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Continuing the tradition of improving on our best work, Sensi Seeds is delighted to present Jack Flash - an all-female version of a Jack Herer's direct descendant!

To create Jack Flash, Herer's sublime gene-pool was refined, reinforcing the desired traits through back-crossing. Over multiple generations, our favourite Herer motherplant was crossed with a precise blend of Super Skunk and Haze, undergoing rigorous selection and testing at every stage.

By slightly altering this program and adding a unique father plant to the mix in the final stage, we have been able to produce Jack Flash - a reliable, consistent, feminised version of our spectacular regular Jack Flash. It has the bulk and vigour of her Afghani-Skunk ancestors without sacrificing any of Herer's sumptuous Haze high. Isolating this particular balance of traits, the four common phenotypes of Jack Herer are reduced to two recurring forms in Jack Flash, representing the contrasting sides of its heritage.

The Indica form is compact enough for SOG , with rapid and highly distinctive bud development. Calyxes swell to outrageous sizes, piling atop each other forming resin-saturated foxtails which build into multi-point terminal buds.

The Sativa-dominant Jack Flash is a truly world-class example of cannabis. Growers with space for medium-to-large plants will be astounded by this phenotype - its flavour, yield and mind-body potency are virtually unparalleled. Significant height gain during flowering, paired with the ability to completely fill out with solid, skunk-Haze buds; best results are seen in the Sativa Jack Flash pheno when allowed to finish flowering at 1mt or taller.

While most members of the Sensi family rate Northern Lights#5 x Haze or Jack Herer as their all-time favourite ganja, Jack Flash is another serious contender for the title and is steadily gaining ground on the two world champion Sativas.

Genetics honored for its medicinal properties, supporting its effectiveness in the study - BESFES cannabis cup presented at Growmed.

Jack Flash # 5 from Sensi Seeds features:

  • Sex: Feminized.
  • Performance: High.
  • Flowering period: 55-75 days.
  • Indica Sativa: 35% Indica - 65% Sativa

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Benjamin 07-05-2024 Has bought this article Zweimal mit grooooßem Zeitabstand versucht und beide Male tote Saat bekommen. Aus der Ersatzlieferung hat sich exakt ein komischer Krüppel entwickelt, die vier übrigen Samen blieben leider tot. Zum Krüppel: Jede Menge Keimblätter. Sowas hab ich in 20 Jahren Gärtnerei noch nicht gesehen. Schade, dass Alchimia bezüglich der frische einer Charge keinerlei Auskunft geben will. So habe ich zweimal hintereinander absoluten Abfall bekommen. Bei dem Stückpreis eine Sauerei sondergleichen. Warum schickt man die überlagerte Kacke nicht zum Breeder zurück? Das war das erste und zweite mal, dass mich dieser strain im Stich lässt...oder... Die Seeds der zweiten Lieferung waren mindestens genauso alt wie die aus der Erstbestellung, was sich dadurch bemerkbar gemacht hat, dass der Kleber des Blisters sich bereits aufgelöst hatte. Eigentlich echt lächerlich sowas. In Zukunft dann wohl nur noch Bulkware bestellen. Schlechter als das hier wird es nicht mehr. Auf keinen Fall bestellen!!! Vielen Dank für gar nichts


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