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Blue Automazar

Alchimia offers you here the Blue AutoMazar, a Dutch Passion AutoFem that combines the best of the Blue family - Auto Blueberry - with an AutoMazar, which gives it the Afghan-Skunk touch. It grows up to 100cm in height, producing 75-100 g/plant after 75 days from seed germination.

By mixing these two great Dutch Passion genetics, they obtained a 75% indica and 25% sativa hybrid, which combines the structural features of both the Blue and the Mazar, developing an AutoFem plant with a branched and indica structure that develops many tails with thick buds on their tops during the flowering period.

Some individuals are very similar to the Auto Blue, while others have more influence from the Auto Mazar marijuana , but most of them move on a spectrum between both genetics.

All phenotypes have a similar blooming period, always with great yields; according to the seedbank, the more experienced growers can obtain up to 200g/plant.

Blue Automazar likes having space on the sides, because they enjoy branching out and getting really wide, as any indica plant would, rewarding us later with lots of flower clusters in every branch.

These buds release diverse and intense fruity aromas, with hints of spices, pepper and earthy tones. Its effect is powerful, sedative, making you feel happy and peaceful, very nice and comfortable.

Blue AutoMazar from Dutch Passion properties:

  • Feminised autoflowering marijuana with Indica dominance
  • Genetics: AutoBlue x AutoMazar
  • Harvest: 70-75 days
  • Production: 75 to 100g/plant
  • Height: Up to 100cm
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