Reflective sheeting

Reflective sheeting is used in indoor grow rooms to improve light spread inside the growing space, thus getting the most out of your grow lights. You'll find here several types of reflective sheeting: Orca grow film, black & white, Lightite Diamond and Lightite Silver and the new Anti Detection Sheeting.

B/W Reflective Plastic 2m x 5m

Now available at Alchimiaweb, these rolls of black and white reflective plastic, ideal to line your grow cabinet. These rolls are intended to be placed on the walls of your growing cabinet with the white side facing inwards to provide a medium to hi [...]

  • 11.50€

Black/White reflective plastic roll

Now available from Alchimiaweb are rolls reflective plastic in black and white, durable, and with med-high level of reflection, perfect for economical installations. These reflective plastic rolls are designed to line the walls of your indoor cultiv [...]

  • 10m x 2m19.20€

C3 Antidetection reflective sheeting

Alchimiaweb presents the newest addition in the field of reflective plastic, because with this new material will reduce the chances that your crop is detected by infrared scans. The reflective paper with a smooth finish ensures that the light of you [...]

  • 1 m5.00€ 3.50€

Mylar Diamond reflective plastic

The Ligthite Diamond is a Mylar plastic which reflects light and redistributes it in the growing room. This way the light we provide to the marijuana plants is optimised.It is a coated plastic that distributes light in a homogenous way. It can be cov [...]

  • 1 M5.00€

Reflective Lightite Diamond Plastic Roll

The Lightite Diamond is a plastic that reflects the light and redistributes it in the growing room. So, the light that we provide to our marijuana plants is optimized. It is a "coated" plastic which distributes the light in a homogeneous way. It c [...]

  • 10 m49.00€

Reflective white sheeting - 1 x 2 metres

100 x 200 cm reflective white plastic for indoor growing to improve the reflection of light off the walls surrounding the crop. With this reflective plastic, a rate of 85-90% reflection is attained. [...]

  • 2.00€ 1.70€

Reflective sheeting Lightite Silver Light - 100 x 120 cm

100 x 120 cm Diamond Lightite reflective plastic. Ideal for increasing the reflection of light in the inside of the indoor crop walls. Lightite Diamond reflective plastic is a high quality photographic paper that provides a reflectivity of 95%. [...]

  • 4.00€ 2.80€

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