Red Bubble Glass bubblers and waterpipes

What is Red Bubble Glass?

Different glass bubblers and accessories

Red Bubble Glass is is the name of a glass blowing company that entered the market around 3 years ago. The owner and artist, Elías, works hard to offer highly functional pieces with top quality finish, always struggling to improve his technique and the quality of his glass works.

The name Red Bubble comes from Elias' alter ego on the net, Burbuja Roja, who was one of the pinoeers of cannabis extractions in Spain. He learned from the American and Canadian experts and was one of the first ones ever to make water hash or BHO in Spain, always following the steps of the best cannabis resin extractors.

Actually, it has been thanks to the internet that people like Elías have been able to learn from the masters, since years ago the only way to learn was travelling to California and having the luck to meet some of the glass artists who started this movement. Nowadays, many of these techniques can be learned in social networks or video platforms like Youtube, and buying a bubbler is much easier than years ago.

Colorful glass dome

The aim to learn was stronger than all these obstacles, so once he had the information Elias needed to get the necessary materials for his new passion. The raw material is expensive and relatively hard to find, it can only be bought in the USA or Germany. Something similar happens with other materials like tools, flame torches, propane and oxygen, etc. However, nothing discouraged our friend so he started to make his first bubblers as soon as he could.

Step by step, he started working, meeting other glass artists and sharing new techniques, so he was constantly learning and improving his skills. As he stated once: "I spend all my money on glass!".

All this effort, interest and constant learning has led Red Bubble Glass to offer top quality masterpieces perfect to smoke resin extracts like BHO or water hash. Furthermore, he also offers a wide range of coloured accessories (domes, dishes, dabbers, BHO extractors, etc.).

Wig Wag

Characteristics of Borosilicate

Manipulation, technique and blowing

Today, using a bubbler, bong or water pipe to smoke resin concentrates is not strange, as we can see in the different forums, events and cannabis fairs. Americans started this trend years ago, a trend that is now hitting hard in Spain and other European countries.

What happened in Europe was kind of a boom, all of a sudden you had hundreds of bubblers and glass accessories to choose from. All this caused the creation of several Spanish glass companies that started to sell bubblers made in Spain. The price of these handcrafted bubblers is much higher than that of other pieces that we can find in the market. But, why? Are we being fooled? Not at all!!

Heating up a piece

First of all, and as it is commonly said, what's cheap can be expensive. Most of these cheap bong and bubblers are chinese pieces made of low quality glass, with no quality control and whithout taking into account the glass tensions that may appear if it is not properly and homogeneously cooled down. Bubblers should be manufactured by heating the glass for hours and then letting it cool down slowly, so we get an even and durable finish.

Another important aspect here is glass quality. If high quality borosilicate glass is not used, the piece has resistance to drag. Cheap glass often causes the smoke to pass through the percolators too slowly, so when we want to drag all the smoke and inhale it usually goes too slow.

Glass artists don't use cheap glass, so we won't have any of these problems with their bubblers. Most bubblers made in Spain are manufactured with the best glass quality, using either American or European (Germany or Switzerland) borosilicate glass.

How to work with borosilicate glass

Glass blowing can be really complicated

Borosilicate glass acts as a fluid, getting a rubbery texture when heated. That's why glass artists are constantly turning the piece so it doesn't drip, regularly and without vibrations so it keeps its shape. When we stop heating it, it gradually cools down, first on the external surface and then inside the bubbler.

As we can see, glass blowing is a true art that demands lots of hours of practicing and learning. Unless one has a good master, improving one's skills can be really frustrating and complicated. The piece must have a quality structure, the joints must be resistant and well finished and it must drag the smoke quickly and easily.

Reb Bubble Glass products

Red Bubble Glass

Among the wide range of products offered by Red Bubble Glass we can find everything that a concentrate lover may need. Top quality glass products that ensure a flavourful, safe and optimal experience for any connoisseur.


Available in two sizes and very compact, a glass dome and nail are included with these water pipes, perfect to smoke BHO.

Small BHO Bubbler:

Being the smallest piece of the RBG family, this small BHO bubbler is 12cm high from the base to the joint (16 cm from the base to the mouthpiece). It has a diameter of 4cm in the base for better stability.

The joint and the dome measure 14.4mm, the standard size for bubblers and bongs, being compatible with any accessory - bowls and domes - of this size.

The mouthpiece is robust and wide, what ensures a correct smoke flow and allows us to enjoy dense and large dabs. A 5cm borosilicate nail is included with the bubbler.

It uses a small micro-punctured dish for improved filtering, and is perfect to carry, small and very compact.

Regular BHO Bubbler:

Slightly larger than the small model, the medium-sized Bubbler measures 16cm from the base to the joint (24cm from the base to the mouthpiece), with the same base diameter than the small one (4cm).

The joint is also 14.4mm, as well as the included glass dome. The borosilicate nail is 5cm long.

Basically, it has the same features than the smaller model (micro-punctured dish, compact and small) but enables the user to smoke larger amounts of resin while purifying and cooling down the smoke.

Elias workshop

BHO Extractors

Before using our bubbler, we must know how to make BHO . And to do this, Red Bubble Glass offers us a range of borosilicate BHO extractors, made from the same glass than the rest of bubblers and accessories and perfect to achieve clean and safe extracts.

Mini BHO Extractor

This small glass BHO extractor is 10cm long and 2.5cm in diameter, so it is designed to perform extractions with small amounts of green material. They are perfect to test the quality of the oils of different strains without having to use too much weed. Compact and light, they are easily and safely carried.

Small BHO Extractor

This model measures 2.5cm in diameter and 20cm long, so it has twice the capacity of the Mini BHO Extractor. It is designed to make extractions with around 10gr of green material, either trim or buds.

Large BHO Extractor

The large BHO Extractor is the largest member of the family, with the same diameter than the other models but measuring 40cm in lenght, with an approximate cpacity of 25gr of trim/buds. Depending on the strain and resin, we can use up to two gas cans with this extractor.

BHO Kits and accessories

Red Bubble Glass also offers a wide range of accessories made of borosilicate glass so smoking our resins becomes and unforgettable experience.

Kits for smoking BHO

To enjoy this experience to the most, RBG offers a kit for smoking BHO that includes a nail, a dome and a male-male joint so we have everything we need for smoking resins in bongs or bubblers.

BHO Kits, dishes and dabbers

Dishes and dabbers to manipulate concentrates

Cannabis oil can become solid at room temperatures, being possible to manipulate it with our hands. On the other hand, extractions sometimes have a very oily and sticky texture, being then impossible to manipulate.

To facilitate this process, using non-stick materials is highly recommended, as well as titanium, borosilicate or medical-grade stainless steel tools.

Having a dish - small glass dish for resins - and a dabber will make things a lot easier for the user.

Happy concentrates and bubbles!!!

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Comments in “Red Bubble Glass bubblers and waterpipes” (1)


Papa Indica 2015-07-24
Once again I'm reminded just how spoiled we American's are, apparently many, many things that are right at the tips of our fingers remain at arms length for the rest of the world. It hardly seems fair. Even those of us who try to stay above the whole "spoiled American" thing are drawn in, it can't be helped, it's too easy to get our hands on what we want, and so many choices. Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't have a ton of disposable income to do what I want but, if I have a few bucks to spend, I can find whatever I'm looking for easily. I'm not trying to rub it in, it seems unfair that others don't have the same access to things. I was kind of under the, (mistaken), impression that with the internet everyone had access to the same things, more or less. For quite some time now I've been using only water pipes for my smoke. I'm a huge fan of Manifest Glassworks, (MGW), which is a New York company, they create amazing pieces. (Being on the East Coast myself I was very happy to find an East Coast company doing such amazing glasswork.) One thing I'm not a big fan of is this huge trend towards dabs. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find a nice water pipe that isn't set up for dabs, and just has a normal bowl slide. I'm more traditional in my approach to smoking my weed. I don't care what other people want to do with theirs but, it seems some of the glass companies out there think that we're ALL dabbing. We are not. There are now three different slide joint sizes commonly used, 10mm, (not sure if it's exactly 10, but I think it is), the 14.4mm, which is referred to as just 14mm, and the 18.8mm, which is referred to as just 18mm, or sometimes 19mm. Personally, I think a good water pipe, (bong or bubbler), is the best way to smoke, hands down. Happy Tokin'!

Alchimia Staff

Dani Alchimia 2015-07-27
Hi Papa Indica, It is curious, we went to Amsterdam to the past 420 ICMAG Cup and all Dutch guys though everyone is dabbing in Spain. While it is true that dabs are becoming more and more popular here everyday, it is also true that most people still smokes the old way, only joints (not even bongs or glass pipes). Of course, having spanish glass blowers helped to spread this custom, although it was mainly caused by the apparition of cannabis social clubs. And you're right, it seems like almost all glassworks made today are intended for dabbing. ;)

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