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Advanced Automatic Collection #2 - Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds presents here at Alchimia a selection of its auto-flowering genetic lines grouped under the name Advanced Automatic Collection #2, with 2 seeds of 3 different varieties which can be cultivated in the same space for its size, producti [...]

  • 6 seeds29.00€

Gourmet Collection Automatic Strains #1 - Delicious Seeds

Now available for you in Alchimiaweb, this kit of autoflowering feminized strains from Delicious Seeds includes three of the best automatic varieties of this seedbank, especially regarding taste and yield. The kit is composed of 9 seeds of the follo [...]

  • 9 seeds64.00€

Gourmet Collection Automatic Strains #2 - Delicious Seeds

The Gourmet Collection Automatic Strains #2 is already available in Alchimia, a set of autoflowering and feminized strains of three of the most outstanding varieties from this seedbank, which has been breeding for the last 8 years. The kit includes [...]

  • 9 seeds64.00€

USA Autoflower Mix - Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion invites you to experience growing some great American flavours in autoflowering format with this mix of three auto varieties from the Dutch Passion catalogue, now available online at Alchimiaweb. Fans of fruity Diesel varieties will e [...]

  • 9 seeds (Product sold out)75.95€

CBD Rich Feminized Mix - Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion offers you the chance to try out 3 different Cannabidiol-rich varieties with this kit of top quality CBD genetics from its feminised seed catalogue. Now available on Alchimiaweb. CBD Compassion is a mainly Sativa CBD-rich variety, with [...]

  • 9 seeds79.95€

Auto Collection #1 by 00 Seed Bank - 00 Seeds Bank

Alchimia invites you to discover the 00 Seeds Bank Automatic Collector Pack #1, now available in our catalogue of feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds. This collector pack includes 6 x autoflowering cannabis seeds, 2 x Auto Bubble Gum, 2 x Auto Ch [...]

  • 6 seeds23.50€

Auto Collection #3 by 00 Seed Bank - 00 Seeds Bank

00 Seeds Bank invites you to discover the Auto Collector Pack #3, now available in Alchimia's catalogue of autoflowering cannabis seeds. Collector Pack #3 contains 6 automatic seeds, 2 Auto 00 Cheese, 2 Auto 00 Kush Mass and 2 Auto California Kush. [...]

  • 6 seeds23.50€

Medical Mix - Royal Queen Seeds

Alchimia presents here Medical Mix by royal Queen Seeds, a collection of feminized seeds especially suited for therapeutic treatments with matijuana. Available in 3 or 5-seed packs, this mix will provide you with the cannabinoid profile suitable to [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€
  • 5 seeds32.50€

Advanced Automatic Collection #4 - Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds presents here at this automatic seeds kit, a very interesting option for a rich and varied garden. This collector's pack comes with 6 seeds of 3 different automatic varieties, which can cultivate together to obtain a [...]

  • 6 seeds (Product sold out)29.00€

Sweet Mix Feminized - Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds and Alchimia present here this set of low-cost feminized seeds , so you can test some of the best strains of this seedbank. They are randomly selected, but with the guarantee that you will enjoy sweet flavours and abundant yields. This s [...]

  • 10 seeds35.00€ 29.75€

Assorted Auto Mix - Buddha Seeds - Buddha Seeds

Buddha Seeds present their Assorted Auto Mix , a variety pack of autoflowering and 100% feminized strains and the best option to try a range of different varieties from the Buddha Seeds catalogue at a very affordable price. Buddha Seeds is a seedba [...]

  • 10 seeds35.00€

Auto Collection #2 by 00 Seed Bank - 00 Seeds Bank

Alchimia invites you to discover the 00 Seeds Bank Automatic Collector Pack #2, now available to buy in our catalogue of autoflowering feminised cannabis seeds. Collector pack #2 contains 6 autoflowering cannabis seeds, 2 x Auto Northern Lights, 2 x [...]

  • 6 seeds23.50€

Sweet Mix Auto - Sweet Seeds

Kit of autoflowering and feminized marijuana seeds from Sweet Seeds. This kit includes 10 automatic seeds from the varieties that we can find in this seedbank's catalog. They come packaged in a glass tube all together, without specyfing each varie [...]

  • 10 seeds35.00€ 29.75€

Auto Collection #4 - 00 Seeds Bank

Now at Alchimia Grow Shop, the Auto Collection #4 from 00 Seeds Bank, which includes 3 strains of automatic cannabis seeds, characterized by their sweet aroma. This kit contains 6 seeds, 2 of the Auto Blueberry variety, 2 of Auto Sweet Critical and [...]

  • 6 seeds23.50€

Juanita Mix - Philosopher Seeds

The Juanita Mix kit of feminized marijuana seeds from the Golo Line from Philosopher Seeds, contains 2 seeds per strain in a plastic tube, which protects them from the light and moisture using silica gel. The strains included are the result of using [...]

  • 4 seeds24.00€

All Stars Automix - BSF Seeds

Now at Alchimia, the All Stars Automix from BSF Seeds, an automatic seed kit that offers the best US genetics like the Gorilla Glue or the Kush family, as well as classics like Sour Diesel in autoflowering format. A great opportunity to grow a range [...]

  • 12 seeds58.00€

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