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We present here the CBD hemp flowers cultivated indoors, with products worthy of the quality of indoor cannabis cultivation.

By allowing optimal management of the cultivation environment, while protecting the plants from bad weather and other pests such as caterpillars. Indoors cultivation allows the grower to express the full potential of their plants.

In accordance with current EU laws on hemp, all the CBD flowers offered on the Alchimia website contain a THC level below 0.2%, making them legal cannabis flowers in EU countries.

CBD Indoor flowers, from different varieties and from several EU countries, offer a range of varied aromas and textures, always of the highest quality.

Popcorn CBD Indoor Flowers

Alchimia presents Popcorn CBD Indoor Flower Mix, certainly to enjoy the organoleptic properties of Natural Suit's various indoor-grown genetics in a single product. Popcorn CBD Indoor flowers, aromatic bud mixture Popcorn CBD Indoor Flower mix combin [...]

  • 10 g18.00€
  • 50 g (Out of stock)55.00€

Grapefruit CBD Indoor Small Bud Flowers

Grapefruit CBD Indoor Small Buds are cultivated indoors in a totally organic way, free of pesticides and GMO, and from certified seeds. These flowers are now available in out catalogue at Alchimia. Grapefruit CBD Indoor Small flowers, tropical grape [...]

  • 10 g20.00€
  • 50 g85.00€

Gelato CBD Indoor Small Buds Flowers

Gelato is a cannabis hybrid developed by Mr. Sherbinski. Who hasn't heard of this amazing variety? It is now available in non-psychoactive flower version Alchimia. Gelato CBD buds, non-psychoactive, sweet, and creamy Gelato CBD Small Indoor Flowers a [...]

  • 10 g20.00€
  • 50 g85.00€

Pineapple Express CBD Indoor Flowers

Pineapple Express CBD Indoor Flowers offer a THC below 0.20%, and a CBD content of 13.22%. The flowers are not psychoactive, yet very aromatic and pleasant. These flowers are now available at Alchimia. Pineapple Express CBD Indoor buds, citric pineap [...]

  • 2 g13.00€
  • 10 g51.00€

Cherry Wine CBD Indoor Flowers

Alchimia presents Cherry Wine CBD Indoor Flowers, with a THC level below 0.2% and a CBD concentration up to 14.73%. It offers fruity cherry aromas and an earthy background. Cherry Wine CBD Indoor flowers, fruity and organic buds Cherry Wine is a me [...]

  • 2 g13.80€
  • 10 g55.00€

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