Introducing Cli-Mate Controllers

If we have a look at all the different pieces of equipment we need to set up an indoor cannabis grow, we can see that they fall into one of several categories according to the role they play in the grow tent: Illumination, ventilation, humidity control and heating are the main elements responsible for recreating as close as possible the natural cycles and ideal conditions for plant growth. The proper control and adjustment of these elements is crucial to achieving a great final result, with a healthy yield of the highest quality flowers.

Over time, various electronic devices designed to control the climate in cannabis grows have appeared on the market, these devices connect and coordinate all the elements required to recreate sunlight and climate, making it possible to program photoperiods, control air intake and extraction, and regulate temperature, humidity and pressure.

The air conditioning of a grow space must be optimised to create the ideal environment for the plants development.
The grow space climate must be optimised to create the ideal environment for plant development.

A climate controller can save the grower a great deal of work, in addition to optimising electricity consumption. The effectiveness of a climate controller relies upon the sensors used to control and record the variations in temperature, humidity or air circulation inside the interior culture room.

Among the climate controllers that you can find in, here we'd like to highlight those made by Cli-Mate. This brand has a wide range of timers and devices for indoor climate control, the company has extensive experience in the Dutch market and its products are now available across Europe. Maximum production quality and ease of operation make Cli-Mate products a benchmark in the sector.

Cli-Mate offers us a wide range of products geared towards the climate control of indoor cannabis cultivation, from basic thermostats for temperature control to complex controllers where we can centralise the adjustments of temperature, humidity, pressure, and the photoperiod of up to 4 x 600w spotlights.

Cli-Mate Fan Controller

Fan Controller is an easy to use air controller with thermostat, designed to maintain an optimum temperature in indoor grows. This electronic airflow controller is plugged into the mains supply and the extractor device is connected to it, then it's as simple as setting the temperature selector (left button) and setting the extraction power we feel necessary (right button).

Fan Controller
Fan Controller

Fan Controller has an external probe with a 5 meter cable that reads the temperature inside the grow space, activating and deactivating the extractor fan depending on the programmed temperature. We can connect extractors of up to 4 amps and the temperature range is from 10ºC to 40ºC.

Fan Controller features:

  • For extractors up to 4 AMP
  • Manual control of extractor power
  • Temperature control
  • External probe with 5 meter cable
  • Temperature range from 10ºC to 40ºC
  • Input phase of 220 / 240v- 50Hz

Smart Controller 6.5 AMP Cli-Mate

Smart Controller is a temperature controller with thermostat that acts to control the air flow. By activating the extraction system it evacuates the hot air, renewing the environment and lowering the temperature.

The installation of Smart Controller is very easy, just connect the controller to the socket of the electrical network and in turn connect the current cable from the extractor to the controller, set the temperature to which we want the air extraction to be connected (right button) ) and regulate the power of air extraction (left button).

Smart Controller
Smart Controller 6.5 AMP

This compact and simple programming device comes with a probe to be situated at canopy level, where the plant is closest to the lamp and the heat is most intense. Thanks to the configuration with 3ºC hysteresis, the extraction system won't be switching on and off constantly.

Smart Controller de Cli-Mate. Vídeo Tutorial

Features of Smart Controller 6.5 AMP:

  • Accepts extractors up to 6.5 AMP
  • Manual control of extractor power
  • Temperature control
  • External probe with 5 meter cable
  • Temperature range from 10ºC to 40ºC
  • Automatic configuration Hysteresis of 3ºC
  • Input phase of 220 / 240v- 50Hz

Twin Controller Humi by  Cli-Mate

Twin Controller Humi is a climate controller that regulates ventilation, temperature, pressure and humidity through the extraction and intake of air. This device allows you to configure the extraction and intake fans to different parameters and balance the climate of the grow space. By means of a dual temperature and humidity sensor Twin Controller regulates the indoor environment of the crop according to the parameters set by the grower.

Its installation and programming is simple, first of all connect the Twin Controller to the electricity supply, then plug in the two devices that move the air flow, intake fan (left side connection) and extractor (right side connection) . Then activate the devices with the two buttons that are on the upper front of the device, switching to the ON position, the OFF position is for disconnecting, and the 100% position is the maximum power extraction and extraction.

Once connected, the parameters for the indoor grow space are adjusted, starting with the temperature, which is adjusted with the regulator button at the center of the panel. The second parameter to be set will be the negative pressure, which is regulated together with the power regulator of the intake fan, first and second buttons of the four below. With the third button we regulate the humidity and finally, with the fourth button on the lower front part of the controller, we can regulate the power of the extractor fan.

Twin Controller Humi
Twin Controller Humi

The adjustments may vary, since they are subject to the environmental conditions that occur outdoors at different times. To prevent these settings from connecting and disconnecting the air extraction and extraction devices too often, the Twin Controller climate controller incorporates a programmed hysteresis of 2ºC for the temperature and 10% for the relative humidity of the air.

Cli-Mate's Twin Controller has a more economically priced sister product with the same characteristics, but without humidity control. Both devices adapt perfectly to any climate, efficiently managing the internal environment of cannabis grows. The two controllers have a mounting plate on the back for a fixed and secure installation on a wall.

Twin Controller de Cli-Mate. Vídeo Tutorial

Characteristics of Twin Controller Humi:</h3

  • Regulates air, temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Temperature range from 5ºC to 55ºC
  • Automatic configuration Hysteresis of 2ºC and 10% RH
  • Probe with double temperature and humidity sensor
  • Accept up to 4 AMP per plug
  • Power supply: 220 / 230V - 50Hz
  • Measures: 190 x 35 x 85 mm
  • Protection class: IP44
  • Support plate for wall mounting

Mini Grower Cli-Mate Controller

The Mini Grower Controller is an all-in-one climate controller, capable of controlling and regulating air flow, temperature, humidity, and photoperiod of up to 4 x 600w bulbs. The start-up of this controller in an indoor marijuana crop saves time and money for the cannabis grower. By controlling the, or the, lighting equipment, plus the apparatus that reproduces the climatic factors, frees the grower from obligations and many grow concerns.

This climate controller centralises the operation of the connected devices - light bulbs, intake, extractor, humidifier, dehumidifier and heating - regulating, connecting and disconnecting these devices according to the cultivation parameters that have been programmed. The purpose of this climate controller is to balance the internal climatic factors of the grow to recreate the ideal environment for the plants development, while optimising the energy consumption of our indoor cannabis grow.

Mini Grower Controller
Mini Grower Controller

However complex the device may seem, its programming is relatively simple, thanks to the arrangement of its connections, switches and buttons, it's very clear how to set the parameters for each element of the climate controller.

Grow lamps

The Mini Grower controller has 2 or 4 connections, depending on the model, for bulbs up to 600w. The lighting system is controlled through a precise timer switch with 15-minute sections, photoperiod program as demanded by the moment of development of the marijuana plants. The ignition switch of the grow lights has three positions: OFF (disconnection), ON (programmed connection) and 100% (continuous connection). The controller has a fuse to prevent damage to the lighting equipment in case of a power surge.

Air intake & extraction

The control of the air flow inside the culture cabinet is administered by means of the adjustment of the air intake and extractor fans, this programmed action helps to control the indoor temperature of the cannabis crop. The connection and programming is simple, just connect the intake and extractor fans to their two corresponding sockets, set the minimum and maximum fan power with the two power selectors, and Mini Grower will simultaneously control the two devices, increasing and decreasing power according to the desired temperature.

Apart from the air extraction controls, this climate controller has a manual hysteresis control regulator from 1ºC to 7ºC, thus optimising the use of air devices, avoiding connecting and disconnecting too frequently.

Humidity control

Humidity control is performed by connecting and disconnecting the humidifier and the dehumidifier, both devices use the same controller connection, with a switch to select one device or the other. Depending on the relative humidity (RH) inside the grow space and the parameters set by the grower, the Cli-Mate controller will connect or disconnect the appliance that we have selected, the humidifier to raise RH and dehumidifier to lower it, switching it off completely when it reaches the programmed moisture level.

Indoor heating

When the temperature falls below the level set with the temperature selector button, the radiator or heat source installed inside the grow room is activated automatically. When the desired temperature is reached, the Mini Grower Controller will disconnect the radiator.

Mini Grower de Cli-Mate. Vídeo Tutorial

Features of Cli-Mate Mini Grower Controller:

  • Controls airflow, temperature, humidity, and photoperiod of up to 4 600W spotlights
  • Switch connection 3 positions OFF (disconnection) ON (programmed connection) 100% (continuous connection)
  • Heating device connection Max. 3500W
  • 2 -4 connections for spotlights Max. 600W (3 AMP-7 AMP)
  • Switching differential (Hysteresis): 1ºC / ± 5% rH per stage
  • Probe with double temperature and humidity sensor
  • IP44 class protection
  • Measures 240 x 190 x 100 mm
  • Temperature range 5-55ºC
  • Humidity range 20-100% rH
  • Power supply 220 / 230V - 50H
  • Support plate for wall mounting

As you can see, you have plenty of options to choose from, whether you're an experienced grower or just a beginner. Keep in mind that carefully controlling the climate inside your grow is a crucial step in order to achieve best results when growing indoors, with healthy plants and abundant harvests of top grade buds.

Happy growing!

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Ian Robinson 2018-06-04
No replys on climate controllers??

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2018-06-04
Hi Ian, thanks for your question, apologies for the delay in replying, it's a really busy time of year in the shop right now and we don't get as much time as we'd like to check comments! If you have an urgent enquiry, the best thing is to email us at for a dedicated, direct reply. It sounds like the ideal controller for you would be the Cli-Mate Twin controller, it controls two fans via a thermostat, is 240V and will run two fans of up to 4 Amps each. It costs 125€ plus shipping. Alternatively we offer the Mini Controller, that does the same job as the Twin Controller, but can also control your lamps too. That's 199€ plus shipping for the 2x600W version. I hope that's answered your question, all the best and happy growing!


Ian Robinson 2018-06-02
Mini grower controller, hi guys im still waiting for some advice on the above, will it take 240volts Australia, and i will be running 2x600w digital ballasts, a 75watt can fan attached to carbon filter, and a 70watt inline fan..i need thermostat controlled unit, and most importantly PRICE thx in advance Ian Robinson


Ian Robinson 2018-06-01
Hi ill just wait for my question on controllers thx, hope you received it that is? About price and whether it fits Australian standards? Plz let me know if you didn't receive it, but the question left here no probs!! Its was about my setup and fans that need thermostat controlled units thx Ian


Ian Robinson 2018-06-01
Hi guys looking at buying a controller for can fan and inline fan, thermostat controlled! And 240volts for here in Australia, could you please show me your best suited device and price list of course! Im running a 6in can fan and 2x 600watt digital dail up lumatec ballasts when running on full 600sl (super lumens) the draw from the wall is as high as 750watts can fan 75watts hope you can help me, thx in advance Ian Robinson..

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