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Great White Shark - Green House seeds

Great White Shark is a mostly Indica variety developed by Green House Seeds and available in Alchimiaweb's catalogue of feminised seeds. This Super Skunk x White Widow hybrid combines the best traits of both strains: early flowering and abundant har [...]

  • 3 seeds19.00€ 16.10€
  • 5 seeds29.00€ 24.60€
  • 10 seeds55.00€ 46.70€

Nepal Jam - Cannabiogen

This strain of regular marijuana is the result of the intersection of two very special sativas, the Nepal Highland and the Jamaica 85, giving as a result a plant with the right combination of both. We are talking about a vigorous hybrid strain, easy [...]

  • 5 seeds18.00€ 14.35€
  • 10 seeds35.00€
UP TO 20%

Critical HOG - T.H.Seeds

Critical Hog from TH Seeds is a hybrid cannabis plant developed by crossing Critical x The Hog. It is a feminized, powerful, productive, fragrant and tasty cannabis plant. On the one hand, we find The HOG marijuana strain from Tenessie (USA) winner [...]

  • 2 seeds15.00€ 12.00€
  • 5+1 seeds (Product sold out)30.00€ 25.45€
  • 10 seeds 50.00€ 40.00€

Colombian Fruit - Paisa Grow Seeds

Colombian Fruit from Paisa Grow Seeds arrives Alchimiaweb to please all Sativa lovers. This 80% Sativa - 20% Indica hybrid stands out for its potent euphoric effect and sweet and Haze taste. The male parent used for this cross is a renowned Dutch Ha [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€ 16.75€

Rocklock - Grow Your Own

Rocklock from Grow Your Own seedbank is a hybrid of the two indica Warlock and Rockstar varieties, resulting in a marijuana plant containing 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genetics. Rocklock takes the form of a shrub, and grows large, broad dark green le [...]

  • 3 seeds25.00€ 22.50€
  • 6 seeds40.00€ 36.00€

Fruit Spirit - Royal Queen Seeds

This marijuana strain from the Royal Queen Seeds bank, stands out for being the strain with a more red fruit flavor. This trait really makes it shine like candy at the door of a school, being a forced choice for gourmands smokers. This cannabis plan [...]

  • 3 seeds20.00€ 16.00€
  • 5 seeds30.00€
  • 10 seeds55.00€

Karibbean Mango / Karibeña - Kannabia

Karibbean Mango / Karibeña from the seedbank Kannabi is a new cannabis strain created by this Spanish bank, a crossing between Mango Skunk and the relentless marijuana Black Domina. The result obtained after the crossing is a high quality cannabis [...]

  • 1 seed8.50€
  • 3 seeds21.00€ 15.70€
  • 5 seeds29.00€

Zimlicious - Seeds of Africa

Now available as regular seeds in the Alchimia Grow Shop catalogue: Zimlicious, 100% Sativa landrace genetics from Seeds of Africa, characterised by its powerful euphoric effect. It can be grown successfully both outdoors and in an indoor grow room. [...]

  • 12 seeds44.00€ 37.35€
UP TO 20%

Sensi Star - Paradise Seeds

The experts speak of it as one of the world's best marijuana varieties. Winner of numerous awards in the mainly Indica category. Sensi Star Marijuana is easily grown employing Sea of Green greenhouse techniques, as well as growing well under hydropon [...]

  • 3 seeds38.00€ 30.35€
  • 5 seeds60.00€ 51.00€

Purple Haze - G13 Labs - G13 Labs

Alchimia welcomes the Purple Haze from G13 Labs, a potent mostly Sativa hybrid with intense psychoactive effect. This strain has been developed by crossing an Afghani variety with Haze, thus creating a productive and vigorous hybrid with reddish and [...]

  • 5 seeds38.00€ 32.25€

Ice Cream - Paradise Seeds

ICE CREAM, with its large dark green leaves, is recognised for its productivity as well as its rapid growth and vitality. Other characteristics of ICE CREAM are the large white and frosty buds it forms, giving a smooth smoke with a slight taste of v [...]

  • 3 seeds32.00€ 25.60€
  • 5 seeds50.00€
UP TO 20%

Sweet Cheese Auto by Sweet Seeds - Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds bring you Sweet Cheese Auto, the autoflowering version of their excellent heavy-yielding, hard-hitting hybrid Sweet Cheese, a cross of two highly potent strains: Cheese and Black Jack. To develop this 3rd generation automatic strain, the [...]

  • 3 seeds + 1 free seed 14.90€ 11.90€
  • 5 seeds + 2 free seeds24.50€ 20.80€
  • 25 seeds100.00€

OG13 - G13 Labs

G13 Labs brings to Alchimiaweb the OG13 cannabis strain, a very easy to grow hybrid that produces dense, fruity and resinous buds. This hybrid combines genetics from Thailand and Pakistan, also from a splendid Diesel line. Its growth is moderated, t [...]

  • 5 seeds38.00€ 33.60€

Guava Berry Kush / Guayita - Philosopher Seeds - Philosopher Seeds

Guava Berry Kush / Guayita, from Philosopher Seeds, is the result of a long breeding process in which the breeders of our Golo Line have worked to achieve a quality marijuana plant with Iberian body and American character, in which sweet and earthy f [...]

  • 1 seed8.50€ 6.75€
  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)23.00€
  • 5 seeds36.00€
  • 25 seeds (Product sold out)125.00€

Destroyer - Cannabiogen

Destroyer from Cannabiogen is a 100% sativa cannabis hybrid bringing together the wild and undomesticated tropical landrace Meao Thai and a very stable and early Mexican/Colombian variety. Cannabiogen's breeders have worked for 7 years perfecting th [...]

  • 5 seeds65.00€ 55.20€

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