How to make your own cannabis lubricant

Both science and decades of anecdotal evidence affirm that cannabis and sex complement each other and that cannabinoids stimulate our endocannabinoid system, which contributes to the regulation of sexual function. Weed's relaxing properties may promote disinhibition and the flow of emotions, while the hedonic experience of cannabis facilitates increased awareness and physical pleasure in contact with the other person. Some studies have also found a link between cannabis and increased sexual appetite, especially in women, who have linked its use to longer and better quality orgasms.

But if weed can improve sex, taking it to a new level, with lubricant products based on THC or CBD, sexual intercourse can be even more pleasurable because cannabis lubricant also provides relief for people who experience pain during sex. About a third of women suffer from it, and so far the options for dealing with it have been limited to anaesthetic creams, dilators and other questionable synthetic chemicals, which are less than ideal when applied to highly absorbent vaginal tissue. Cannabis lubricants work in the same way as conventional lubricants but with the notable difference of increased sensations thanks to cannabinoids.

Benefits of cannabis lubricants

Cannabis lubricants have a wide range of advantages to offer to all those who like to bring weed into the bedroom, for example:

  • More intense orgasms: If you think you've had explosive orgasms before, you'll be happy to know that they can be further improved. The mucous membranes present in a woman's genitals (and there are many) absorb the THC in the oil, which acts locally on the cannabinoid receptors present there. This causes the capillaries to dilate and increases blood flow to the area. Increased circulation magnifies sensitivity and sensation.
  • Improves vaginal dryness: This is arguably the main benefit of using any type of lubricant, as it prevents the stinging and itching caused by a lack of moisture in the mucous membranes, making the experience more pleasurable. Movement is easier, and because there is less friction, there is less pain.
  • Extra time for foreplay: Cannabis-based lubricants do not take effect immediately. It takes at least 15 minutes, depending on your body's reaction, and for some, it can take up to an hour. This gives users and their partners more time for the foreplay they have in mind.

With virtually no side effects, cannabis lubricant is revolutionising women's ability to feel comfortable and empowered by their bodies in their most intimate and vulnerable moments.

Disadvantages of cannabis lubricants

Although there aren't many, we should also show the disadvantages of this type of lubricant. Female genitals have thin membranes, so it is possible that THC can enter the bloodstream when used in this way. In this case, CBD is a safer option for anyone wishing to avoid THC. Thus, unlike typical topicals that are applied to the skin, be aware that using a lubricant containing THC could result in a positive drug test.

Also remember that condoms or contraceptive diaphragms (in fact, all latex products) can be punctured or degraded by oil-based lubricants (water- and silicone-based lubricants do not degrade latex products).

Cannabis oil with CBD or THC is perfect for mixing with other types of natural oils to make an outstanding lubricant.
Cannabis oil with CBD or THC is perfect for mixing with other types of natural oils to make an outstanding lubricant.

There are a few other things to keep in mind when using cannabis lubricants:

  • It won't get you high: not in the typical sense of the word. It's not like a body or cerebral effect that comes from smoking joints or eating edibles. But many people who have tried cannabis lubricant report that it creates a deep, localised pleasure in the intimate parts of the body.
  • It can be stronger or milder. Sensual cannabis oils can vary in their potency depending on the strain of cannabis used to make them.
  • It's mainly for her. Women benefit more from cannabis lubricant. It doesn't work well as an intimacy aid for men because the male genitals do not absorb THC in the same way as the female parts do, as the penis lacks the absorbent mucous membranes of the vagina.
  • But he can enjoy it too. For men, enjoying cannabis lube comes from knowing that your partner is having a blast. Add to that the very real possibility that you may feel a slight high if you decide to engage in certain oral activities (think edibles), so cannabis lube is beneficial for both parties.

How to make your own cannabis-based lubricant

Cannabis lubricant is easy to make at home. With the following recipe, you can have lubricant available whenever the occasion calls for it.

Ingredients needed:

  • Coconut oil (200 ml)
  • Cannabis flowers finely ground and free of pesticides, mould, etc. (10 grams)
  • Sunflower lecithin liquid (2 tablespoons)

Please note that the above measurements are for a small pot of lubricant, so you'll have to increase the quantities proportionally for larger amounts. The potency is approximately 6mg THC per 1ml of oil, for cannabis that has around 10-15% THC. Potency can vary significantly depending on the potency of the buds you choose and the amount you use.

Equipment & materials needed

  • Plastic jar
  • Grinder
  • Sieve
  • Cheesecloth/muslin
  • Small oil spray bottle
  • Slow cooker
  • Funnel

Preparation using non-decarboxylated cannabis

This is possibly the easiest way to make your own lubricant. Mix all the ingredients in the pot. With a spoon, stir thoroughly until the ground cannabis, coconut oil, and sunflower lecithin come together completely. As this happens, the cannabinoids, including the THC and CBD in the herb, will dissolve in the oil and diffuse throughout the mixture.

Once you have finished mixing everything together, turn the heat to a low setting. It should not be too hot. Leave the mixture on the heat for about four hours. You don't have to sit and watch it; however, you should stir it well every now and again.

It's important not to overheat the mixture
It's important not to overheat the mixture

Turn off the heat after the four hours have passed. Let the mixture cool down. As soon as it's cool enough, use the funnel and sieve to filter out the larger particles. You can then use a fine gauze to filter out the smaller residues.

You now have your cannabis lube. You can divide it into smaller bottles for storage. Make sure the mixture is completely cool before use (ahem) or keep the bottles in a cool, dry place for storage.

Preparation using decarboxylated cannabis

The recipe can also be made by decarboxylating the weed beforehand. Decarboxylation by heating activates the cannabinoids (i.e. THCA is converted into delta 9 THC). To do this, spread the ground cannabis evenly across a baking tray and place it in a preheated oven at 105-120°C for 30 minutes, on the middle rack.

Once the cannabis is decarboxylated, place it in a glass jar along with the rest of the ingredients, and shake it vigorously. Place the closed jar in the slow cooker filled with water, so that it is completely submerged. Heat the water without bringing it to the boil and, after 2 hours, remove the jar from the water and place it on a cloth to cool. Filter and store.

Preparation using ready-made cannabis oil

Lubricant recipes can also be created using pre-made or purchased cannabis oil with a blend of other natural ingredients that have moisturising, protective or nourishing properties. For example, castor oil helps thicken the product, but also has soothing properties; and pomegranate seed oil has a specific fatty acid called punicic acid that scavenges free radicals and promotes tissue healing and repair.

William Johnson, a formulation chemist at Bardo Labs, a boutique extractions lab in upstate New York, has created a CBD lubricant formula with a blend of these other natural ingredients. Here is its composition to give you an idea of its possibilities:

  • Sunflower oil: 61%
  • Castor oil: 15%
  • Coconut oil: 10%
  • Shea butter: 5%
  • Sweet almond oil: 5%
  • Vitamin E: 1,5%
  • CBD oil: 1,5%
  • Pomegranate seed oil: 1,5%

"In this recipe," says Johnson, "all you need to do is heat the combination of ingredients to 70 degrees Celsius, stirring until smooth. Then remove from the heat and pour into the container of your choice.

Combining CBD with the properties of other natural oils can give spectacular results.
Combining CBD with the properties of other natural oils can give spectacular results.

Where to buy cannabis lubricants

But if you aren't at home in the kitchen, or just want to save yourself the trouble of making it yourself, you can also buy cannabis lubricants ready-made. There are several brands on the market and we have some examples on our website that are sure to help you. For example:

Naturel Desir CBD pleasure gel. This is a lubricant gel with cannabidiol, containing cocoa, cardamom, vanilla, coconut, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, capsicum, maca and hemp seed oil, as well as 0.2% CBD. The freshness of the peppermint acts as a mild stimulant to the nervous system as well as the genital organs, while the vanilla and cinnamon relax and stimulate with their delicious fragrance.

Oh! Holy Mary Lubricating Gel 100 ml. This gel is made with hemp seed oil, which offers high moisturising power thanks to its concentration of essential fatty acids. It also contains glycerin, limonene and linalool, which give it a refreshing and very pleasant citrus and floral scent.

And remember that cannabis lubricants can also be used for massages. In addition to its libido stimulating benefits, it is a very effective massage oil. Although it will not absorb into other parts of the body as easily as through the vagina, it can easily act as a soothing agent for sore muscles (and menstrual cramps!). After application, it takes about 20 minutes to fully absorb and work its magic. So take plenty of time with foreplay before you take it up a notch and experience twice the pleasure from the benefits of cannabis lubricants.

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