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Les Refardes seeds

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Les Refardes is an agricultural cooperative that includes a total of 18 farms producing all types of seeds. Its catalogue includes ornamental plants, varieties from other countries, garden seeds and aromatic plants.

They have obtained numerous varieties that have been stabilised and improved by growers from various places who have attained a much higher product quality. The company philosophy is to transmit, in their own words, such a valuable cultural and agronomic relay.

The products are produced in an organic and environmentally friendly way. Seeds and fruits undergo strict quality evaluations.

It is worth mentioning their wide selection of lettuce, pumpkin or tomato seeds, and without a doubt a wider range to choose from!

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Organic Poppy - Les Refardes

Papaver somniferum The Poppy is a plant cultivated for ornamental purposes and for its edible seeds, which are often used in confectionery. [...]

  • ± 160 seeds 3.75€

Organic Tobacco - Les Refardes

Nicotiniana tabacum Tobacco is a very versatile plant. Cultivated in the garden it can be very beneficial, acting as a trap plant [...]

  • ± 400 seeds (Out of stock) 3.75€

Organic Garden Cosmos - Les Refardes

Cosmos binnipatus The Garden Cosmos is a beautiful flower with a delicate appearance. Its firm stem makes it resistant to wind and other inclement weather. An [...]

  • 60 seeds 3.75€

Organic Black Radish - Les Refardes

Raphanus sativus Black radish is a rustic variety, with black skin and white flesh, very aromatic and intense flavour. Ideal for eating grated in [...]

  • ± 200 seeds 3.75€

Organic Lemon Cucumber - Les Refardes

Cucumis sativus A small rounded fruit similar to a plum with a green to light yellow colour. Its flavour is mild and very exquisite. Cucumber variety with very good [...]

  • ± 20 seeds 3.75€

Les Refardes Zinnia or Mystic Rose

Zinnia or Mystic Rose is a plant that produces large and beautiful flowers of various colours. It is ideal for gardeners who are looking for a beautiful an [...]

  • ± 45 seeds 3.75€

Clary Sage - Les Refardes

Salvia sclarea L Clary Sage is a biennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. It can reach 1m in size. It produces rough leaves [...]

  • ± 300 seeds 3.75€

Organic Pota Tobacco - Les Refardes

Nicotiana tabacum L Pota Tobacco is a low-growing tobacco plant with dark green, sticky leaves and a very pungent aroma. [...]

  • ± 480 seeds 3.75€

Organic Echinacea - Les Refardes

Echinacea angustifolia Echinacea is a plant with beautiful daisy-like flowers. In addition to its ornamental function, Echinacea is known to have medicinal [...]

  • ± 50 seeds 3.75€

Garden Sunflower

Alchimia presents Garden Sunflover by Les Rafardes, a beautiful decorative plant, perfect for the garden or balcony. It produces several large, showy violet flower [...]

  • ±100 seeds 3.75€

Organic Round Pepper - Les Refardes

Capsicum annum Round Pepper, also called Pebrotina, is a small and round pepper very aromatic and with a sweet taste. It is a [...]

  • 50 seeds 3.75€

Les Refardes White Aubergine

Solanum melongena L. Origin: Manresa, Bages, Barcelona It is a variety of aubergine that produces white and rounded fruit [...]

  • ± 50 seeds 3.75€

Long Black Aubergine

Solanum melongena L Origin: Puig de la Bauma, Mura (Bages), Barcelona A very vigorous plant producing black and elongated fruits, hanging [...]

  • ± 50 seeds 3.75€

Les Refardes Large Leaf Basil

Ocimum basilicum Origin: Sussana Martí, Roquetes, Baix Ebre. Harvesting location: Puig de la Bauma, Mura (Barcelona, Spain) [...]

  • ± 130 3.75€

Les Refardes Popcorn

Zea mays Origin: Caldes de Montbui. Barcelona province. Popcorn seeds, a corn variety to make delicious popcorn by preparing them as [...]

  • ± 50 seeds 3.75€

Les Refardes Eco Swiss Chard

Beta vulgaris L. Origin: JMª Gamisans, Vic, Catalonia. Place and harvest year: Mas Serrarica, Vic, 2015 It is a variety with dark [...]

  • ± 200 seeds 3.75€

Mexican Marigold - Les Rafardes

Tagetes erecta. Origin: Pla de Manlleu, Alt Camp. Catalonia. It is a plant of Mexican origin called Mexican marigold or Aztec marigold. It [...]

  • ± 70 seeds 3.75€

Organic “Trinxat” Cabbage - Les Refardes

Brassica oleracea Var. Acephala A cabbage variety very resistant to the cold, the “trinxat” cabbage does not form a head, but has shoots with clear, toothed lea [...]

  • ± 70 seeds 3.75€

Organic Morella Lettuce - Les Refardes

Lactuca sativa L Romaine lettuce, particularly resistant to bolting and autumn cold. Medium sized heads, purple-tipped leaves, fine and de [...]

  • ± 300 seeds 3.75€

Organic Batavia Lettuce - Les Rafardes

Lactuca Sativa L. Origin: Faura, el Papiol. Barcelona province. This Batavia type lettuce is tolerant to cold weather. It produces large pieces with [...]

  • ± 325 seeds 3.75€
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