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Aromed 4.0 Vaporizer

The Aromed vaporizer for marijuana and herbs is made by the German company Research & Experience, and is the result of their efforts to make an ideal tool for aromatherapy, and herbal and essential oil vaporization that is easy to use but designed principally for medical use.

The housing is constructed with highly resistant materials while still being as compact as possible. The pathway that joins the heating element and the mouth piece is made with neutral materials like borosilicate glass, in the bowl and water filter, and neutral silicone in the inhalation tube.

This construction guarantees us that the vapour inhaled is pure and unaffected by strange tastes, particles released or other unhealthy substances that may be found in other low-quality vaporizers typically made in China.

Vaporizing is healthy, and Research & Experience are very aware of this, and so they dedicate part of their time to carry out studies examining vaporization. One such study that aims to evaluate the safety of the machine, in order to gain a license for medical use, is currently underway.

Research and Development of the Aromed Vaporizer

aromed front
Front panel

The Aromed vaporizer is much more than just a product, it’s the fruit of research and development that started in 1997 in collaboration with high level Cuban doctors, thanks to growing will in medicine to find natural pharmaceutical and medical alternatives, i.e. the necessity, knowledge and combined effort have come together to make a product that meets expectations and that is supported by medical studies.

The company also collaborates with the Association of Medical Cannabis, part of the International Association of Medical Cannabis (IAMC), a world wide scientific society that fights for the acknowledgement of the curative/palliative use of cannabinoid components. More information of this association can be found online at

An example of the information collected by the IAMC is the following list of medical conditions with the doses of THC recommended for the relief of each condition. Most of these fall short of the doses needed for any psychoactive effect, and, therefore, the doses given are purely medicinal.

• Asthma (150mg)
• Side effects of chemotherapy (60mg)
• Reactive and endogenous depressions (no limit)
• Crohn’s disease (20 to 30mg)
• Spasms (5 to 30mg)
• Pain (5 to 30mg)
• Glaucoma (40 to 100mg)
• Withdrawal (no limit)
• Epilepsy (no limit)
• Anorexia and cachexy (5 to 20mg)
• Multiple sclerosis and Tourette’s syndrome (no limit)

Technical Specifications of Aromed 4.0

Aromed Halogen bulb

The Aromed vaporizer consists of two parts, the vaporizer, and the water filter or bubbler from which exits the mouth piece.

The body of the vaporizer is rectangular and compact and measures only 10x18x7cm. It’s made with stainless steel and finished in beige and green.

At the front of this we find the control panel which consists of the temperature indicator and only 3 buttons. The red ‘on/off’ button and 2 buttons to regulate the vaporization temperature indicated on the screen.

From the top of the main body protrudes a flexible metal tube that houses the cables to the halogen light at its end. This tube is 48cm long and can be bent to the necessary position to connect with the heating chamber. The light is halogen because it does not emit ultraviolet rays, and also saves energy as the microprocessor is connected to a thermostat that automatically turns off, or reduces, the intensity of the light bulb once it has reached the desired temperature, letting the user simply medicate. You can see as the light builds and fades in intensity in rhythm with the airflow.

The water filter, on the other hand, is made completely with borosilicate glass and consists of 2 dismountable pieces; the herb holder and the water filter or bubbler.

Aromed bowl

The cylindrical Aromed bowl is designed to hold the herbs on the metal screen so that the light can then be positioned just above. This means the heat comes from above the herbs and, therefore, only affects the material during inhalation as that is the only moment the heat descends to the herbs, volatilizing the cannabinoids. This permits maximum extraction from every load which, with this vaporizer, is up to 90% of the cannabinoids, reducing the monthly amount of herbs used notably.

The bowl is attached to the down stem which is inserted into the water jug and will produce bubbles. This is very important for the use of medical marijuana as the vapours are cooled and hydrated, lessening any irritation caused. Also, the water retains any particles of vegetable matter that may escape through the gauze.

Attached to the jug is the neutral silicone tube that has a glass mouthpiece at one end for a more pleasant feel on the lips. Its flexibility lets us vaporize comfortably without having to move much.

Bubbler and silicone tube

The power cable is included and the control panel should light up, in stand-by mode, when it is plugged in. At this point, press the red button and select the desired temperature between 60 and 235ºC. The processor calculates and controls the temperature in the area where the herbs are, considerably augmenting thermal precision. It may, however, still be necessary to increase the temperature to 210ºC (instead of the normal 190ºC) to achieve dense vapour inhalations. It is also recommended that a reasonably large amount of herbs (about 1g) is used as this will facilitate the formation of large vapour clouds enabling us to fully enjoy the qualities of medical cannabis.

Furthermore, as the light bulb emits heat very gradually it may be necessary to perform up to 3 inhalations to reach the programmed temperature which will permit dense mouthfuls of vapour. At first this may appear to be problematic but actually, the more progressive the heating of the vegetative matter is, the more subtle and gradual the volatilization of the terpenes of the resins, conserving the flavour of the herbs. This is to say that we will have lighter inhalations with more flavour, for longer.

Finally, it is important to note that the Aromed vaporizer will be ready in just 2 minutes, even when reaching maximum temperature, offering rapid relief.

Operating Instructions for the Aromed Vaporizer

• Fill the water filter until 1cm from the tube.
• Fill the bowl with the herbs or oils to be vaporized. For very liquid oils it is recommended that you use a Volcano liquid pad to avoid drips.
• Plug in the vaporizer, press the red button and select the temperature to approximately 200ºC.
• Place the light bulb in the bowl making sure it is securely fitted avoiding any heat escaping. To do this the flexible metal tube containing the light must be bent 180º. At this point we should observe the red light in the upper left part of the display panal which will flash when the selected temperature is achieved.
• Ready! Now we can inhale and be fascinated by the hypnotic, gradually fluctuating intensity of the light, along with the “glug, glug, glug”. Enjoy the show!

Operation of Aromed 4.0

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