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Bud Factor X

Alchimia presents Bud Factor X by Advanced Nutrients, a product formulated to improve the production of resin, essential oils, as well as the harvest volume and weight, besides boosting the cannabis plants' defence mechanism. It can be used from the [...]

  • 250 ml28.92€
  • 1L96.80€

Delta Uno 150 ml

Delta Uno is a powerful root stimulator that can be used throughout the life cycle of your cannabis grow. It is easily absorbed by plants due to its vegetable origin. Delta Uno also strengthens plants to help them in stressful situations. Now availab [...]

  • 150 ml9.00€
  • 500 ml22.00€

Vegamatrix Bloom

Now available at Alchimia, we present Vegamatrix Bloom, an organic vegan fertiliser for flowering cannabis plants developed by expert grower Kyle Kushman. This fertiliser was developed to promote the fastest and most efficient assimilation of nutrie [...]

  • 946ml (Product sold out)35.90€

Athena Bloom A + B

Athena, the renowned fertiliser brand, presents here Bloom A+B, a bi-component fertiliser specially formulated for the cannabis plants flowering period. A product now available in our catalogue at AlchimiaWeb. Athena Bloom A+B, two-component floweri [...]

  • 3,78 L78.80€

Bio-Technology Grow/Bloom Starter Pack

Alchimia presents Bio-Technology's Grow/Bloom Starter Pack, containing all the fertilisers and additives needed for healthy, vigorous growth and flowering of cannabis plants. To start with, Roots root fertilisers (50ml) and Grow A + B vegetative fe [...]

  • 59.00€

Floraflex Nutrients B1

Floraflex presents B1, a fertiliser to use during the plant flowering stage. This product is complemented with Floraflex Nutrients B2, which together will provide an optimal nutrition to our cultivation. Floraflex team has created and designed these [...]

  • 0.46L21.16€ 16.90€

Floraflex Nutrients B2

Floraflex presents B2, a fertiliser to use during the plant flowering stage that together with the Floraflex Nutrients B1 provides an optimal nourishment to our garden. Floraflex has designed these high quality fertilisers, clean and with a stable pH [...]

  • 0.46L24.19€ 19.35€

Kit DualPart Coco Complete - Terra Aquatica

The DualPart Coco Complete Kit from Terra Aquatica is now available at Alchimiaweb. It is a specifically formulated nutrient kit to ensure that cannabis plants grown in coco fibre have all the nutrients they need during their life cycle. As well as t [...]

  • 117.55€

Pro Grow Athena

Athena presents Pro Grow, a growth fertiliser. It is a dry nutrient that boosts the root system for a good foliage development. This product is a balanced mixture of soluble fertilisers with low heavy metal content that provides the plant with essent [...]

  • 4.53Kg109.60€

Kit TriPart Complet - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the TriPart Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, with all the products by this brand necessary to obtain a great cultivation, from the three basic fertilisers to the necessary supplements for growth, flowering and substrate enrichment wi [...]

  • 118.92€

Bio-Technology Starter Pack Auto

Bio-Technology present this convenient Starter Pack Auto, containing all the nutrients and additives you'll need to grow vigorous and healthy autoflowering cannabis plants and express their full floweringing potential for an abundant and high quality [...]

  • 59.00€


Alchimia presents The Hype Derdekea, a complete growth fertiliser that ensures our marijuana plants a vigorous and deficiency-free development. Derdekea, a mineral and organic fertiliser The Hype Derdekea composition has been formulated to provide [...]

  • 1,5 L28.00€

Pro Bloom Athena

Athena presents Pro Bloom, a fertiliser for the needs required by the plant during the flowering stage, increasing the phosphate and potassium supply. This fertiliser boosts flower volume and high metabolism activities. It also provides macro and mic [...]

  • 4.53Kg109.60€

PK enhancer

Alchimia presents Athena PK Booster, a bloom booster supplement. It is formulated with low nitrogen levels and high phosphorus and potassium content but not excessively high so as not to reduce the calcium and magnesium availability. This product inc [...]

  • 0.94 L20.62€

B'Cuzz Blossom Builder

B'Cuzz Blossom Builder is a liquid bud enhancer with balanced levels of PK 18-23 ideal to use during the last 2 - 4 weeks of flowering until harvest, giving the grower larger, more compact buds. The levels of PK, with more potassium than phosphorus, [...]

  • 1L39.40€ 31.50€

PH Perfect Sensi Bloom COCO A+B

pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Coco A + B are quality fertilisers created specifically for cultivation in coco fibre, created by applying the pH Perfect® technology that greatly facilitates growing cannabis in this hydroponic substrate . It's crucial th [...]

  • 1L (Product sold out)25.40€

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