Cannabidiol CBD capsules in Achimia

What are cannabidiol capsules?

It’s been a long time since we wanted to introduce edible cannabis extractions in our catalog, but we had to make sure that all the hard, costly registration and certification requirements from the Spanish authorities were met in order to legally offer these products across the European countries.


Oil and capsules rich in CBD

All this has changed now thanks to the Vitrovit products, which contain a 100% organic complete extraction from hemp plants. This concentrate contains around 400 natural ingredients, 77% of them being Cannabidiol CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is constantly surprising the medical and scientific communities for its different therapeutical properties.

This hemp extraction is available in the form of capsules or oil. The CBx oil is made by diluting 25 ml of extraction in virgin olive oil, for a total concentration of 19,25mg of CBD. The CBx capsules are made by diluting the extract in cocoa butter – which is solid at room temperature – avoiding product leaks. Each capsule contains 25mg of hemp extract, 19,25mg of CBD. These cannabis products only contain very small amounts of THC (<0,2%), meeting all legal requirements for their sale.

April 29, 2015 | Medical marijuana

9 comments on “Cannabidiol CBD capsules in Achimia

  1. Rudi

    Where can I buy cannabidiol CBD capsules in South Africa

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Rudi,

      Sorry, but we don’t ship our products to South Africa and don’t know where you could purchase them.

      Best of lucks!

  2. Yvonne De Grasse

    I have chronic pain sciatica what do I take?

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Yvonne,

      You can try CBD capsules or any of the CBD oils that we have available. You could also try some CBD ointment.

      All the best!

  3. Wayne

    My wife has stomach cancer we have tried rso oil but she couldn’t tolerate it can we use code oil instead and will it do the same job

    1. Dani Alchimia Post author

      Hi Wayne,

      CBD oil does not contain THC, so the effect will not be exactly the same. Still, the anti cancer properties of CBD are well known, so I would give it a try.

      All our best wishes!

  4. Wayne

    I meant CBD oil sorry

  5. Márcio Sousa

    Siempre estoy buscando gran artículo informativo y su artículo también muy bien escrito y mejor para nuestra comprensión gracias por compartir con nosotros

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