Sublimator, bio-molecular gasification of cannabis

Sublimator Vaporizer

Vaporizers are very well known devices, highly appreciated and widely used by medicinal and recreational cannabis users because of the quality of both the flavour and the effect that they get from a small cannabis sample. Among the multitude of vaping devices available on the market today, the Sublimator is a new vaporizer that stand out above the rest thanks to its unique features.

The Sublimator
The Sublimator, beyond vaporisation

Developed in Canada, the Sublimator is a vaporizer of simple design and with great efficiency thanks to its three-stage system - injection, radiation and induction - which allows sublimating the steam - favouring the absorption into the blood stream - while getting the purest flavour. Thus, each sample offers all its organoleptic and psychoactive potential with minimal loss. This system, in which cannabinoids are extracted from the organic substance, is called bio-molecular gasification process.

Apart from this vapour rich in active principles and terpenes, the Sublimator is also characterized by its DabMaster system, thanks to which we can vaporize either resins or herbs, producing a more dense vapour with finer molecules than standard vapour molecules.

Sublimator, bio-molecular gasification
Sublimator, bio-molecular gasification

How to vaporize cannabis and BHO with Sublimator

The Sublimator Vaporizer works on the following principle:

  • Initially, the warm air vaporizes all the active and aromatic principles of the sample
  • This steam is condensed and concentrated in a ceramic plate to cool down to the ideal temperature for cannabinoid vaporization.
  • This new steam is then pulverized evenly and regularly in the form of vapor micro-spheres (by ultrasound or by an abolition membrane).
  • These vapour micro-spheres pass then through an atomizer that splits and mixes them with the air, what allows a much faster absorption by the respiratory system.

This system allows the active principles to pass through the blood capillaries of mucous membranes rather than through the alveoli of the lungs, thus achieving a much faster and more effective absorption.

Dabmaster heating element for the Sublimator
Dabmaster heating element for the Sublimator

The heating element is available in three models: Apollo (for dried herbs), Nail (for resins) and DabMaster, which allows the user to vaporize both herbs and cannabis concentrates. The bowl where we put the heating element is connected to a tube through which the vapour passes.

This tube, which is included in the original kit, is fixed to the base of the device, which has a significant weight that ensures the stability of the vaporizer. This base can be removed for easier cleaning of the Sublimator. The plastic tube, also available in borosilicate glass made by the German manufacturer Roor, can be filled with water and/or ice cubes to produce a cooler and more moisturized vapour (particularly appreciable when vaping at high temperatures). The Sublimator system can also be used with our bongs by connecting the bowl to the downstem of our favourite water pipe.

The Sublimator is adaptable to most bongs.
The Sublimator is suitable for most bongs.

Once the system has warmed up (it takes approximately 10 minutes) put the ground herb (between 0.1 and 0.2 grams) on the grid placed in the chamber of the Sublimator, and then put the heating element in the bowl again. The system is now ready to start the bio-molecular gasification process. The tube is progressively filled with vapour, which can be mixed with smoke depending on the temperature and exposure time of the sample.

The DabMaster provides more exciting vaping sessions by enabling the user to add some drops of BHO. The vapor becomes different, denser, more fragrant and more concentrated in active principles.

Sublimator, the revelation of vaporizers

During 2014, the Sublimator team visited several European marijuana fairs - 2015 Spannabis, Expogrow Irun - to present their device to the public, receiving a very positive response.

Enrico Bouchard presents the Sublimator to the Alchimia Team
Enrico Bouchard presents the Sublimator to the Alchimia Team

The Sublimator won the heart of the public, and everyone who tried it was amazed. Thus, and thanks to its quality, it has been awarded several times:

  • 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam - 3rd Place Best Product
  • 2014 ExpoGrow Irun - 1st Place Best Product
  • 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam - 3rd Place Best Product Collab with ROOR
  • 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam - 1st Place Best Glass Collab with ROOR

In this video Enrico Bouchard shows us how to use the Sublimator vaporizer:

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