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Label loop

When starting batches of new seeds or taking clones from different mother plants, it can be tempting to think that there's no need to label the plants, that we'll be able to remember which variety is which just by leaf shape, smell and other traits.

The reality of the situation is often very different, things we imagined would be obvious are not that way at all and several months later we end up with a mess of unlabeled plants, nobody remembers anything and it's anyone's guess what the genetics are!

To easily avoid these problems we suggest using labels whenever sowing, cloning, transplanting or planting out.

These particular ones are white loop labels, which are a great size and perfect to write the names of your beloved plants. They surround the stem with a self closing system and being made in a tough plasticised materal, they are protected from water splashed during watering, rain or spraying.

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