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Cookie OX

Cookie OX - Rare Dankness

Rare Dankness presents Cookie OX, a highly resinous cannabis variety created by crossing the famous Forum Cookies with the OX clone, giving a high-quality indica hybrid that will delight cookie-lovers, enriched with Bubba Kush notes. Available now as [...]

  • 12 seeds 88.00€
Sensi #49 Kush x Hindu Kush CBD

Sensi #49 Kush x Hindu Kush CBD - Sensi Seeds

Sensi #49 CBD by Sensi Seeds is a feminised Indica dominant plant with a high CBD level, a cross between two Indica varieties, Kush x Hindu Kush CBD. Sensi #49 CBD, a compact and well-branched development Sensi #49 CBD develops like an Indica [...]

  • 1 Seed 9.00€
  • 3 Seeds 22.50€
  • 5 Seeds 36.00€
  • 10 Seeds 68.00€
Cookies Kush

Cookies Kush - Barneys Farm

Barney's Farm presents Cookies Kush, a 100% Indica cannabis hybrid created by crossing the Girl Scout Cookies clone, resinous and with a powerful effect, with Rolex Kush, an OG Kush variety with very compact and tasty flowers. Get this genetics with [...]

  • 5 seeds 44.00€
  • 10 seeds 81.00€
  • 3 seeds 29.00€
Blue Kush 99 Auto

Blue Kush 99 Auto - Xtreme Seeds

Extreme Seeds present Blue Kush 99 Auto, an automatic feminised cannabis plant created by crossing two old school varieties, Pakistan Chitral Kush and Mazar Blue Cap. The result is a potent autoflowering cannabis strain, tasty, resinous and with a pr [...]

  • 1 seed 7.00€
  • 5 Seeds 25.50€30.00€
Cheesy Auto

Cheesy Auto - Philosopher Seeds

Cheesy Auto is part of a new line of autoflowering seeds from Philosopher Seeds, worked on over 7 generations and we define it as an old school automatic marijuana plant, ideal for lovers of old school cannabis genetics. This strain of automatic ma [...]

  • 3 seeds 14.70€21.00€
  • 5 seeds 22.75€32.50€
  • 25 seeds 87.50€125.00€
  • 1 seed 5.60€8.00€
Black Afghani by Underground Seed Collective

Black Afghani by Underground Seed Collective - Underground Seeds Collective

Black Afghani is a 100% Indica cannabis strain developed by Underground Seeds Collective from an ancient lineage harvested in Kandahar. Now available at Alchimiaweb in regular seed form. Starting from genetics sourced from the stock of a private see [...]

  • 10 seeds 22.50€ There is only 1 unit left
Cookies and Weed

Cookies and Weed - Paisa Grow Seeds

Cookies and Weed is an Indica coss developed by Paisa Grow Seeds between the famous GSC Thin Mint Cut and an OG Kush line. Now available in Alchimiaweb. The main goal of this cross was to improve the structure of the GSC while making it easier to gr [...]

  • 3 seeds 25.00€
Afghani #1 Fem

Afghani #1 Fem - Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is happy to present the feminised version of the legendary regular strain Afghani #1, a true cannabis classic appreciated for its fast and abundant flowering, as well as its first class organoleptic and psychoactive properties. Available [...]

  • 3 seeds 25.50€
  • 5 seeds 40.00€
  • 10 seeds 70.00€
Auto Kritical Red by Mr Hide Seeds

Auto Kritical Red by Mr Hide Seeds - Mr. Hide Seeds

Now available online at Alchimia Grow Shop, Auto Kritical Red by Mr Hide Seeds, an auto-flowering variety with striking reddish buds. Created with the combination of Critical Mass and Diesel, with the auto-flowering trait provided by Ruder [...]

  • 1 seed 7.00€
  • 5 seeds 27.50€
  • 25 seeds 85.00€
Dinamed Kush CBD Auto

Dinamed Kush CBD Auto - Dinafem Seeds

We are glad to present here at, Dinamed Kush CBD Auto by Dinafem Seeds, a variety that combines the best of CBD Rich and Kush. It is a cross between two high-quality selections, Purple Kush and Dinamed CBD Auto, obtaining a plant wit [...]

  • 1 seed 11.00€
  • 3 seeds 25.00€
  • 5 seeds 40.00€
  • 10 seeds 80.00€
Northern Lights

Northern Lights - 00 Seeds Bank

Northern Lights from 00 Seeds Bank is a feminised cannabis plant with a decidedly Indica character, a cornerstone of cannabis genetics, and plant that has brought joy to smokers and growers alike for more than 25 years, proving that quality and poten [...]

  • 5 seeds 19.50€ There is only 1 unit left
Peyote Cookies

Peyote Cookies - Barneys Farm

Peyote Cookies is a very early 95% Indica hybrid created by Barney's Farm which is already available in Alchimiaweb. Barney's Farm used their Cookies Kush and Peyote Purple, a strain famous for its abundant resin production. Thus, Peyote Cookies gro [...]

  • 3 seeds 31.00€
  • 5 seeds 47.00€
  • 10 seeds 69.60€87.00€
Purple Sunset by Dank Genetics

Purple Sunset by Dank Genetics - Dank Genetics

Purple Sunset is a feminised cannabis variety from Dank Genetics that's characterised by a sweet and fruity aroma and its dense, resinous and colourful flowers. Now available at Alchimia! Purple Sunset is a cross between Purple Punch and Sunset [...]

  • 7 seeds 78.00€
Cream Caramel Auto

Cream Caramel Auto - Sweet Seeds

Cream Caramel Auto from Sweet Seeds is the feminised autoflowering version of Cream Caramel. Quickly becoming renowned for it's mildly sweet, caramelised flavour and it's incredibly short flowering period, Cream Caramel Auto is a 3rd generation auto [...]

  • 3 seeds + 1 free seed 20.00€
  • 5 seeds + 2 free seeds 33.00€
  • 25 seeds 100.00€
Northern Lights CBD

Northern Lights CBD - Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds offers you the Cannabidiol enriched version of their cannabis strain Northern Lights, retaining its Indica character, its fast and generous flowering while producing 9% CBD and 10% THC. Northern Lights CBD, resulting from the cross bet [...]

  • 5 seeds 21.00€35.00€