Malawi x Panama

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Alchimia presents Malawi x Panama from ACE Seeds, a 100% Sativa F1 cannabis hybrid created using two of the best landrace Sativa lines from this reputed seed bank. Available in our regular seed catalogue at Alchimiaweb.

Malawi x Panama, 100% Sativa F1 hybrid

This hybrid combines the Malawi landrace variety, which dominates in this cross, with the Panama strain which brings an appreciable lemony touch in the final bouquet.

With 100% Sativa genetics, Malawi x Panama grows vigorously and produces well branched plants, with reduced stretching for a pure Sativa line.

In order to obtain the best results, ACE Seeds advises to use a high light intensity in indoor cannabis cultivation, and to switch the plants to flowering after 15 days of growth for plants from seeds, and 7 days for cuttings.

Outdoors, plants will flourish in tropical and subtropical areas with hot climates, where they can fully express herself, but will also do very well in coastal temperate areas up to 43º latitude due to its high resistance.

Indoors, Malawi x Panama will flower for 11 to 12 weeks, and can be harvested between late October and early November when grown outdoors.

Malawi x Panama - Resin-coated colas with Sativa power

The harvest of Malawi x Panama is composed of large, dense and fleshy flowers, covered with a large quantity of very large trichomes: it will delight lovers of resin extractions.

The terpene profile of Malawi x Panama is dominated by alpha-pinene (30%) and terpinolene (30%), accompanied by beta-pinene (17%), limonene (10%) and beta-myrcene (8%), as well as traces of trans-ocimene and delta-3-carene. As for the sesquiterpenes we will find beta-caryophyllene (30%) with notes of guaiol, trans-nerolidol and alpha-humulene (12-15%).

This combination of terpenes gives a spicy, woody and fuel aroma inherited from the Malawi lineage, softened with a touch of lemon and incense so typical of Panama.

Rich in cannabinoids, including 21-26% THC and 1.1% CBG, Malawi x Panama produces a very intense and long-lasting high, trippy, mental and introverted.

Ace Seeds Malawi x Panama info:

  • Regular cannabis seeds
  • 100% Sativa
  • Genetics: Old Malawi Killer x Panama
  • Indoor flowering: 11-12 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: late October - early November
  • Yield: high
  • THC: 21 - 26%
  • CBD: 0.2%
  • CBG: 1.1%

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