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Alacabenzi magic mushroom kit - Tatandi

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Alchimia presents Alacabenzi Mushroom Grow Cake Kit by Tatandi, with a capacity of 1200ml, based on sterilised substrate inoculated with high quality fresh mycelium.

Alacabenzi magic mushroom cake is very easy to set up and contains all the necessary elements required for this purpose.

Substrate inoculated with Alacabenzi spores

Alacabenzi strain is very suitable for those who want to get started in mycology, as it has a fast fructification and a good resistance to contamination thanks to its rhizomorphic mycelium. In contrast to many other strains, it produces effects that are quite easy to control.

Alacabenzi magic mushroom kit, Alabama x Cubensis Mexicana

Everything points to the fact that Alacabenzi is a hybrid strain created by an amateur, a cross between Alabama and Cubensis Mexicana. Alabama is very popular for its strength and size, and the Mexican strains are well known for their particularly special effect. The result is Alacabenzi, which offers the best of both parentals, with high quality effects and cap mushrooms that can reach large size in a very short time.

Alacabenzi magic mushrooms, relaxing and controllable effect

Alacabenzi consumed in low doses produces relaxing effects at body and mental level, with a certain introspection. Colours can be intensified, and slight deformations of objects can occur. It is a mushroom that usually induces a quite controllable effect in low doses, but in high doses it can produce strong effects difficult to control.

Alacabenzi mushroom cake, up to 4 harvests of mushrooms

The use of a small, heated greenhouse or heating blanket is ideal for optimal results. Also, it is recommended the use of a thermo-hygrometer to control a constant temperature and humidity. A suitable temperature is 22-24ºC while the humidity should be 60-80%. Good hygiene during the manipulation is an important factor in order to obtain several flushes easily. The first harvest is ready in about 15-20 days, and this cake can offer up to 4 harvests. It offers a total yield of up to 800g of fresh mushrooms (80g dry).

Tatandi Alacabenzi Mushroom Grow Cake Kit info:

  • Alacabenzi cultivation kit
  • 1200ml of fully colonised substrate
  • Fresh, quality mycelium
  • Up to 4 harvests under optimal conditions
  • First harvest in about 15-20 days

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