Indoor cannabis gardening

Indoor cannabis gardening

Indoor cannabis gardening

During the last 30 years and from the United States of America, techniques and systems for indoor cannabis growing - artificial lighting, ventilation, etc - have proliferated around the world. This is largely explained by the persecution to which cannabis growers are (and have been) subjected to, who have been forced to avoid outdoor cultivation and move their plants indoors.

Growing cannabis indoors

From the early books on cannabis written by Ed Rosental and until today, the evolution of different lighting and air extraction systems, as well as cannabis nutrients, growing media and techniques, has been spectacular.

Alchimia Grow Shop's catalog includes from small grow tents for casual users to the most advanced hydroponic systems, as well as the latest grow lights (high pressure sodium, metal halide, energy-saving lamps, LED panels...). You'll also find a wide selection of nutrients, boosters, additives and stimulators, also different cloning and propagation systems, air extraction fans, carbon short, everything you need to grow your indoor plants successfully.

You'll also find a complete selection of books and calendars.

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