently is on chemo but I became desperate & made my own RSO for her & I give her CBD OIL. I'm not using Medical Marijuana and not sure which way is best to give to her to affect her bladder cancer and not sure how much to give? She weighs ~54lbs. I hope I did mine right because mine came out dark green NOT brown in color... Also made some with Coconut Oil mixed in too, same color I think. Can't afford big amts I'm on disability.:-( but will do what I HAVE to do for her because she's my world!!!! CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?????!!!???? HOW CAN I BUY SOME PHOENIX TEARS??!!!???

Dani Alchimia 2017-06-19
hi Carla, We're sorry for your situation. We sell all sorts of CBD products, but we can't sell any product containing THC (so we can't sell RSO and you'll only be able to purchase it if you live in a country where THC is legal). Normally - and this works for almost any type of cannabis resin extract - if the concentrate turns green it means it contains chrolophyll. Why? Because you're either using a polar solvent (which also extracts chlorophyll) or soaking your plant material for too long. Doubtless, vacuum-purging the solvent is the best way to remove it from your extract. Hope it helped, all our best wishes!


Suhail 2017-03-16
Hey guys, So I have made my own RSO in India using 100% isopropanol and started the treatment, with slightly higher doses than recommended by Rick Simpson for my father with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that is metastatic in the lungs. However, with just one dose a day, that is probably like 2 rice grains in size, he feels extremely groggy and dazed all day. I feel he is listening in to all that goes around him but is absolutely clueless about reacting to what we are saying in a timely manner. Is that normal or is he unable to bear the 'high'? He also feels sleepy but is finds it very hard to lie down or move by himself without help. I have temporarily halted the treatment now to see how long he behaves all dazed and confused and utterly groggy, and it feels like even after 36 hours he is very much not out of it. It's freaking me out. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

Dani Alchimia 2017-03-20
Hi Suhail, You did well stopping the treatment, sometimes cannabis concentrates can have adverse side effects, especially for people who are not used to THC. If you want to repeat the treatment when your father gets better, I'd recommend: using ethanol instead of isopropyl, purging it completely before ingestion and reducing the dose by 1/4. Also, using another type of strain may induce a different effect, more bearable for your father. Hope it helped!


Michele 2016-09-30
Hi My uncle was just diagnosised with pancreatic cancer stage 4. They are doing a clinical trail of chemo in him. I want to make the RSO for him. But I don't even know where to start How much Indica do I need for the full treatment ? How long can it stay in the syringe without going bad? Please help with this process I know very little about. I want to cure him ! Michele

Dani Alchimia 2016-10-03
Hi Michele, Normally, cannabis extracts made with solvents can yield around 10-20% of the plant material (weight). Yields mostly depend on extraction techniques, solvents used and of course the quality of the plant matter. If stored properly (sealed and inside a refrigerator) these extracts can maintain their properties for a long time, even years. I'd recommend you to use ethanol and the QWET technique (always use pure ethanol/everclear with no other ingredients). Hope it helped!


Caitlin 2016-08-17
Can anyone tell me if Rick simpson oil lowers your immune system or strengthens it? I know CBD oil alone lowers it, making it so effective for auto-immune disease. But I am a transplant recipient and cannot have my immune system lowered anymore than it is. Any information is appreciated! Trying to find a cure for bile-duct cancer

Dani Alchimia 2016-08-17
Hi Caitlin, Actually, you could make RSO with THC and/or CBD strains, and the obtained oils would present very different effects. RSO is nothing but another extraction method, but it all depends on the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the strain used. Hope it helped! ;)


Goran, London Ont. 42pepa@gmail.com 2016-08-14
I purchased oil in Ontario 2 years ago. For some reason (travel and surgery) did not use it for almost 2 years. It was stored in original package (welded plastic bag) in refrigerator. Couple of weeks ago I stated using it and noticed that it have practically no effect. Little sleepy perhaps (it used to give me high). Had heated it to 120 deg C for 6 minutes but it still appear to do nothing. Does oil loose it potency after long storage?

Dani Alchimia 2016-08-17
Hi Goran, Any cannabis based product loses potency over time, although they can keep their properties almost intact during long periods of time if stored properly. Light, heat and air are the main enemies of stored buds or concentrates. The more the THC degrades, the more sleepy the effect. Was it a CBD oil or a THC oil?


Tina 2016-08-01
Hi, my son is currently using this treatment and I am worried that he is losing weight and looking very very thin. He is eating but not a lot as he has had some of his stomache removed. Could you tell me if weight loss is normal during this treatment. Please put my mind at rest. Thanks in advance

Dani Alchimia 2016-08-17
Hi Tina, I would suggest to consult a physician about weight loss. I don't think it is caused by RSO, but I'm not a doctor and I really think we need a professional opinion here. I'm sorry for not being able to help, hope the treatment will work! All our best wishes.


Santiago Osorio 2016-07-09
I am looking for rick simpson oil with predominantly high in indica strain. Do you have it?

Dani Alchimia 2016-07-11
Hi Santiago, RSO contains THC so it's illegal in our country. We can only sell CBD products and edibles. All the best!


Becky 2016-06-11
Where can I get this oil from ? I have the cash, my mum has lung cancer, I'm from the uk tho? Would I need to take her to a country where it's legal, please help I'm desprate. Thanks

Dani Alchimia 2016-06-13
Hi Becky, Unfortunately, Rick Simpson Oil is not legal in Europe since it contains high amounts of THC. We can only sell CBD-rich products. All our best wishes!


Lee 2016-05-26
Has anyone ever used RSO to shrink or eliminate cysts?


Gary Ledbetter 2016-05-25
Can I use Everclear to make an efficient RSO medicine?

Dani Alchimia 2016-05-26
Hi Gary, Sure you can! We'll soon publish an article on how to make extractions with ethanol. All the best.


Debbie 2016-05-23
Hi there. Where can I buy this in the UK? I've read that it can help alleviate COPD and we are on a hopeless cycle of steroids and Antibiotics at the moment which are doing nothing more than killing the immune system. Thanks

Dani Alchimia 2016-05-23
Hi Debbie, RSO normally contains THC so it is illegal in both UK and Spain. We have legal CBD products available but we can't sell RSO. All the best!


Monte 2016-05-22
Im located in South Texas. My Father in law is in need of thesesl type of resources. Is there anywhere i can get it for him? Doctors gave him 6 months but that was 3 years ago.GOD has been good to us. Hes ben doing his own cleansing of his body but now hes on his last limbs an this is what he needs. If anyone can help please advise.We will be scrapping up money to get us to where he needs to go. Thanks in advance.

Dani Alchimia 2016-05-23
Hi Monte, Unfortunately, we're in Spain and RSO is illegal here, so we can't help you. Perhaps if you google it you'll find some results. All our best wishes.


Lester Mills 2016-05-22
Hi. Just watched Rick's amazing story on YouTube. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the oil in the UK? Thank you :)

Dani Alchimia 2016-05-23
Hi Lester, RSO contains significant amounts of THC, so you won't find it in the UK (at least legally). All the best.


Ericka 2016-05-10
I gave instructions to my Aunt ,who is sick with advanced Scleroderma, on how to make cannabis oil. We live thousand of miles away so I'm not able to oversee things. She had someone help her make it for the first time and we didn't know it was going to take so long for the alcohol to evaporate over a stove top. She doesn't have a rice cooker but I will be shipping her one soon. She says that almost all the alcohol evaporated but that in the syringe there is very little liquid still. It's mostly oil but she can see a few drops of liquid (alcohol). Can she consume this liquid? Or Should she just get rid of it? She told me she took 3 drops of the liquid because she didn't want to waste any of the medicine. Also even though I instructed her helper to place the syringes with the oil in a air tight mason jar in a cool dry dark place they placed it in the fridge for almost a whole day. Did this kill any properties? I appreciate any help on this. This is our first time trying and it's difficult because I have to rely on someone else helping my aunt. I plan to take a trip out there to help her soon. We have a lot of faith that this will help her. Last night with her first dosage she was able to sleep all night which he hadn't done for almost a year! So it's really exciting for us! Thank you.

Dani Alchimia 2016-05-11
Hi Ericka, We are happy that your Aunt has been able to sleep again, these are great news! If we have to use alcohol, we always use pure ethanol (most people use everclear) since it is manufactured for human consumption. For a more efficient evaporation, you can use the vacuum purging technique just as if it was BHO. Cannabis concentrates should be stored in the fridge to keep their terpene and cannabinoid profile as intact as possible. Hope it helped!




sigrid 2016-04-12
where can i buy rick simpson concentrated oil for micropapillary breast cancer

Dani Alchimia 2016-04-13
Hi sigrid, Unfortunately, THC is not legal in Spain so we can't sell RSO, we can only sell CBD oil. All our best wishes.


blackcrow 2016-04-05
I would like to ask if anyone knows if this type of oil makes you high or not. Some peopel get anxiety or panic attacks from smoking marihuana so would like to ask if this type of oil makes you "too high! as smoking the marihuana when you smoke it too much and get negative effects. Thanks

Dani Alchimia 2016-04-06
Hi blackcrow, The oil will make you high as long as it contains THC, and the amount of THC contained in the oil depends on the strain you used to make the extract. If you use CBD strains with almost no THC, then the oil will be almost no psychoactive. You can purchase CBD oil since it is not psychoactive at all, so it's completely legal. All the best!


Adam lamarand 2016-03-30
I have crohns and I was if the everclear recipe would be beneficial for my condition. So far it's pretty mid and I want get on this oil asap. I am able to obtain high grade product and everclear relatively easy but it's some expensive. I don't want to waste my money if it's really not going to help. I was making it with butane but quickly realized it was not safe. I had some sitting around and mixed it with coconut oil and really seemed to helright away. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

Dani Alchimia 2016-03-31
Hi Adam, You can always try non-solvent concentrates like hashish, you don't have solvents to purge and you can also get products rich in cannabinoids. We'll soon publish an article (I hope next week) about extractions with alcohols like isopropyl or etanol which I guess will be useful for you. Stay tuned! All our best wishes.


Mona 2016-03-08
Government/modern medicine isn't good for anything. It isn't about curing the people, it's about controlling the people to keep coming back to allopathic doctors for masking symptoms and relying on them for costly/harmful drugs for life, not actually treating anything. Government makes money through Big Pharma (multi-billion dollar industry), so they want you coming back. Though now pharmaceutical companies are patenting cannabis oil so you have to buy through them. All about that $$$ and control. Ridiculous. It's a friggen plant for goodness sakes!! That's how corrupt our world has become.

Dani Alchimia 2016-03-10
Hi Mona, I'm affraid you are absolutely right. The idea of governments saying "ok, you want to use cannabis as medicine, no problem. But if you think we are going to allow you to make medicines at home for your own use, you're completely wrong. You're going to buy this medicine to my lads..." has always been on my mind. Scary thing. Is it really that hard to allow people to grow plants? All our best vibes!


Lia 2016-02-23
I live in Berlin, Germany. I am diagnozed with lung cancer stage IIIb, My finacee is US ciizen from Florida. Is there any way to get the RSO in the US or in Europe. Can I get a doctors recommendation (prescription) in the US even if I am NOT a resident of one of the states who have legalized cannabis? Thank you so much for your help. And thank you for creating this website. Lia

Dani Alchimia 2016-02-24
Hi Lia, I don't think you can find RSO in Europe legally, since it contains high amounts of THC and thus can't be sold. We can only sell CBD products, but not THC. On the other hand, we are from Spain and don't know much about American legislation with regard to doctors, prescriptions, etc. Perhaps some American readers can help... We hope you can find the treatment you want. All our best vibes!


cureall 2016-02-18
The overall best method for getting the best quality CCO is " SCET" process Slow Cold Ethanol Process. You can either decarb before or after. Put your dry material in a freezer at least -18 c as well as your alcohol for 12 hrs , remove and add the alcohol( preferred 95% everclear) now place back into the freezer for another 12 hrs take out and shake, put back into freezer for another 12 hrs, takeout and strain through cheese cloth(Do this process quickly since you do not want the temperature of the alcohol to rise near room temperature). Now put the alcohol back into the freezer for a few more hours( just lets all of sediments to have a chance to settle making the coffee filter process quicker) Now for your final filtering process use coffee filters( I have my alcohol in seperate 2 litre container batches so when I am processing one I can leave the others into the freezer. I usually have 6-8 separate filtering jars to make the process quicker since you do not want the mixture getting warm. I filter 3 times. Chlorophyll and plant waxes coagulates at cold temps, So this process will give you higher & purer quality oil along with a significant higher yield( 17-19 % return).

Dani Alchimia 2016-02-19
Hi cureall, Thanks for your excellent contribution mate. We'll soon publish an article about QWET, hope you'll like it! All the best!


Zornitsa Yordanova 2016-02-06
Sorry, I didn't read the above comments. So is the RSO available in USA? Please tell me if you know! Thank you!

Dani Alchimia 2016-02-08
Hi Zornitsa, I believe it is. If you google for it you'll find it. ;) All our best wishes!


Zornitsa Yordanova 2016-02-06
Dear all, please tell me how to get the Rick Simpson's oil for my father who's suffering from prostate cancer. We are from Sofia, Bulgaria. So I can go to Brussels or Amsterdam. Please tell me if you know where to buy it! Thank you!


Hanadi 2016-02-02
Hello dear, i want to buy RSO but , so confused about the way this oil made . Rivk always advise patients to make their own oil. I have breast cancer and i did mastectomy , the Oncolgist ask me to make 6 chemotherapy and 5 radio which i will never use and will never try . I have my friends living in Amestrdam , just tell me where to go to buy the real RSO to cure my case. Thanks a lot

Dani Alchimia 2016-02-02
Hi Hanadi, While we can sell CBD products with no problem (these products are non-psychoactive), we can't sell any product containing THC, and RSO may contain large amounts of THC if the buds used to make the oil had THC. Therefore, we can't sell RSO in our website. I don't think you'll find RSO in Amsterdam neither, since they have a very restrictive THC limit in all cannabis products. That's why the best option is making the oil at home with our own plants. We really hope you can find a solution to your problem, it is so sad that you can't find the treatment you want. All our best wishes!


Ang 2016-01-30
Hello! I am glad I stumbled across this website. My father (56 years old), has recently been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, spreading to the liver. We are after this oil. Is there any chance of getting it in Victoria, Melbourne? We are happy to drive anywhere and bring it to him. We are desperate. Thank you


gulsen 2016-01-25
hi i would like to know how can i get this oil im from belgium; please help me to buy it

Dani Alchimia 2016-01-27
Hi gulsen, Unfortunately, RSO contains THC so it can't be sold in Spain. We can only sell CBD oil and CBD cosmetics. All the best!


Eva 2016-01-22
Hi there, as my husband was recently diagnosed with gastro cancer we were searching alternatives to chemotherapy. I was reading about making of cannabis oil but still have some technical difficulty. I have followed Rick Simpson instruction and we have made oil but somehow it comes very thick. Once warm we transferred it to the metal bowl but then it become very sticky. During transferring the oil from one thing to another I am afraid we lost a bit of oil. Even rice cooker and all tools are hard to clean after the process. Did we missed something important or the oil should be thick and sticky ? Thank you for your assistance

Dani Alchimia 2016-01-25
Hi Eva,Normally, cannabis oils are just as you describe, thick and sticky, very sticky. You'll always lose some oil during the process, although if your technique is correct it won't be much. If you find it hard to handle the oil (for example, for pumping it with a syringe) you can gently heat it until it becomes more handy.To clean your tools, you can use products designed for it like LaPilu cleaner. Hope it helped, all our best vibes!


neville 2016-01-20
Hi where can I get some of RSO my wife has taken to this lung cancer problem and doctors don't know if she will make it. Please help.

Dani Alchimia 2016-01-20
Hi neville, Unfortunately, we can't sell this type of oil in Spain, we can only sell products with CBD. All our best wishes!


Clare 2016-01-13
Thank you Dani xxxxx


Clare 2016-01-13
Hi. Am new to this and bit confused. If I wanted to make the oil safely at home I can use olive oil to extract the Thc from the buds? Do I follow the Simpson method just with olive oil instead of solvents? Can't risk explosions with kids about. Also how do you store the oil and how long will it last . Thanks for your amazing site


azuza 2016-01-12
This article is great. I'm using RSO now for 2 weeks in small doses 3 times a day. Half an hour after each intake I feel a hit wave inside the chest area, especially where I had mastectomy and on the back where the lungs are. Did anyone have this feelings? thanks.


Tiffany 2016-01-10
Wow this was truly an amazing article and so inspiring. CBD oil is also amazing and I have found it to work for me. RxCannaCare.com has amazing CBD products that have helped improve my acne. THC oil and CBD oil have many great benefits. Thanks for writing this article.

Dani Alchimia 2016-01-11
Hi Tiffany, We are glad you liked the article, we hope all governments around the worl realize how beneficial cannabis could be for everyone. All the best!


Milko 2016-01-03
I will like to buy RSO for my mother that have cancer. I live in Italy. Can someone help me where to buy this oil? thanks a lot for your help


Adam 2015-12-22
I have IgA nephropathy...causing stage 3 kidney failure. I've been researching this product. Do you have any proof it has helped a person with my situation?


Dimitri 2015-11-30
My wife has Essential Thrombocythemia with the JAK2 blood mutation. It is classified as a MPD cancer. Briefly, her bone marrow does not stop producing blood platelets. We do not want to use Hydroxyurea,( capsule chemo), due to bad side effects and that it affects her immune system. Also she works in a pharmacy so germs are all over the place. Can you please advise if RSO will help her condition? Thank you Dimitri

Dani Alchimia 2015-12-02
Hi Dimitri, Please understand that we are not doctors, we only provide information on different aspects of the cannabis plant. Of course, we know the side effects of cannabis and we know that they'd probably be much less aggressive that those of medicines, but I honestly can't recommend you a medicinal treatment for a serious disease, I studied philosophy and not medicine. What I would do is asking a doctor (a cannabis friendly doctor if possible) about RSO and other cannabis concentrates. If you google "cannabis friendly doctors" you'll get lots of results. Hope it helped and your wife gets better. All our best wishes.


Anita 2015-11-21
Hi my brother has lung and now bone cancer throughout his back. We are going to do 2ml per day was advised to do 1 ml orally 1ml through the back door ?. Due to time we don't really have enough to build him up slowly towards reaching the 1ml orally. I was advised to mix some with emu oil and use it as rub. for his back. Would this be as effective as taking the oil orally though? ??? We don't have time to waste. TIA

Dani Alchimia 2015-11-24
Hi Anita, I guess it would be more effective if you take it orally, although you should ask a doctor about it. All our best wishes for your brother. Best vibes!


Marina Herring 2015-11-11
Good day could you please advise how i could order this to South Africa for Epilepsy Kind regards Marina

Dani Alchimia 2015-11-11
Hello Marina, We are sorry but,unfortunately, due to laws we can neither sell RSO nor ship it to South Africa. We are working on shipping our products to more countries soon. All the best!


Fox 2015-11-09
Dear Dani, so if I have non-decarboxylated marihuana in 95% alcohol, will it work if I put olive oil in this non-decarbed tincture and then heat it to vaporize alcohol? does that mean it will become RSO, that is mixed with olive oil and when I heat this olive oil ( for example a few drops on a toast and microwave it) it will be potent? Yes, this is my mistake that I didn't decarb the plant material, but I can't smoke RSO, because got problems with lungs... Sorry for bothering You, but I dunno what to do.

Dani Alchimia 2015-11-10
Hi Fox, You are not bothering at all!! ;) There are different ways: you can melt some of your oil with some vegetable oil, or place your oil in a water bath. Both methods will decarboxylate your oil. I guess microwave would be too agressive. Also, if you let your oil to rest long enough, all alcohol will be evaporated and the oil will be gradually decarboxylated. For the next time, I would suggest decarboxylating your plant material before the extraction, and using ethanol. All the best!


Fox 2015-11-07
I forgot to carboxylate my plant material and added 95% alcohol, The idea was to make a tincture, but as I said....Is there any chance to make anything except rso?

Dani Alchimia 2015-11-09
Hi Fox, What you should do to make your oil orally active is decarboxylation, heating the plant material/extract to transform the inactive - acid - forms of cannabinoids into their active forms (for example, tranforming THCA into THC). Decarboxylation occurs naturally with time and temperature, although we can shorten the amount of time required by heating the material. Of course, as the decarboxylation process progresses, more monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes are lost, so the taste is also altered. You can always use a vaporizer or bubbler to smoke your extract so you make sure to take profit from all cannabinoids and terpenes. Best vibes!


Chris B. 2015-10-29
Hi, I'm applying RSO mixed 50 50 with coconut oil to rub onto melanomas. It took one mole off within weeks (possibly it was a flat wart), but the others are not changing. Any advice? With thanks. N

Dani Alchimia 2015-10-30
Hi Chris, I'm sorry but the only advice we can make is always telling your doctor all the treatments you are following. We want you to have all the best info available here, but we are not prepared to advice on medical conditions, after all we are not doctors, we just spread information. We hope you'll find a solution soon. ;) All the best!


Tracy 2015-10-06
Please can someone tell me if I can buy the Rick Simpson oil anywhere in the UK. I am desperate for my young son who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Please help.

Dani Alchimia 2015-10-06
Hi Tracy, Due to legal reasons, we can not tell you where to buy this oil. A google search will probably give you the results you are looking for. Sorry for the inconvenience. All the best!


Jack 2015-09-23
Hi Dani, Thanks for your reply. A gas chromatography, I think it's the best way. But no labaratory will measure this, because it' s illegal in the Netherlands. I will look for a gas chromatography. It' s expensive, I know.


Jack 2015-09-23
Hi there, I made the hempoil according to Rick Simpson method with an Indica dominant strain with 10% CBD and 9% THC for my father (75years) who has pancreas cancer. How can I measure the THC and CBD of my RSO? Regards.

Dani Alchimia 2015-09-23
Hi Jack, Basically, you have two methods. The first one is testing your oil at home using a cannabinoid test kit, which will give you an approximate value for several cannabinoids (Thin layer chromatography). The other option is more expensive but also more accurate, and is sending a sample to a test company and ask for a gas chromatography. Hope it helped, Best vibes!


George whelan 2015-09-04
I have lung problems and several friends have various problems, and would like to know what is the availability of your product in the U.K please? We are in the North West. Thank you.

Dani Alchimia 2015-09-07
Hi George, We can't sell RSO, but we have a wide range of pharmaceutical products rich in CBD that will surely help you guys out. No problem about sending any of our products to the UK! All the best!


Samson Lee 2015-08-26
Hi, can i use 95% Ethyl alchohol to make a Rick Simpson cannabis oil? Thanks.

Dani Alchimia 2015-08-27
Hi Samson Lee, You can use Ethyl alcohol, but it is a bit hard to evaporate. People normally use ethanol or isopropyl alcohol (QWET and QWISO techniques). We'll be soon writing a post about these extraction methods, stay tuned! All the best.


Lela Miller 2015-08-20
Wondering if I can put the oil in capsules and take them

Dani Alchimia 2015-08-24
Hi Lela Miler, There is no problem at all, you can put the desired dose in a capsule and take it this way. Best vibes!


Sam Christensen 2015-08-07
Cbd oil is pretty much one of the greatest things I have ever tried for my anxiety. I know of several people who also have had great success with buying hemp CBD oil.


Maria 2015-07-03
hello. Could you please advise me if I will get this "cure" in Netherlands withot prescription? Thank you in advance Maria

Dani Alchimia 2015-07-03
Hi Maria, We don't know exactly, but according to laws in Netherlands regarding cannabis concentrates we don't think this oil would be legal there. Best vibes!


Nancy Redden 2015-06-22
I have a friend in Belgium who wants some of the oil for his lung cancer. Is it available for purchase in Europe? is so where please. If not is it legal to purchase here in states and take home with him? his cancer first appeared in the lung (portion removed in April) now a new spot is near spine (removing it July 2nd) so it is something that needs immediate attention. thank you so much

Dani Alchimia 2015-06-23
Hi Nancy, Unfortunately, oil is forbidden in Europe. It is a true shame for us, but this is how they rule our lives, they won't let us access a medicine that would help so many people. I hope your friend can have his medicine, we strongly believe that he should have the right to do so. All our best vibes.


alvan terry 2015-05-22
This oil comes from a mixture of top quality marijuana that we previously extracted from and decided to perform a second extraction on. The result is a darker oil that has more of a green color due to the second extraction pulling more chlorophyll from the material. This oil is still quite strong with 43% THC.


Shaz 2015-05-19
Where can I buy Rick Simpson oil from. I live in the uk. Please please help my sister has kidney cancer that has metasized to her bones in her spine and back neck compression due to the cancer.


Larry Kimbrell 2015-04-23
I have adnocarcenoma with an unknown primary source. Stage 4 . I have been givien 6 mo. to 18 mo. to live. How can I get this oil ? there seems to be so many counter feit CBD OILS . How can I get the real ? I don't have a lot of time to mess around. Please help !!!

Dani Alchimia 2015-04-23
Hi Larry, I can't give you any link here, but if you google "Rick Simpson oil" or "phoenix tears" you'll have more information on this. Thanks for your comment, Best vibes!


keith 2015-04-02
Where can I get the rick Simpson cannabis oil in Amsterdam. Do I need a UK prescription to be able to buy it.


Kat 2015-03-23
We made some RSO and at the end of the process, sat it on a cup warmer to finish, but the warmer was too hot, and the oil seems to have gotten too crispy in areas. There's still some shiny oil, but mostly it seems a tad overcooked, but lots of half crisp areas. Will it still have any healing properties, maybe in the shiny areas? I'm so bummed. I've seen gentle candle warmers are suggested. Are those less hot?

Dani Alchimia 2015-03-24
Hello Kat, If you overcooked the oil, it may have lost some of its properties since some cannabinoids and terpenes have been vaporized. Probably, those areas that were less hot will have more medicinal properties than the others. You can also try hot plates , they are one of the most professional ways to make this process. Hope it helped, Best vibes!


Marc 2015-03-15
My fiancé has thyroid cancer and her best friends boyfriend was supplying it to her. Now the guy has totally just dropped contact with her and she needs help. If anyone can just point me in the right direction to somewhere I can buy the oil, please. Help.

Dani Alchimia 2015-03-16
Hello Marc, I can't put any link here, but if you google for Rick's oil it will be very easy for you finding his website. We'll be soon translating a series of articles on cannabis extractions, keep an eye on our Blog! (here you have a link to a BHO article, spanish language). Thanks for you confidence.


Cyn 2015-01-14
If someone were taking the hemp oil to a friend with cancer out of state, what's the best way to get it there? Plane or shipping?

Dani Alchimia 2015-01-14
Hello Cyn, Unfortunately, we don't know the legal status of cannabis oil in the destination state (I assume that it is legal where you live), so we can't make any useful recommendation. Furthermore, if cannabis is illegal in the state where the patient lives, you would be committing a crime, something that we can't and won't encourage from this website. I'm sorry we can't help you, we hope your friend can finally have his/her treatment. Kind regards!


Erica 2015-01-02
Ive been making cookies with this oil and im still unsure of how long to mix my oil in the syringe and olive oil in a pan together to get the most potent cookies???

Dani Alchimia 2015-01-05
Hi Erika, I understand you make Rick's oil and then mix it with olive oil to make your cookies. Or do you make an olive oil extraction? For this kind of extraction, about 90 minutes are needed to extract all cannabinoids. Perhaps the latter would be the best option, or maybe making marijuana butter and then using it to make cookies. Thanks for your comment, Best vibes!


Michael Ellistone 2014-12-20
Iv been diagnosed with proctitus in my lower colon which left me unable to live as I was used to, so I made ricks oil myself to the instructions, and three months later I swear to you, I no longer take any medication and have absolutely no symptoms of proctitus, justtake care to take It before bedtime because it can sometimes have a trippy effect, which at first can seem a bit frigfrightening but after a while you body adapts and it becomes tolerant to it. Good luck I hope it helps you all....x

Dani Alchimia 2014-12-22
Hi Michael, We are glad to read this product helped you. Let's hope the authorities take note of all the cases like yours and start allowing people to heal from their diseases. We are not asking for too much. Thanks for your comment, Best vibes!


Jay 2014-12-13
Dani, I was curious if you could make it with strong vodka and everclear mixture. I have heard this will result in too many chlorophyl's. Some people are afraid of solvents so are hesitant but I would use what is proven. Also has anyone considered using DMSO? I have prostate cancer and am anxious to find someway to cure it !! Thank you for any help. Jay

Dani Alchimia 2014-12-15
Hi Jay, There's no problem in using vodka or everclear, you could also use other alcohols like isopropyl or ethanol (I would use the latter for its food grade). The point here is that all of them are polar solvents, which also extract water soluble parts like chlorophyll. The more we soak the green matter in alcohol, the more chlorophyll it extracts, that's why nowadays people prefer "washing" rather than soaking for a long time. You can remove the chorophyll from the extraction by filtering it with activated charcoal. There are people using DMSO and cannabis, specially to benefit from the skin penetrant action of DMSO and make ointments and liniments. It seems to work, but it also seems to smell really bad. You could also make some research on MSM, since it has many of the same properties and doesn't stink. Thanks for your confidence, Best vibes!


cureall 2014-11-27
Hi Dani. I recently researched the topic on catching cannabinoids by way of vaporizing your oil to give your medicine a much greater potency. Have you had any experience with this procedure? And if so what was your conclusion?....what is the simplest way to achieve this?

Dani Alchimia 2014-12-01
Hi cureall, Vaporizing is the best way to choose which cannabinoids you want to use. If you check a cannabinoid vaporisation temperature chart, you will realize that you can vaporize specific cannabinoids using specific temperatures. For example: THC vaporizes at 157 degrees celsius, while CBD does it at 160-180 degrees. If you vaporize your buds at 157-159 degrees you will not vaporize CBD, benefiting only from the therapeutical properties of THC and the other substances that vaporize below this temperature. Furthermore, joint smoke contains much more combustion substances than cannabinoids, while vapor contains little combustion traces, being almost pure cannabinoids. I can hardly think of a better way to control which cannabinoids you want to use than vaporizing with a precise digital device. Best vibes!


cure all 2014-11-25
Finally!...thanks for the prompt reply and knowledgeable explanation...you do not realize how long it has taken me to get a legit answer on this topic. I understand most people did not know and that is why they did not give me a reply..Thanks a Bunch! \l/

Dani Alchimia 2014-11-26
Hello cureall, I'm glad we helped you, if you have further questions we'll be here to answer them in the best way we can. Thanks for your kind comment! Best vibes!


cureall 2014-11-25
I know many people who prefer 99% isopropyl over other solvents....I also know many people who want chlorophyll in the oil since it has been proven to be effective in treating cancer itself. Can someone knowledgeable shed some light on this subject please? To many people out there who are giving conflicting and contradicting information,

Dani Alchimia 2014-11-25
Hello cureall, As you mention, several scientific studies are dealing with the anticancer properties of chlorophyll. If you want chlorophyll in your extractions, you should use polar solvents (chlorophyll is practically unsoluble in non-polar solvents) and don't make any kind of further washing. Notice that extractions made with isopropyl alcohol may take longer to purge due to the solubility in water. If you use non-polar solvents ( butane, hexane, etc.) you will lose the chlorophyll in the process of extraction. Another option, instead of using isopropyl, is using ethanol. Ethanol can be ingested by mammals, so it has lower toxicity than isopropyl. It is also easier to purge, being safer in general. What basically happens is that cannabis extraction methods are directed towards getting only cannabinoids, the highest possible content of them, so the first thing to do is getting rid of chlorophill, waxes, etc. However, the more you extract, the more substances you lose (chlorophill, waxes, terpenes, etc.), losing also some therapeutical properties. The ideal would be that every user could make the type of extraction that best suits his/her needs. Thanks for your confidence, Best vibes!


Davis Matthew 2014-11-13
Mr Davis Matthew I am unable to post this in the successful against cancer in whatever reason, so I posted here to announce the freedom from cancer by RICK SIMPSON CANNABIS OIL. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer October 18, 2013 I was advised by my doctor that my only options were to get a prostatectomy or radiation have seeds implanted in my prostate or receive regular external beam radiation. I declined. I knew there had to be others options for I serve a Living God. I scoured the internet with the most high motivation from God’s word and so luckily i discovered a wealthy information about the Rick Simpson cannabis oil for cancer. Then I knew that the Lord has answered my humble prayers with faith bestow upon me. Treatment was started immediately as physician was given to me for weekly check-up. consumed recommended dosage and by mid-November. On January 26th I had a cancer reassessment which consisted of an MRI with a state of the art Tesla 3 MRI machine. Results – NO SIGN OF CANCER! CANCER FREE! One of the things that helped me while going through all this was reading the testimonials and the success stories of those who have used the oil and were cured And with good food diet. Now that this wonderful oil has cured me, I feel I need to let others know as well. Thank you, Mr Davis Matthew.

Dani Alchimia 2014-11-14
Hello Davis Matthew, We are very happy to read that you got cured from your cancer. Let's hope politicians know about all these cases and free cannabis so everyone can enjoy its therapeutic properties. Thanks for your comment, Best regards


Cico 2014-11-08
A quick question about decarboxylation. When using the R.Simpson method described above, with a different solvent though (ethanol), is it wise to pre-heat the buds for 30mins at 106C, or does the decarboxylation process happen during "cooking" the oil (evaporating the solvent)? Thank you in advance for clearing this up. Sorry but I'm not a native English speaker so this is still unclear to me, and internet is full of contradictory info.

Dani Alchimia 2014-11-10
Hello Cico, The decarboxylation of cannabinoids happens, as you say, when we heat the oil. There's no need to pre-heat the buds. Thanks for your confidence, Best vibes!


Jend 2014-11-03
HOW MY FATHER LUNG CANCER WAS CURED WITH RICK SIMPSON CANNABIS OIL My name is Jend and my father has been suffering from lung cancer and the doctor told us that there nothing he could do after doing 5 times chemotherapy and radiation and my father was not responding to treatment and not getting better.i was frustrated and confused and seeking advice from people until a friend told me about the Rick simpson cannabis oil and its fast curing ability of any kind of cancer and told me that her mother inlaw ovarian cancer was cured with the oil. I was desperate to save my father and contacted Rick Simpson to get this miraculous oil. So far so good my father is responding to treatment of cannabis oil and the health condition have improved drastically for good.

Dani Alchimia 2014-11-03
Hello Jend, We are happy that your father got cured with cannabis. The number of people claiming for such an easy treatment is increasing day by day. We will always struggle for the right to people to treat their diseases in the best and most effective way. Thanks for your comment, Best vibes!


cbdwise 2014-11-03
It is very nice to see all this great information about cbd oil .But we need a lot more research on the subject.In my onw personal experience cbd works very well for epileptic seizures.One of my best friends is currently using cbd oil and and it is working out great for him. Thanks!

Dani Alchimia 2014-11-03
Hello cbdwise, As you said, further research must be done so that we know all the benefits and disadvantages of using marijuana. What is doubtless is that it really helps people to treat their diseases, so being still prohibited is as useless as unfair. Thanks for your comment, Best vibes!


steve 2014-10-25
my wife has been suffering from thyroid cancer which was confirmed to be stage four, the doctor told me there was little she could do since she wasn’t responding to treatment but my brother in law came to our rescue by ordering this hemp oil from rick Simpson foundation which he said has been helping some patient fight against cancer of various types so we decided to give it a chance, so far my wife is improving perfectly very well and presently she can walk around the house all by herself. I felt its necessary i let others who are suffering from this acute disease that once you have a good hemp oil it can really give one a sound second chance of living.

Dani Alchimia 2014-10-28
Hi steve, We are glad your wife was healed thanks to cannabis, thanks for explaining your case here. Best vibes!


Teddy Theresa 2014-10-17
I am unable to post this in the successful against cancer in whatever reason, so I posted here to announce the freedom from cancer by RICK SIMPSON CANNABIS OIL. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer October 18, 2013 I was advised by my doctor that my only options were to get a prostatectomy or radiation have seeds implanted in my prostate or receive regular external beam radiation. I declined. I knew there had to be others options for I serve a Living God. I scoured the internet with the most high motivation from God's word and so luckily i discovered a wealthy information about the Rick Simpson cannabis oil for cancer. Then I knew that the Lord has answered my humble prayers with faith bestow upon me. Treatment was started immediately as physician was given to me for weekly check-up. consumed recommended dosage and by mid-November. On January 26th I had a cancer reassessment which consisted of an MRI with a state of the art Tesla 3 MRI machine. Results – NO SIGN OF CANCER! CANCER FREE! One of the things that helped me while going through all this was reading the testimonials and the success stories of those who have used the oil and were cured And with good food diet. Now that this wonderful oil has cured me, I feel I need to let others know as well. Thank you, Teddy Theresa.

Dani Alchimia 2014-10-17
Hello Teddy Theresa, We are glad you were healed from your cancer. Cannabis is a plant that can help mankind in so many ways! We just need further investigation and scientific studies and essays to confirm all these wonderful therapeutic properties. Thanks for your confidence, Best vibes!


rolex smith 2014-10-02
I want to use this medium to applause Rick Simpson for curing my Fiance cancer with his cannabis oil, my fiance has been suffering from colorectal cancer for the pass three years now, but ever since we started using the Rick Simpson Cannabis oil for the past 3 months and instruction on how to use it, my fiance has fully recovered from her colorectal cancer. The Rick Simpson cannabis oil has proven a great success on cure for cancer with his cannabis oil and I give him a lot of credits, because my fiance cancer was cured within 4 months of successful treatment, am getting married to my fiance as her colorectal cancer has been totally cured with Rick Simpson cannabis oil which we purchase:bef, It has been 4 months now of the successful cure of my fiance colorectal cancer and ever since my fiance stop treatment and her health has been perfect and marvelous. as I am writing this testimony to notify you that my fiance has been completely cured of her cancer.

Dani 2014-10-03
Hello, It is really a shame having to fight for the right to have the treatment that people need for their diseases...it is so unfair and ridiculous!!! We are happy cannabis helped your fiance, all our best vibes for you!!!

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