Indoor cannabis gardening

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During the last 30 years and from the United States of America, techniques and systems for indoor cannabis growing have become more popular, that is to say, artificial lighting and ventilation. This is largely caused by the persecution to which marijuana growers for personal consumption are and have been subjected to, who have been forced to avoid the outdoor open spaces.

Growing cannabis indoors

From the early Ed Rossental's books until today, the evolution of different lighting and air extraction systems, as well as cannabis nutrients , medias and growing techniques has been spectacular. 

In the Alchimia Grow Shop catalog, you can find from small grow tents for casual users to the most advanced hydroponic  systems, as well as the latest lighting bulbs both high pressure sodium or metal halide, and new energy-saving lamps, even last technology LEDs. You can also enjoy a wide selection of cannabis fertilizers and stimulators and different cloning and propagation systems, without forgetting exhaust fans, anti-odour carbon fliters and, in conclusion, everything that you may need for your garden, whatever technique you want to use.

You can also find a wide range of books and cannabis calendars.

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