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Glass petri dish

Now in our catalogue at Alchimiaweb.com, these laboratory glass petri dishes with a diameter of 10cm. The dish is composed of a lid and a base, and we can use it as much to germinate our favourite cannabis varieties seeds as to preserve our mycelium [...]

  • 3.40€

10x20x50cm air filter bag

Mushroom grow bags with air filter, now in our catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop. Sterilisable transparent plastic bags. Its dimensions, 10x20x50cm, make them ideal for the fructification of magic mushroom kits, both commercial and homemade. Pla [...]

  • 1.00€

Sterilised latex gloves

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop this pair of sterile latex gloves. Ideal to handle the various elements of your magic mushroom growing kit. Elastic, comfortable and disposable. They allow you to work comfortably and optimally to avoid contaminat [...]

  • 1 Pair (Product sold out)1.95€

Metal Glitter Adhesive Tape

Metallic glitter adhesive tape is very useful along the indoor cannabis gardening. You can this product now in our catalogue at Alchimiaweb. It will serve to fix broken plastic elements, and also very useful for arranging ropes in pots when certain [...]

  • 10m (Product sold out)4.90€

Large Stainless Jubilee clip/Hose clamp

These clamps help to securely fix all accessories within the growing space, and are now available online here at Alchimiaweb. These stainless steel Jubilee clips / Hose clamps are for example very useful to support the air ducts above the air extrac [...]

  • 60-110mm1.00€
  • 60-170mm (Product sold out)1.10€

Disposable Coverall Boiler Suit

Alchimiaweb offers you this white polypropylene disposable coverall boiler suit. Perfect for growers who want to take care of their garden with the utmost hygiene. Ideal to check out our garden during indoors cannabis cultivation or for growing outd [...]

  • M3.00€
  • L 3.00€
  • XL3.00€

Disposable Overcoat

Now available at Alchimiaweb this disposable white polypropylene overcoat. Ideal for growers who want to take care of their garden with the utmost hygiene. It is an ideal to wear when you check your grow tents or your outdoor garden. The overcoat is [...]

  • (Product sold out)1.50€

Protective Mask

Alchimia offers you this protective mask. An indispensable accessory for growers who spray phytosanitary products on their plants in indoor cannabis gardens as well as outdoor crops. This mask protects the grower during the spraying of ins [...]

  • (Product sold out)1.75€

Naturflex Vinyl Gloves with Powder, 1 pair

Alchimia proposes you these high quality Naturflex vinyl gloves with cornstarch powder. Ideal for those with latex allergy, these gloves protect the hands during the manipulation of cannabis buds in both indoor and outdoor gardening. Highl [...]

  • Size: M (Product sold out)0.25€

Pair of Nitrile gloves

Alchimiaweb.com presents these durable blue nitrile gloves, ideal for trimming our cannabis plants, performing resin extraction or just working on plant management without any risk of getting our hands sticky with resin. These gloves are latex-free, [...]

  • XL Size (Product sold out)0.60€
  • L Size0.60€
  • M Size0.60€

Orca Seam Tape

Fix your Orca Grow reflective sheet with this adhesive tape of the same brand, designed to offer the same exact features of the reflective sheet. Use your light smartly with the 99% light dispersion index of this tape, already available in Alchimiawe [...]

  • (Product sold out)29.90€

Alpha-Cat Mini-Kit Cannabinoid analysis

AlphaCAT Mini-Kit Cannabioid Analysis is a set of products in a small package that contains everything you need to get the percentage of some cannabinoids of our grass, so that we can have an approximation of the results in a home-made and simple way [...]

  • 83.50€

Anti detection SolarShield Grolux tape

Roll of ADF metallic type tape, perfect for use together with the plastic reflective anti-detection C3, now available at Alchimiaweb. This 50mx50mm roll of metal tape will be useful to seal the joints between the sections of our extraction syst [...]

  • 12.00€

Jar with air filter 1200ml

Alchimia Grow Shop presents these Plastic Jars with built-in air filter, ideal for magic mushroom cultivation. These jars are heat resistant and can be sterilised using a pressure cooker when preparing the grain substrate, which then can b [...]

  • 1.90€

Jar with air filter 280ml

Now in the catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop, Jars with built-in air filter, perfect for mushroom cultivation. These jars are heat resistant, can be sterilised using a pressure cooker during the preparation of our mushroom leaf, with the grain and the [...]

  • 1.20€

Duct tape

Duct tape is one of those things that is always handy to have around when we're growing cannabis indoors. A practical, tough and durable adhesive tape, it is useful for many jobs and repairs around the house, but Duct Tape is essential for the indoo [...]

  • 10 m5.50€

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