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This precious Afghani is descended from one of the finest hash-making plants ever brought from the Hindu Kush to the west. Marijuana strains generally known as hash plants are found everywhere in the countries that border these mountains, but very few have the pedigree of this Hash Plant, a living definition of the stocky, chunky, beautifully sticky Afghan genotype.

The direct ancestor of Hash Plant was developed in the northwestern United States and came to Holland as a few female cuttings carefully transported. After their arrival, these small, fragile Hash Plant clones found a safe home in the growing laboratories of the Sensi Seed Bank, where this particular strain quickly proved its worth, becoming an important genetic base for many other Sensi hybrids.

Over the years, many experimental crosses were made looking for a male to produce pollen adapted to the Hash Plant female and produce seeds worthy of the name. This male was found in another Afghani royal family, the Northern Lights line. A parent 50/50 HP x NL # 1 was crossed with the original Hash Plant mother, which gave us the 75% HP-25% NL hybrid. Of all our hybridization experiments, this crossing produced by far the stronger specimen, with which even experienced Dutch smokers have trouble finishing a single joint. The Hash Plant strain was born.

Hash Plant stays compact during its short flowering period. Its tight flower clusters, swollen with resin, develop a brittle surface when dry and emit a delicious Afghani aroma, with a hint of hashish. When smoked, the dominant flavor is spicy. The vaporisation of these layers of sparkling trichomes accelerates the fast buzz, happy and powerful, leaving you breathless.

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Opinions about Hashplant - Sensi Seeds and questions


shane nelson 05-06-2019 This so called hashplant is tall and smells like haze...You have ripped me off three times with your garbage seeds!! Make real hashplant seeds and stop ripping of the public.U used to be reliable so what HAPPENED???


Alchimia Grow Shop 05-06-2019

Hi Shane,

I guess your comment is actually addressed to Sensi Seeds. One of the most renowned Hashplant cuts here in Spain (selected from a pack of Sensi Seeds ) is actually tall, with large internodal spacing and a very intense Haze aroma...people just love it! The effect is 100% indica though.

What other strains from Sensi haven't meet your expectations?

Best! ;)

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