Banana Kush Cake - Sensi Seeds

Alchimia is happy to present here Banana Kush Cake, developed as part of Sensi Seeds Research 2021 project. A productive feminised marijuana strain, easy to grow and with a strong banana aroma. Now available in our seeds catalogue. Banana Kush Cake, [...]

  • 1 seed9.24€ 7.85€
  • 3 seeds23.00€ 19.55€
  • 5 seeds37.00€ 31.45€
  • 10 seeds72.00€ 61.20€

Super Skunk - Sensi Seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Super Skunk by Sensi Seeds, a legendary Indica dominant hybrid that offers high quality characteristics both in terms of cultivation and final product. Now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue. It is the en [...]

  • 1 seed 7.50€ 6.35€
  • 3 seeds21.00€ 17.85€
  • 5 seeds32.00€ 27.20€
  • 10 seeds61.00€ 51.85€
  • 25 seeds133.00€ 113.05€

Early Skunk Feminized - Sensi Seeds - Sensi Seeds

Due to its excellent results and reliable performance, Early Skunk could be said to be the best all-terrain strain from the Outdoor collection of Sensi Seeds. It is now available as a feminised strain, so that growers no longer have to remove males a [...]

  • 3 seeds22.00€ 18.70€
  • 5 seeds35.00€ 29.75€
  • 10 seeds66.00€ 56.10€
  • 25 seeds145.00€ 123.25€

Big Bud - Sensi Seeds - Sensi Seeds

Big Bud has always been famous as a marijuana strain with staggering yields. Her superior Indica pedigree was carefully refined and steadily improved over many years and has now been perfected for release as an all-female seed strain! The first clon [...]

  • 3 seeds35.00€ 29.75€
  • 5 seeds56.00€ 47.60€
  • 10 seeds108.00€ 91.80€
  • 25 seeds235.00€ 199.75€

Skunk #1 - Sensi Seeds - Sensi Seeds

Alchimia is delighted to present Skunk #1 by Sensi Seeds, a strain that has amazed cannabis lovers for more than a quarter of a century and changed cannabis culture thanks to its high quality. Now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue. [...]

  • 1 seed 6.00€ 5.10€
  • 3 seeds18.00€ 15.30€
  • 5 seeds28.00€ 23.80€
  • 10 seeds49.00€ 41.65€
  • 25 seeds (Out of stock)108.00€ 91.80€

Super Skunk Auto - Sensi Seeds

The Super Skunk strain appears in the wake of the super variety of marijuana Skunk # 1 , but giving it a new twist to this strain's characteristics. This was achieved recrossing the said Skunk # 1 with a highly resinous Afghan strain with great aroma [...]

  • 3 seeds22.00€ 18.70€
  • 5 seeds35.00€ 29.75€
  • 10 seeds66.00€ 56.10€

Jack Herer - Sensi Seeds

Jack herer from Sensi Seeds seedbank is one of its most emblematic strains. This multiple hybrid is the outcome of long years of selective improvements combining 3 of the strongest strains ever known. Many growers are trying to put pressure on Sensi [...]

  • 10 seeds163.00€ 138.55€

Sensi Skunk Fem - Sensi Seeds

Alchimia welcomes the feminized version of the Sensi Skunk variety , an old school skunk hybrid created by Sensi Seeds Bank to offer a Skunk line with sweet citric flavour, easy to grow and with a fast flowering. Sensi Skunk had been launch on the m [...]

  • 3 seeds15.00€ 12.75€
  • 5 seeds23.00€ 19.55€
  • 10 seeds43.00€ 36.55€
  • 25 seeds93.00€ 79.05€

Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant - Sensi Seeds

Already available in Alchimiaweb, the mythical Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant strain was created to honour Howard Marks for his work on cannabis activism and genetic breeding. This portentous 100% Indica variety comes from a legendary cannabis strain, the [...]

  • 10 seeds157.00€ 133.45€

Durban - Sensi Seeds

Now you can purchase Durban cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds in Alchimia Growshop, a new version of the Durban Poison marijuana which has been acclimatized to temperate zones. This narcotic sativa has a sweet citrus flavor, and it's harvested in 50-70 [...]

  • 10 seeds61.00€ 51.85€

Early Skunk - Sensi Seeds

Early Skunk from Sensi Seeds is an excelent hybrid between Skunk #1 and Early Pearl. This strain is for outdoor Skunk growers that need plants with an earlier harvest time than the common Skunk lines. Early Skunk is ready to harvest about 2 weeks ea [...]

  • 10 seeds36.00€ 30.60€

Four Way - Sensi Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Indica polihybrid strain from Sensi Seeds, Four Way, created in the 80's as one of the first multihybrid projects of this seedbank. It offers generous productions of large buds, very easy to grow and with a delicious s [...]

  • 10 seeds57.00€

Early Girl - Sensi Seeds

Early Girl, from Sensi Seeds, is a mostly Indica hybrid, medium sized, a high yielder that ripens in 50-60 days. Robust and resistant, it will delight all lovers of relaxing plants. Already available in Alchimiaweb. Created to be the earliest outdoo [...]

  • 10 seeds61.00€

American Dream - Sensi Seeds

Already available in Alchimia Grow Shop, Sensi's American Dream is a marijuana strain which blooms in only 45-50 days, offering great bud productions, hard and hairy, with a relaxing and calming effect. This is a hybrid variety between Afghan - Skun [...]

  • 10 seeds75.00€

Hindu Kush Reg - Sensi Seeds

Already available in Alchimiaweb, this 100% Indica strain from Sensi Seeds, Hindu Kush, is named like the mountainous area where it has its origin, in the western part of the Himalayas. This region has been recognized throughout the history for the q [...]

  • 10 seeds36.00€ 30.60€

Shiva Skunk Reg. - Sensi Seeds

Shiva Skunk from Sensi Seeds is a mostly Indica hybrid created from two legends of the cannabis world: the Northern Lights#5 variety and Skunk#1. This cross offers easy to grow plants, with a quick flowering period of 45-55 days, large yields and the [...]

  • 10 seeds (Out of stock)73.00€ 62.05€

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