Cannabis strains for resin extractions - Page 3

Cannabis strains for resin extractions - Page 3

There are 927 products tagged as Cannabis strains for resin extractions

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Channel+ - Medical Seeds

Channel +, created by Medical Seeds, is one of the most awarded marijuana strains on the market, winning cups in different cannabis cups and events.Channel + is a cross between an enormous Big Bud and a Sativa dominant Skunk. It grows tall and vigoro [...]

  • 3 seeds24.00€ 16.75€
  • 5 seeds40.00€ 36.00€

Chemdog - Green House seeds

CHEMDOG is a brand new Green House Seeds feminized strain, which comes from the crossing between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Suitable for both indoors (Flowering 9 weeks) and outdoors growing (harvest in late October). According to Green House seedban [...]

  • 3 seeds20.00€ 16.00€
  • 5 seeds32.00€

Wedding Cake - Concrete Jungle Seeds

As part of its InI Selection, Concrete Jungle offers feminised cannabis seeds of Wedding Cake, now available online at Alchimia. A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, Wedding Cake is also known as Pink Cookies or Triangle Mints #23, and [...]

  • 5 seeds35.00€ 28.00€
  • 10 seeds60.00€
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Tangie - BSF Seeds

The variety Tangie forms part of BSF Seeds' Stars Players category, bringing together those genetics most appreciated by both growers and cannabis users. A hybrid of California Orange x Skunk, Tangie is famous for its fruity, zesty aroma reminiscent [...]

  • 2 seeds14.00€ 11.85€
  • 4 seeds24.00€ 18.00€
  • 7 seeds38.00€ 28.45€
  • 12 seeds48.00€ 36.00€

Blissful Wizard F2 - The Captains Connection

Here at Alchimiaweb we are very proud to offer you Blissful Wizard F2 by The Captain's Connection. A powerful and full-flavoured hybrid with Cookies genetics, now available online in our regular seed catalogue. Blissful Wizard F2 - lemon, lime and c [...]

  • 12 seeds200.00€ 170.00€

Glueberry O.G. - Dutch Passion

Alchimiaweb presents here Glueberry OG, a feminized cannabis strain developed by Dutch Passion by crossing a Gorilla Glue x OG Kush hybrid with Blueberry. This Indica dominant plant shows the best traits of its parents, with very nice yields and exc [...]

  • 3 seeds34.95€
  • 5 seeds52.95€
  • 10 seeds84.95€ 67.95€
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Wedding Cake - Barneys Farm

Alchimia presents Wedding Cake by Barney's Farm, a marijuana variety among the most popular in the U.S. for its quality, resin production, positive effect and an intense and delicious terpene profile. Wedding Cake marijuana, high production and fast [...]

  • 1 seed13.00€
  • 3 seeds35.00€ 26.20€
  • 5 seeds55.00€ 38.45€
  • 10 seeds105.00€ 78.70€

Lebanese - Ace Seeds

ACE Seeds presents its Lebanese variety, a robust and productive pure Sativa landrace line, to be found in AlchimiaWeb's collection of regular cannabis seeds! The Lebanese is a vigorous and uniform cannabis strain perfectly adapted to resin extracti [...]

  • 10 seeds40.00€ 32.00€

Pure Kush Cookies - Mamiko Seeds

Mamiko Seeds are proud to present Pure Kush Cookies, a new Indica-dominant hybrid with a happy effect that's now available in the Alchimiaweb online catalogue of feminised cannabis seeds. This exciting cross between the legendary L.A. Pure Kush clon [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€ 17.85€
  • Pure Kush Cookies 42.00€

Cheese Cookies - Mamiko Seeds

Alchimia invites you to discover Mamiko Seeds exciting new strain Cheese Cookies, now available online in our catalogue of feminised seeds. This is a hybrid of two cannabis classics, one coming straight from the 90s, the UK Cheese, and the other mor [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)21.00€
  • 6 seeds (Product sold out)42.00€ 31.45€

Z-Kiem by R Kiem Seeds - R-Kiem Seeds

Alchimia presents Zkiem by R-kiem Seeds, a vigorous cannabis hybrid that adapts to all growing conditions. I is now available in our feminised seeds catalogue. Zkiem has all the qualities of a hybrid genetics, providing a very satisfactory vigour an [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€
  • 5 seeds32.50€ 24.35€
  • 10 seeds 64.00€

Cayman Kush - Paisa Grow Seeds

As you may already know, the whole team at Paisa Grow Seeds are huge fans of Cookies genetics, and their new hybrid Cayman Kush is yet more proof of that. Available online now in the feminised seed catalogue at Alchimiaweb. This crossing between Ori [...]

  • 3 seeds25.00€ 20.00€

Tahoe OG Kush - The Cali Connection

Alchimia presents here the feminized version of the Tahoe OG Kush variety from Cali Connection, a mostly Indica hybrid famous for its intense acid flavour, great resin production and powerful effect. This genetics comes from the OG Kush Tahoe clone [...]

  • 6 seeds60.00€ 48.00€

The OG #18 - Reserva Privada

The Reserva Privada team from DNA selected the female plant No. 18 wich cames from the first seeds of OG KUSH they had in their catalog. This plant #18 was so good that they decided to make it available to the public in feminised seed version. The a [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)40.00€ 30.00€
  • 6 seeds70.00€

Sweets - Karma Genetics

Alchimia is delighted to present Sweets by Karma Genetics, a regular Indica Sativa hybrid cross between Guava Gelato x Karma Sour Diesel BX2. A strain characterised by a high resin production and terpenes with a fruity and sweet aromas, now available [...]

  • 12 seeds80.50€ 68.40€

Skywalker Kush - Reserva Privada

Reserva Privada's Skywalker Kush is an OG Kush hybrid offering reat yields, up to 600gr/m2, while maintaining complex aromas and a powerful effect typical from good OG lines. Now available in Alchimia! Skywalker is a very appreciated clone in U.S.A. [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)40.00€ 36.00€
  • 6 seeds (Product sold out)70.00€ 63.00€

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