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B-45 by Booba - Silent Seeds

Now available at Alchimia, feminised seeds of B-45, a collaboration between Silent Seeds and the great Booba, a renowned rapper on the French scene. The cannabis strain B-45 is a mix of great flavors: citrus, sweet, and OG. Astoundingly, in lab tests [...]

  • 3 seeds 39.00€ 33.10€
  • 5 seeds59.00€ 47.20€
  • 10 seeds 109.00€

Banana Dessert - R-Kiem Seeds

Alchimia is proud to exclusively present Banana Dessert by R-Kiem Seeds, a variety that has already been awarded three prizes in renowned cannabis cups, two of them in the extractions category. It is certainly a sign of what can be expected from its [...]

  • 5 seeds130.00€
  • 10 seeds240.00€

Somango Glue - Advanced Seeds

Alchimiaweb is pleased to present Somango Glue by Advanced Seeds, a feminised cannabis strain cross between GG #4 or Gorilla Glue and Somango, two very well-known varieties in Spain and worldwide. The result is a hybrid of marijuana with a euphoric e [...]

  • 1 Seed7.50€
  • 3 + 1 Seeds17.50€
  • 10 + 3 Seeds55.00€

Slow'n Sweet - Elev8 Seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Slow'n Sweet by Elev8 Seeds, a genetics that brings together all the characteristics that fruity strains lovers are always looking for. It offers a very powerful effect, a quality production with heavy, compact and extra [...]

  • 6 Seeds95.00€

Blue Moby Auto, Humboldt line - Seed Stockers

Alchimia is pleased to present here Blue Moby AutoFem version by Seed Stockers, a productive and easy to grow cannabis strain with a fruity aroma and a positive effect that uplifts the mood. An auto-flowering strain now available in our cannabis seed [...]

  • 3 seeds29.90€

Watermelon - Royal Queen Seeds

Alchimia is delighted to present Watermelon by Royal Queen Seeds, the perfect strain for cannabis lovers looking for pleasant and relaxing yet energising effects, with sweet and fruity flavours, ideal to cultivate in any garden, indoors or outdoors. [...]

  • 12.00€
  • 3 seeds29.00€
  • 5 seeds 44.00€
  • 10 seeds80.00€

Thunder Banana Auto, Humboldt line - Seed Stockers

Autoflowering version of the Thunder Banana cannabis strain from Seedstockers, a cannabis genetics characterized by its generous production, its delicious aroma of exotic fruits and its powerful, deeply relaxing effect. Now available at Alchimia! Thu [...]

  • 3 seeds29.90€

Panty Punch Auto, Humboldt line - Seed Stockers

Seed Stockers presents here its feminised Panty Punch in Autoflowering version, a hybrid that inherits the best US cannabis genetics with amazing results in terms of potency with a THC level of up to 30%. This variety is now available in our auto-flo [...]

  • 3 seeds39.90€

Blue Moby Regular, Humboldt line - Seed Stockers

Alchimia is happy to present Blue Moby by Seed Stockers, a cannabis strain with European and US parentals, with huge yields and large flowers. It offers a high THC concentration, with a very relaxing and contemplative effect. It is now available in o [...]

  • 10 seeds 99.90€

Bruce Banner Auto - Sweet Seeds is delighted to present Bruce Banner Auto by Sweet Seeds, a variety in AutoFem format that brings the potency and productivity of the original one, with the harvest ready in just 9 weeks. Bruce Banner Auto, elite clone Bruce Banner x [...]

  • 3 seeds + 1 free seed28.00€
  • 5 seeds + 2 free seeds47.00€
  • 25 seeds100.00€

Wedding Crasher - Royal Queen Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop is delighted to present Wedding Crasher by Royal Queen Seeds, 55/45 Sativa Indica feminised marijuana seeds with purple colours and a cheerful effect. Wedding Crasher, Wedding Cake x Purple Punch hybrid It is the encounter betwee [...]

  • 3 seeds32.50€
  • 5 seeds (Product sold out)49.50€
  • 10 seeds88.00€

Super Early Lemon - Philosopher Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop is happy to present Super Early Lemon by Philosopher Seeds, the early version of the feminised Super Lemon Haze. It is a cross between an Early Maroc male, a mythical variety from this seed bank, and on the other hand a Super Lemon [...]

  • 5 seeds (Product sold out)43.00€

Panty Punch Regular, Humboldt line - Seed Stockers

Panty Punch is a variety of fruity terpene profile that contains in its DNA genes from plants such as Pink Panties (from the creators of Girl Scout Cookies) and Purple Punch, a plant that produces a large amount of resin reaching 30% THC. The Panty P [...]

  • 10 seeds 124.90€

Back to Cookies - Cannarado Genetics

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Back to Cookies by Cannarado Genetics, a feminised Indica Sativa hybrid with a relaxing effect and a sweet fuel and exotic pastry aroma. Back to Cookies by Cannarado Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut x Birthday Cake [...]

  • 6 seeds80.00€

Blueprint S1 - Purple City Genetics

Alchimia Grow Shop is pleased to present Blueprint S1 by Purple City Genetics, a feminised cross of Runtz x F1 Durb x Gushers that stands out for its enormous resin production and extreme potency. Now available in our online cannabis seed catalogue. [...]

  • 3 seeds37.00€

Royal Skywalker - Royal Queen Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Royal Skywalker by Royal Queen Seeds, a feminized variety with flavors of blueberries, citrus fruits and pepper, with a highly relaxing effect. Royal Skywalker, the crossing of two cannabis legends Descended from two well- [...]

  • 1 seed13.50€
  • 3 seeds32.50€
  • 5 seeds49.50€
  • 10 seeds90.00€

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