Indoor & Outdoor gardening

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In our section of indoor and outdoor growing equipment we want to bring together all those products we use to grow and that may be useful with any growing method we use: indoor, outdoor or greenhouse.

Here you can find the most recognized nutrient brands of both biological - Trabe, Biobizz , Canna , Grotek , Bioaigua, Ata organics, Guanokalong -, and mineral/organic based fertilizers - Hesi , Plagron, GHE or House & Garden -, as well as Bio bizz, Cannna and Bioaigua substrates and the best additives to get the highest yields from your crops.

On the other hand, the wide range of containers from our catalog lets you choose the best option for your cannabis growing setup.

In the phytosanitary area you will find the correct products to combat pests and diseases that can harm your plants.

Furthermore, in the water section you will find everything you need for measurement and correction of water pH and EC, from PH and EC meters, cleaning and calibration solutions, correction acids for both growth and flowering phases and also a small assortment of tools for improving your harvest.

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