Rocalba -Gigante de Italia- Parsley Seeds Tape

Alchimia Grow Shop presents "Gigante de Italia" Parsley Seeds Tape by Rocalba, paper tapes with seeds distributed at an optimum distance to make sowing in open ground in a vegetable patch as easy as possible. "Gigante de Italia" parsley seeds tape, [...]

  • 3x1.67m 1.80€

Rocalba Basil de Génova Seeds Disc

Rocabla presents here its Basil de Génova Seeds Disc, ideal for an easy cultivation of this delicious Mediterranean aromatic plant. Now available in our vegetable seeds catalogue at AlchimiaWeb. Basil de Génova seeds disc, easy basil c [...]

  • 3 discs (132 seeds approx)1.80€ 1.50€

Rocalba Mint

Alchimia presents Rocalba Mint Seeds, a vigorous plant that produces a very powerful aroma easily identifiable. Rocalba mint seeds: vigorous, tall and very aromatic Mint is a perennial plant. It can simply be cultivated once and remain so for the f [...]

  • 0,2 g 1.80€ 1.50€

Rocalba Apple Mint

Alchimia presents Rocalba Apple Mint Seeds, a very easy to cultivate plant perfect for all gardens. Rocalba Apple Mint, an all-rounder with a strong aroma Mint is a vivacious plant. It can survive the winter season and continue to thrive in the fol [...]

  • 0,5g 1.80€ 1.50€

Rocalba Peppermint Seeds Disc

Alchimia presents Rocalba Peppermint seeds disc, an easy way to cultivate this flavourful, vigorous and resistant aromatic plant. Peppermint seeds disc, for easy sowing Rocalba introduces these paper discs with seeds distributed evenly, to make sow [...]

  • 3 discs (132 seeds approx)1.80€

Rocalba Thyme Organic Seeds

Alchimia presents Rocalba Thyme organic seeds, very aromatic and beneficial plants to include in all gardens. Rocalba Thyme organic seeds Thyme is an evergreen plant, always ready to offer its leaves when we need them. Rocalba thyme is a very arom [...]

  • 0,2 g1.80€

Batlle Organic Peppermint

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Batlle Organic Peppermint Seeds, an aromatic plant ideal for infusions. It is easy to cultivate both in the garden and in pots. Batlle organic Peppermint, easy to cultivate and very aromatic Peppermint (Mentha piperita) [...]

  • 0.05g1.60€

Organic Plumed Cockscomb - Les Refardes

Celosia argentea var. Cristata The Plumed Cockscomb is a spectacular and showy autumn flowering flower. It has an intense fuchsia colour and a velvety crest shape. It is an ornamental plant of great decorative value as it has a long shelf life once [...]

  • 85 seeds3.00€

Organic Love-in-a-mist - Les Refardes

Nigella damascena Love-in-a-mist or Devil in the Bush is a flowering plant with an erect stem about 60 cm long that produces beautiful blue flowers. It belongs to the buttercup family. It is widely used to compose dried flower bouquets. Les Refarde [...]

  • 200 seeds3.00€

Organic Garden Cosmos - Les Refardes

Cosmos binnipatus The Garden Cosmos is a beautiful flower with a delicate appearance. Its firm stem makes it resistant to wind and other inclement weather. An undemanding ornamental plant, it grows well in poor soils with little water. It produces [...]

  • 60 seeds (Product sold out)3.00€

Organic Sweet William - Les Refardes

Dianthus barbatus The Sweet William is a spectacular plant with erect stems that form bouquets of beautiful coloured flowers. The flowers are white, pink and fuchsia. Highly fragrant flowers, excellent as a cut flower. It flowers during the second [...]

  • 100 seeds3.00€

Veronica - Batlle

Veronica by Batlle is a garden plant/shrub also called Hebe Speciosa. It is native to Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, the southern part of the American continent and the Falkland Islands. It is a plant that likes heat but can also withstand cold cli [...]

  • (Product sold out)1.50€

Zinnia Liliput Pom Pom - Batlle

Zinnia liliput Pom Pom by Batlle, a very colourful flowering plant with bright colours which is perfect for decorating gardens and terraces easily. It is a easy to cultivate plant, simple to manage and only requires some fertiliser to grow strongly a [...]

  • 1.50€

Batlle Cumin

Cuminum cyminum Cumin is an herbaceous plant easy to cultivate, not demanding in terms of growing conditions, it only requires full sun exposure and spaced and moderate watering. Cumin's aromatic seeds are widely used as a seasoning in the kitchen. [...]

  • 7 g1.50€

Batlle Garden cress

Garden cress is an annual plant of about 30-60cm. Its leaves are fleshy and are used in the kitchen to prepare salads. It can be cultivated in the ground or in pots. It requires moist soils and substrates rich in organic matter. Sowing takes place [...]

  • 1,5 g1.50€

Batlle Pennyroyal Mint

Mentha Pulegium Pennyroyal Mint is an herbaceous plant easy to cultivate and a large yielder. Its aromatic leaves are used to make infusions that help to alleviate heavy digestions. Sedative properties are also attributed to it. This aromatic plant g [...]

  • 0,2 g1.50€

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