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After years of research and testing, the TGA team finally developed a marijuana hybrid that has a high level of CBD Cannabidiol.

Over 70% of the tested samples showed elevated levels of CBD between 12% and 15%, with similar THC levels.

For patients who seeks a strain with high CBD level and great taste, here is your entry ticket to something very special.

Genetic composition of Pennywise

To create Pennywise, TGA Subcool crossed the Harlequin marijuana plant, rich in CBD, with a Jack The Ripper male plant strain, rich in THCV, a particularly active THC form.

The Harlequin is a female marijuana clone, known for its high CBD level, its sweetness, its solid and coloured buds, as well as for its very effective medicinal properties.

Like many great discoveries, the origins of the Harlequin clone are a bit accidental. A small group of private Breeding in Switzerland was working with a marijuana strain for Hashish production, creating a 75% Sativa and 25% Indica strain, by crossing a Colombian Gold Sativa, a Thai Sativa near the region of Laos, a Swiss Landrace Sativa and Indica from the Mustang region in Nepal.

A phenotype of this crossing become famous with the name of Alchemy, while another was given to a friend of this group of breeders who brought it to California in late 2009 to treat his glaucoma.

The buds of the first harvest were brought to famous clinic Harborside for testing, with the surprise of having a very high level of CBD.

Clones of this plant were provided to Harboside with the request that these be shared with the most growers and dispensaries as possible.

At the end of flowering the Harlequin plant produces purple, red, green and wellow coloured flowers which evoke the costume of the jester of the king where the name of this strain comes from.

The big smile that gives the Harlequin plant to your face can also have a clear relation.

Furthermore, Pennywise is the last name of the evil clown of the famous novel “It” by Stephen King.

Features of Pennywise from TGA Subcool:

  • Phenotypes: There are 4 main phenotypes. All have more or less the same smell, the same taste and all plants have a tendency to colouring at the end of flowering. The main difference between the phenotypes concerning the structure of the buds as well as their dominant colour: Some buds are “ear” shaped, while others are round, some are mostly light green, while others are very colourful with purple. The last ones are particularly impressive.
  • Height: Short to medium
  • Yield: Medium
  • Indoor / Outdoor: Recommended for growing both indoors and outdoor.This variety has excellent resistance to mildew.
  • Best growing method: Prune the apices one time its stretch is limited in most phenotypes.
  • Flowering period from 60 to 67 days
  • Sativa 70% / Indica 30%
  • Hybrid: Harlequin X Jack The Ripper
  • Effect Type: Clear in the brain, the effect begins in the body with an immediate sensation of wellness. The analgesic and relaxing traits of the mother plant Harlequin, rich in CBD, are strongly notable and invigorating dynamism of Jack The Ripper converts the conjoint in an extraordinary effect for the whole day, with a real medicinal value.
  • Type of taste and smell: The flavours range from the smell of coffee and pepper, to lemon gum taste. The smoke is at the time lightweight and full of flavours.
  • THC 11,0% ; CBD 13,3% ; CBN 0,0% ; CBC 0,0% ; THCV 0,1% ; CBG 0,6%

Opinions about Pennywise and questions


Cat 28-05-2019 Last season planted 3 seeds, (not feminized) Two came out male, 1 female. Made tincture of the flowers for medical use. Has helped a friend going through very strong Chemotherapy enormously. No side effects, no nausea, no depression, no insomnia and able to eat normally. I myself use it for sleeping and its wonderful! Happy and very pleasant body relax. Sleep like a baby..Pitty the seeds aren´t feminised. Quite expensive.


Alchimia Grow Shop 28-05-2019

Hi Cat,

So glad to hear that!! About Subcool's strains, we'll be soon publishing an interview with him where he explains he's developing feminised versions of some of his varieties...perhaps you'll be lucky! ;)



Scott 24-03-2015 He has several strains I would like to try, thinking of going to cannabis cup in Denver and meeting up with him. check out his utube vids, they are great.


Alchimia Grow Shop 31-03-2015

Hi Scott,

Yes, it is always worth it going to cannabis events and meet breeders, you can have much more info on their strains than in catalogs.

Hope you can meet him, and thanks for the advice! ;)

Best vibes!


Scott 19-03-2015 Thank you, I do like Sub Cools stuff, doing some really straight skywalker this time maybe after that will give one of his strains another look see.. Scott


Alchimia Grow Shop 23-03-2015

Hi Scott,

I smoked once an Agent Orange that was absolutely spectacular. The guy who grew it told me it was not the main pheno, but that weed was worth trying...;)

Best vibes!


Scott 18-03-2015 OK its been a couple months since my harvest of three Pennywise plants. First off I want to point out that all three plants produced vast amounts of resin,over the top amounts of it. two produced over 5 ounces the other 4 under a 600 watt light very impressive. If you smoke by itself it produces a very mellow buzz very much as described above. But if you first start out with a OG or something stronger in the THC dept. then use Pennywise it turns into a different animal, very very much like old school Thai from the 70s. Flavors are strong and hold up very well. Now here is the bad part.... All three went rouge and produced tons of male flowers with two weeks to go. ruined my whole crop with billions of tiny micro seeds. What a shame I have checked out Subcool and he seems like a good guy, and both strains I tried from him are really high resin makers, but this strain is NOT stable, by the way neither is his Quantum strain it did the same thing. Yes it produces wonderful amounts of resin and big amounts but unless you are willing to take a chance on hermaphroditic plants I would stay clear. Sorry Sub cool,Sorry for the bad report but somebody has to do it.


Alchimia Grow Shop 19-03-2015

Hello Scott,

I'm so sorry to hear about that! As you will surely know, sometimes things like that happen, especially with new strains. We will try to let Subcool know about this case.

As long as you are being honest, you don't need to apologize for your report, you are just explaining your case. ;)

Best of lucks for your next crop Scott, hope everything will be fine.

Best vibes!


Scott 27-11-2014 I am just about ready to harvest this strain, three out of five seeds were female, all three are different. The first is very Haze like in both shape and smell. light green at harvest with a open structure. Pistol's turn wonderful orange color. Second has very rounded golf ball shaped flowers very dense almost void of leaves within the flower. Also the shape of shade leaves were very long and very thin.Flowers on this plant are reds and yellows with a spicy bubblegum smell. The third is producing huge buds has a similar smell to second plant but not shape. also this one is less dependent on nutrients as well. exited to finish this strain and test, resin levels are off the charts with huge visible stalks running all the way down the secondary shade leafs and their stalks. Very impressive If your a breeder you should give this one a try.


Alchimia Grow Shop 01-12-2014

Hello Scott,

Thanks a lot for your excellent report on this strain, we really appreciate this kind of feedback from you guys!

I would personally give a try to that second pheno you mention...;)

Best vibes!


Ivan 18-11-2014 Hello there, Do you carry Clone Only the strain is called Harlequin and how much? Thank you and peace to you and staff, Ivan


Alchimia Grow Shop 18-11-2014

Hello Ivan,

As you say, Harlequin is a clone-only strain, and we don't have the cut. However, here is a list of high CDB marijuana strains selected from our catalog.

Thanks for your confidence,

Best vibes!

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