Acti-Vera from Biobizz, Aloe Vera for cannabis farming

Acti-Vera, a vegan stimulant for growing marijuana plants

For several years now, organic nutrients are the preferred option for many cannabis growers, either for indoor or outdoor crops. This type of nutrients for cannabis provides our buds with better taste and quality and is more environmental friendly than mineral fertilizers (chemical nutrients).

Organic nutrients are products resulting from the flora and fauna that we can find in the animal, plant and also bacterial/mycorrhizal world. Today, and since a few years, there are more and more people who don’t want to use any product derived from animals, which is known as veganism.

Vegan Food Pyramid

Vegan Food Pyramid

This vegan lifestyle has been quickly reflected in the international market of both nutrients and additives for growing cannabis. These products and made from plants (and/or algae) and do not contain any other ingredients of animal origin. We want to highlight that the companies that manufacture these nutrients don’t test their products on animals.

Acti-Vera from Biobizz is a new 100% vegan stimulant for cannabis farming made of the famous plant Aloe Vera, which has several medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Presentation and properties of the Aloe Vera plant

Aloe Vera is a succulent and vivid plant used in medicine since thousands of years ago. In Egypt, one of the oldest documents about medicine – known as the Ebers Papyrus and that dates back to 1500 years before our era – already explains the virtues and uses of both Aloe Vera and cannabis as medicinal plants.

The leaves of Aloe Vera contain a juice very rich in active principles

The leaves of Aloe Vera contain a juice very rich in active principles

The juice inside the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant contains more than 75 active components (polysaccharides, phenolic compounds, organic acids…) as well as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, fitohormones, saponins, salicylic acid… One of the most interesting active principles found in this plant is the so-called aloverosa, which is contained in large amounts in Acti-Vera.

Aloe Vera is primarily used to treat burns thanks to its powerful regenerative and healing properties. In cosmetics, it’s also used against skin aging. If Aloe Vera is so useful for us…why not use it with our marijuana plants?

Biobizz Acti-Vera, organic activator of cannabis plants

It was during a trip in 2011 to the Caribbean island Curaçao – where Aloe Vera is traditionally grown and  used – when the BioBizz team had the idea of developing a stimulant for plants based on this plant.

Acti Vera from BioBizz

Acti Vera from BioBizz

Effect of Acti-Vera on cannabis plants:

  • Protection and stimulation of the immune system, enhancing the resistance against bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold
  • Stimulation of the plant’s growth and vitality, accelerating cell division and increasing the production of phytoalexins
  • Faster germination of seeds
  • Increases water and nutrient uptake and carrying to all the parts of the plant
  • Improves resistance to environmental stress, in particular to high temperatures
  • Enhances assimilation of sugars and root flushing before harvest

Tips on use of BioBizz Acti-Vera

Acti-Vera was first known as product X, since BioBizz made a public contest in 2014 in which all participants had to guess the main ingredient of the product and propose a name.

Acti-Vera Bottles from BioBizz

Acti-Vera Bottles from BioBizz

Acti-Vera can be used in two different ways:

  • Via irrigation, 5ml/L
  • Via foliar spray, on the surface and underside of the leaves, 2-5ml/L

Acti-Vera from BioBizz can be used in any kind of plant and with any substrate, either indoors or outdoors and during the growth or bloom stages of plants. Finally, Acti-Vera also contains minerals, including 0.25 % chelated iron (DTPA):

  • Magnesium 100mg/Kg
  • Copper 30 mg/Kg
  • Manganese 190 mg/Kg
  • Zinc 70 mg/Kg
  • Iron 2800 mg/Kg
  • Boron 100 mg/Kg
  • Molybdenum 220 mg/Kg

BioBizz Acti-Vera also contains 8 amino acids, as well as 14 enzymes. According to the first tests carried out by more than 2500 growers around the world, Acti-Vera accelerates the growth of plants, which grow greener, shorter, more flavourful and with better yields. The latest product from BioBizz is available in 250ml or 1L bottles.

Humans use Aloe Vera since antiquity

Humans use Aloe Vera since antiquity

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