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Eleven Roses by Delicious Seeds - Delicious Seeds

Eleven Roses is a new strain created by Delicious Seeds by enhancing their famous variety Sugar Black Rose, giving fast-flowering and high yielding plants with a sweet kush scent. Now available as feminised cannabis seeds online at AlchimiaWeb! Elev [...]

  • 3 seeds34.00€ 28.90€
  • 5 seeds54.00€ 48.60€
  • 10 seeds96.00€ 81.60€
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Extreme Impact - Heavyweight Seeds

Heavy Weight Seeds presents here Extreme Impact, an auto-flowering variety in its AutoFem fast genetic line. It is easy to cultivate and offers an intense, long-lasting Indica effect. This variety is now available in our Auto feminised cannabis seeds [...]

  • 3 seeds26.50€ 22.53€
  • 5 seeds39.00€ 35.10€
  • 10 seeds71.50€ 60.78€

Early Maroc - Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds present Early Maroc, sourced from early-flowering, 100% Sativa Moroccan landrace hash-producing genetics, these seeds give extremely fast results and are recommended exclusively for outdoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation. Early [...]

  • 1 seed (Product sold out)8.00€ 5.60€
  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)21.00€ 14.70€
  • 5 seeds (Product sold out)32.50€ 22.75€
  • 25 seeds (Product sold out)125.00€ 87.50€

Asian Persuasion - SubCool's The Dank (Formerly TGA Seeds)

Subcool The Dank Asian Persuasion is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a clean high effect and a red fruits and lime aroma. This variety is now available in our regular cannabis seed catalogue at AchimiaWeb! The encounter between Lemon Thaï and Goji OG [...]

  • 5 seeds (Product sold out)55.00€ 49.50€
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Auto Kritical Red by Mr Hide Seeds - Mr. Hide Seeds

Now available online at Alchimia Grow Shop, Auto Kritical Red by Mr Hide Seeds, an auto-flowering variety with striking reddish buds. Created with the combination of Critical Mass and Diesel, with the auto-flowering trait provided by Ruder [...]

  • 1 seed7.00€ 6.30€
  • 5 seeds27.50€ 23.38€
  • 25 seeds85.00€ 72.25€

Auto Malawi x Northern Lights - Ace Seeds is glad to present Auto Malawi x Northern Lights by Ace Seeds, a vigorous, strong and easy to cultivate variety that offers exotic and fruity flavours. It is the first auto-flowering variety developed by Ace Seeds, a cross between Ol [...]

  • 3 seeds26.00€ 23.40€
  • 5 seeds40.00€ 36.00€
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Mexican Sativa Fem by Sensi Seeds - Sensi Seeds

Alchimia presents the feminised version of the Sensi Seeds variety, Regular Mexican Sativa , a sativa-dominant plant well-suited to indoor cultivation, and also a great performer outdoors, adapting well to diverse conditions. Mexican Sativa origina [...]

  • 3 seeds16.50€ 14.03€
  • 5 seeds25.00€ 20.00€
  • 10 seeds42.50€ 34.00€
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Big Bull (Kannabia Special) - Kannabia - Kannabia

Big Bull (Kannabia Special) is one of the most popular strains from Kannabia. This is the Early Skunk marijuana, which is one of the best strains for outdoor growing, crossed with the Kannabia K male. Outdoors, it will exhibit its great vigour in gro [...]

  • 1 seed8.50€ 7.65€
  • 3 seeds21.00€ 17.85€
  • 5 seeds29.00€ 26.10€

Cum Laude - Positronics Seeds

Cum Laude is a cannabis strain with which the Positronics seed bank wanted to pay tribute to Professor Antonio Escohotado for his activism and for having devoted much of his life to the regularisation and normalisation of cannabis. Cum Laude is a cr [...]

  • 1 seed11.00€ 9.35€
  • 3 seeds33.00€ 28.05€
  • 5 seeds50.00€ 42.50€
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Eli by R-Kiem Seeds - R-Kiem Seeds

Now available as feminised seeds at Alchimiaweb online grow shop, Eli by R-Kiem Seeds is an exciting new hybrid crossing a Ghana landrace with an elite clone of Brothers Grimm's Rosetta Stone. By combining this interesting landrace variety from Sawl [...]

  • 3 seeds16.50€ 14.03€
  • 5 seeds23.00€ 20.70€
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Durban Fem by Sensi Seeds - Sensi Seeds

At long last Sensi Seeds' famous Sativa regular strain Durban is finally available as feminised seeds and can be found now at Alchimiaweb. Originally from South Africa, Durban is characterised for it's high resistance, it's generous production, it's [...]

  • 3 seeds27.50€ 23.38€
  • 5 seeds45.00€ 36.00€
  • 10 seeds80.00€ 64.00€
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Peyote Cookies - Barneys Farm

Peyote Cookies is a very early 95% Indica hybrid created by Barney's Farm which is already available in Alchimiaweb. Barney's Farm used their Cookies Kush and Peyote Purple, a strain famous for its abundant resin production. Thus, Peyote Cookies gro [...]

  • 1 Seed11.00€ 9.90€
  • 3 seeds31.00€ 26.35€
  • 5 seeds47.00€ 39.95€
  • 10 seeds87.00€ 73.95€
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Unknown Kush Early Version - Delicious Seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Unknown Kush early version by Delicious Seeds. It is a variety with a flowering of 45 days cultivated indoors, and an early harvest at the beginning of September when cultivated outdoors. This early version is a cross bet [...]

  • 3 seeds13.00€ 10.40€
  • 5 seeds21.00€ 16.80€
  • 10 seeds84.00€ 71.40€
  • 25 seeds140.00€ 112.00€
  • 100 seeds480.00€ 432.00€

Llimonet Haze CBD - Elite Seeds

Llimonet Haze CBD is a cannabis strain developed by Elite Seeds with the aim of creating a medical variety which keeps the best traits of Llimonet Haze. Already available in Alchimiaweb. This hybrid between the original Llimonet Haze and a CBD-rich [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€ 17.85€

Green Haze by ACE Seeds - Ace Seeds

Now available online in the Alchimia Grow Shop catalogue, regular seeds of Green Haze from ACE Seeds, a 100% Sativa heirloom variety, with an extremely energetic, euphoric and psychedelic effect. This is a version of ACE's mythical Oldtimer’s [...]

  • 10 seeds25.00€ 22.50€

Purple #1 - Dutch Passion

The Purple # 1 is a classic marijuana genetics, that suits to the modern times with its feminized version. It has its origin in a pure Afghani Indica plant of purple colors, which was mixed with good strains, both sativa and indica to strengthen its [...]

  • 3 seeds24.95€ 21.21€
  • 5 seeds37.95€ 32.26€
  • 10 seeds59.95€ 50.96€

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