Indoor & Outdoor cultivation

Indoor & Outdoor cultivation

In this section we offer all those products suitable for any growing technique or environment: indoor, outdoor or greenhouse cultivation.

Here you'll find the most reputed nutrient brands of both organic - Trabe, Bobizz, Canna, Grotek, Ata organics, Guanokalong - and mineral/organic based fertilizers: Hesi, Plagron, GHE or House & Garden. You'll also find the best quality substrates and growing media for your plants, with top brands like Bio bizz, Cannna or Plagron, as well as U-gro coco coir.

On the other hand, the wide range of containers, pots and grow trays lets you choose the best option for your cannabis growing setup.

The phytosanitary section gathers those products formulated to treat the different pests and diseases that can infect your plants.

You also have a section with plant tutors, meshes and supports, as well as a Propagation section where you'll find the best products to successfully root cuttings and start seeds.

Finally, in the Water section you will find everything necessary to check and adjust the water pH and EC: PH and EC meters, cleaning and calibration solutions, acids for both growth and bloom and also a small assortment of tools to improve the performance of your plants.

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