Rocalba Marjoram

Rocalba Marjoram
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Marjoram Seeds, an aromatic and medicinal plant widely used in French and Italian cuisine. It is easy to cultivate both in the vegetable garden and in pots or jardineires.

Rocalba marjoram, an aromatic plant with a calming and digestive effect

Marjoram (Majorana hortensis) is a perennial and lively plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. It is native to the eastern Mediterranean, especially the southern regions of Turkey and Cyprus. The ancient Greeks and Romans considered it a symbol of happiness.

It is a plant that develops with a crawling structure laden with grey-green rounded leaves with a velvety touch. It is a highly ramified plant that reaches a height of about 40cm in summer, a period that produces spike-shaped flowers.

This plant is germinated at an early spring, by scattering a small amount of seeds on the surface of a small pot or directly in open ground in our garden. They are then covered with a soil layer of about 0.5cm ensuring that substrate is rich in compost or worm humus, with a light texture and good drainage.

Rocalba marjoram, undemanding, vigorous and shrubby

By providing enough light and a warm temperature, the first seedlings emerge after about 7-10 days. After some more growth they are ready to transplant into the garden or final pot. It is preferable to place it in a semi-shady place with a warm and dry temperature.

Marjoram is not very keen on cold, so it can be affected by frost or harsh winters. It requires enough water when the plant is young, being necessary to irrigate it less often as it develops, supporting well the drought periods. If the plant is affected by caterpillars or aphids, it can be treated with organic phytosanitary products.

The harvest is ready in summer at the initial flowering stage as it is the peak period for the presence of essential oils. From this time onwards the aroma becomes bitterer. The stems should be cut off at ground level for fresh consumption or to be dried in a cluster in a dark, cool and dry place.

Rocalba Marjoram info:

  • Sachet: 1g seeds
  • Perfect for open ground and pot cultivation
  • Germination: spring
  • Germination directly on open ground or in a seedbed
  • Planting frame: 50cm x 30cm
  • Up to 40cm
  • Adapts well to sun and shade
  • Requires a warm temperature between 15-30ºC
  • Requires fresh, rich and drained soil, although it is not very demanding
  • Cannot tolerate intense cold, but can withstand drought
  • Stems are harvested from summer onwards, at the beginning of the flowering season

Properties of Rocalba Marjoram

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