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Jack the Ripper - SubCool’s The Dank

Jack the Ripper from Subcool's The Dank is a well named plant as this herb is a real killer! Subcool crated Jack The Ripper with the goal of recreating his legendary Jack's Cleaner clone as a seed line by crossing it with Space Queen. The result is [...]

  • 5 seeds (Out of stock)100.00€

Somango Glue - Advanced Seeds

Alchimiaweb is pleased to present Somango Glue by Advanced Seeds, a feminised cannabis strain cross between GG #4 or Gorilla Glue and Somango, two very well-known varieties in Spain and worldwide. The result is a hybrid of marijuana with a euphoric e [...]

  • 1 Seed8.00€ 7.20€
  • 3 + 1 Seeds17.50€ 15.75€
  • 10 + 3 Seeds (Out of stock)55.00€ 49.50€

Cement Shoes S1 - Universally Seeded

Alchimia is pleased to present Cement Shoes S1 by Universally Seeded, seeds only available in feminised format. This seedbank counts with a huge selection of parentals and maintains a large genetic pool to develop new crosses through traditional proc [...]

  • 6 seeds80.00€
  • 18 seeds180.00€

Strawberry Gum - Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds presents here Strawberry Gum, a hybrid with an intense strawberry and berries aroma and a very euphoric and pleasant effect. Now available in our feminised seeds catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop. This variety is a cross between a Bubbl [...]

  • 1 seed8.00€ 7.20€
  • 3 + 1 Seeds16.50€ 14.85€
  • 10 + 3 Seeds49.00€ 44.10€

Durban Dew - Dutch Passion

Alchimia is glad to present Durban Dew by Dutch Passion, a new addition from this Dutch seedbank. It is a cross between Durban Poison and Frisian Dew, a strain that inherits the excellent and unique organoleptic properties from its direct ancestors. [...]

  • 1 Seed18.95€
  • 3 Seeds34.95€
  • 5 Seeds52.95€
  • 10 Seeds84.95€

Polar Gelato by Sherbinskis - Silent Seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Polar Gelato By Sherbinskis from Silent Seeds, a feminised hybrid strain with a 50/50 Indica Sativa genetics. It offers a strong potency with a frosty, biscuity and delicately floral dessert taste. Polar Gelato by Sherbi [...]

  • 3 seeds (Out of stock)69.00€ 58.65€
  • 5 seeds99.00€ 84.15€
  • 10 seeds (Out of stock)179.00€ 152.15€

Now And Sour - Karma Genetics

Karma Genetics presents here Now And Sour, a poly-hybrid with an intense and complex flavour. It offers a very generous resin production, ideal to elaborate all kind of cannabis concentrates. A variety now available in our regular cannabis seeds cata [...]

  • 12 seeds (Out of stock)80.50€

Nomad - Jinxproof Genetics

Alchimia is pleased to present Nomad by Jinxproof Genetics, a cross between a Japanese plant and the famous Purple Haze. This strain is very suitable for indoor growing. A variety now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue. Nomad, cannabi [...]

  • 6 seeds 55.00€

Break Up Cake - Kannabia

Alchimia is delighted to present Break-Up Cake by Kannabia Seed Company, a 70/30 Indica Sativa genetics very balanced and pleasant to cultivate. It is ideal for a first experience as it is a versatile variety that adapts very well to all situations. [...]

  • 1 seed 11.00€ 9.35€
  • 3 seeds29.00€ 24.65€
  • 5 seeds 38.00€ 32.30€
  • 10 seeds72.00€

Hazanana - T.H.Seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Hazanana, developed by TH Seeds specifically for the rapper Killah Priest. It is a hybrid with a delicious fruity taste, with an uplifting and positive effect perfect to enjoy during the day. A variety now available in ou [...]

  • 5+1 French Macaron70.00€

Moby Delicious - Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds is glad to present here Moby Delicious, a cross between the famous predominantly Sativa Moby Dick and one of its descendants, Royal Moby. This strain, with even higher quality, is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogu [...]

  • 12.00€ 10.20€
  • 3 seeds34.00€
  • 5 seeds 54.00€ 45.90€
  • 10 seeds86.00€ 73.10€

Moby Dick - Barneys Farm

Barney's Farm presents here Moby Dick, a well-known marijuana strain due to its numerous qualities both in terms of cultivation and taste. This variety is now available in our feminised seeds catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop. Moby Dick, super product [...]

  • 1 seed9.99€ 8.45€
  • 3 seeds + 1 Kush Mintz Fem27.00€ 22.95€
  • 5 seeds + 2 Kush Mintz Fem42.00€ 35.70€
  • 10 seeds + 3 Kush Mintz Fem80.00€ 68.00€

Royal CBG Auto - Royal Queen Seeds is pleased to present Royal CBG Auto by Royal Queen Seeds, a fast-flowering marijuana genetics, with a THC level below 1% and a high CBD and CBG concentration, ideal for therapeutic cannabis users. Royal CBG Auto, fast, compact and v [...]

  • 3 seeds34.50€ 27.60€
  • 5 seeds52.50€ 42.00€
  • 10 seeds95.00€ 76.00€

Amnesia Haze Auto - Barneys Farm

Alchimia is glad to present Amnesia Haze Auto by Barney's Farm, the automatic version of the legendary Amnesia Haze. It is a very vigorous genetics, offering high yields with lemony citric terpenes and earthy undertones. It is now available in our au [...]

  • 1 seed9.00€ 7.65€
  • 3 seeds + 1 LSD Auto25.00€ 21.25€
  • 5 seeds + 2 LSD Auto39.00€ 33.15€
  • 10 seeds + 3 LSD Auto75.00€ 63.75€

Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version - Sweet Seeds

Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version of the Seed Bank Sweet Seeds is one of the new fas F1 versions of one of the most grown cannabis plant of the whole world, the marijuana Skunk. This old school genetics is famous for be known as a powerful , productive an [...]

  • 3 seeds + 1 free seed 17.90€ 15.20€
  • 5 seeds + 2 free seed29.50€ 25.05€
  • 25 seeds100.00€ 85.00€

Eleven Roses Auto - Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seed presents here Eleven Rose Auto, this is the auto-flowering version of its best-selling variety since 2017. A high quality, productive and powerful plant with a very fast complete cycle. A variety now available in our auto-flowering can [...]

  • 1 seed 11.00€ 9.35€
  • 3 seeds30.00€ 25.50€
  • 5 seeds 46.00€ 39.10€
  • 10 seeds85.00€ 72.25€

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