How to make Rosin from Hash

Rosin tech has recently risen to become a hugely popular extraction choice for those who prefer to dab solventless cannabis concentrates.

The reasons why it is enjoying such popularity are clear: it's safe, having none of the risk of explosion associated with processes using butane or alcohol to extract; it's very fast, no other extraction method can produce a dab from a bud in just minutes; and it's cheap too, there's no expensive equipment required. Anyone with some herb can make their own cannabis extractions at home with minimal investment - all that's needed is an electric hair straightener available on every high street, and some baking paper, on sale in every supermarket across the country.

If there's a drawback to making rosin from buds/flowers, it's that you need to press a relatively large amount of herb to produce a worthwhile amount of extract. Yields with flowers vary from below 10% to higher than 30% in extreme cases and depend greatly on several factors, mainly: the genetics - the strain being pressed; the grow - the overall quality and resin content of the buds; the extraction equipment - the amount of heat and pressure employed; and the condition of the herb - age and relative humidity of the material.

Many first-timers are put off making rosin by the poor yields resulting from pressing lower-quality flowers, it can be disappointing to see perfectly smokeable buds 'ruined' with almost nothing to show for it. For this reason, some have turned to a more satisfying method of producing dab-able full-melt concentrates and are pressing rosin from hash instead of from herb.

Rosin made from hashish
Rosin made from hashish

As hash is already a concentrated form of cannabis, yields are naturally higher, starting at around 40% from low quality imported hash right up to 90% for very clean bubble hash and pure dry sift (although some purists would argue against the 'sacrilege' of squishing such connoisseur quality resin).

With hash, as with flowers, the return obtained will depend largely on the equipment used - a professional-standard Rosin press with precision heated plates and 30 tons of pressing power is going to be able to squeeze out significantly more than hair straighteners with only body weight for pressure.

Not everyone has the budget for a hydraulic press, but a highly recommended compromise is available in the form of quick-grip clamps, which for very little cost (between £15-30 in DIY stores) offer us the possibility of adding up to 250kg of pressure in a very convenient and manageable form and really squeezing the most out of our chosen material. Even more pressure can be applied by squeezing hair straighteners with a bench vice, these cost more than a quick-grip clamp but still significantly less than a hydraulic press.

What we need to make Rosin hash

Equipment needed to make Rosin hash
Equipment needed to make Rosin hash

  • Hair straightener - ideally with digital control capable of temperatures as low as 100ºC
  • Oven parchment/baking paper (IMPORTANT - not wax paper!) - This can be bleached or unbleached depending on personal preference. Some brands are better than others in regards to durability and non-stick properties, so try a few to find the best in your area
  • Filter of some kind to keep impurities out of the rosin - the easiest and cheapest option is to use coffee filters but purpose-made polyester mesh bags are available for greater convenience
  • Infra-red thermometer - essential for checking temperatures of hair irons that don't have digital control and useful for verifying temperatures on those that do
  • Quick-grip clamp - not essential but very useful indeed for increasing yields
  • Dabber - A or similar to collect rosin
  • Hash - depending on the size of the plates on your hair iron, you can press around 2-3g at a time

How to make Rosin from cannabis resin

Preparation of the hash for pressing
Preparation of the hash for pressing

Start by cutting a rectangle of coffee filter. This needs to be big enough so that once folded into a parcel, it occupies most of the heated area of the straighteners, allow 1-2cm extra paper on each side for folding over flaps.

Now take the hash you're going to press and form it into a flat rectangular patty a little bit smaller than the coffee filter pouch, place it inside and close it by folding. It's important that the hash doesn't completely fill the pouch to avoid the phenomenon known as 'blow-outs' - when the filter bursts due to exerting high pressure too quickly and leaks contaminant from the hash into your rosin.

If you're using pre-made mesh bags, the same principal applies - always leave an area of mesh around the edge for the hash to expand into to avoid blow-outs.

Once the pouch or bag is packed, place it inside a folded sheet of parchment and set the hair straightener to 100ºC. If your straightener doesn't go that low then switch it off and wait for it to cool to the correct temperature, using the infra-red thermometer to check.

Temperature and Rosin

Pressing the resin
Pressing the resin

Depending on the quality of the hash being pressed, it's possible to achieve different textures of rosin by adjusting the temperature. Good quality material, when pressed at relatively low temperatures (100ºC or less) can result in textures varying from budder or wax to greasy sugar, conserving maximum terpene content. Pressing the same material at higher temperatures (around 120ºC) will result in a more stable, more potent but less tasty shatter texture due to the evaporation of more terpenes at the higher pressing temperature. Even this shatter will tend to turn to a sugary texture over time, apparently depending on the remaining terpene content.

With the hair straightener at the desired temperature, place the parchment with hash in between the plates, ensuring that the coffee filter pouch is central within the heated area. Close the plates on the pouch and press down, exerting pressure with the hands to get the oil starting to flow within the hash and then once it feels like the hash is softening start to apply pressure slowly with the quick-grip clamp, ramping up bit-by-bit to full pressure. If you don't have a clamp, try putting your full weight on the hair straightener by standing on it (on a clean floor and with clean shoes, naturally).

It's at this point that care must be taken not to apply pressure too quickly and cause a blow-out. Top quality, melty hash can be pressed fairly quickly as it liquifies without much heat and flows readily through the filter. Lower quality hash contains more non-melting contaminants and will need to be pressed more slowly, or at slightly higher temperatures to be able to extract the maximum oil without bursting the filter.

Allow the resin to cool before collecting it
Allow the resin to cool before collecting it

Continue to press for about a minute - this is only a rough guide, some qualities of hash need less time, while with others, more time is needed to extract everything. You can check if you've extracted everything by pressing the pouch a second time on fresh parchment. If much more comes out on the second press, then you didn't press for long enough first time around. Always aim to extract everything on the first press as every time the hash is subjected to heat, terpenes and cannabinoids are degraded.

Once finished pressing, remove the parchment and pouch and allow to cool before opening the paper. Remove the pressed pouch and keep to one side, later on this can either be soaked in alcohol or oil to extract any remaining cannabinoids and made into tincture or edibles.

Collect together the rosin from the parchment either with a dabber or more simply by folding the paper on itself and touching the bits of rosin together to form a ball. For storage it's not recommended to use parchment paper as over time this can leave paper fibres stuck to the rosin. For best results use durable PTFE sheet or silicone storage pots to keep your rosin in pristine condition.

The finished product
The finished product

To get the best flavour every time when consuming your rosin or any other full-melt extract, we recommend the use of an electric nail like Vaporite V-Nail. These new devices combine a digital controller with a heating element to guarantee the nail surface is always at the perfect temperature for dabs, ensuring full appreciation of the organoleptic properties of your cannabis extracts without burning the terpenes and creating a harsh taste by dabbing on red-hot titanium or wasting oil on a nail that's not hot enough. After all the effort and time invested in growing, harvesting and extracting, it's worth considering to get the best possible enjoyment out of your hard work.

Happy pressing!

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Comments in “How to make Rosin from Hash” (12)


Bj 2020-02-25
Hey. Thanks for nice tips. Im getting good results with your methods. Except with the vaping part. Im struggling with my vape carts getting clogged or leaking. Do you have any tips on what to use as liquidizer and which vapes are good? I am using wax liquidizer and different vapepod systems now. Thanks

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2020-02-26
Hi, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you're having some success making rosin but I'm sorry you're not having the same success with vaping it. I don't have much experience with vape carts or pens, but I've heard that some brands are less suitable for rosin than others, because of how they deal with any waxes or lipids in the oil. Alternatively, vaporisers such as the Linx Ares or the Source Orb are designed to vaporise rosin and BHO directly, without mixing into an e-liquid. Aside from that, there is a technique for making vape oil without mixing with any additives, but it works best with high-quality, fresh-frozen bubble hash rosin. Simply place the freshly-pressed rosin in a small glass jar with an airtight metal lid (Mason jars are perfect), close it tightly and heat it to 90ºC for anything from 20 minutes to up to an hour. A toaster oven is ideal for doing this with some precision, but a bain-marie (hot water bath) can work just as well. The rosin will liquefy with the heat, and then, once it has stopped bubbling it ought to be ready. This process will decarboxylate your rosin, leaving it in a much more liquid state, although the degree of liquidity will largely depend on the terpene content of the hash used, which is why fresh-frozen gives better results but using a terpene-rich variety in the first place will help greatly. I hope that helps. All the best and happy vaping!


John Is an Alchimia client 2020-01-23
I've pressed hash ( commercial pollen) usually around 30% and squidgy black (gold seal, red leb) usually 60-80% this is with 25micron bags 10grams at a time on manual press 2 tonne, will higher micron bags be better or is that ok, use rest for honey or butter

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2020-01-31
Hi John, thanks for your question. Sounds like a nice return you're getting there, well done, that must be very good hash indeed. For pressing any kind of hash I'd only recommend using either 25 or 37-micron filter bags. Anything larger will result in too much contaminate/plant matter leaking into the rosin, I'm afraid. All the best and happy squishing!


S 2020-01-12
Hi Interesting article for sure.. what sort of return do you get on Moroccan midgrade drysift?

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2020-01-13
Hey, thanks for your question. Moroccan hash usually yields a maximum of around 50%, so from mid-grade stuff, I'd be expecting results around 30-40% although in the past I've pressed Moroccan hash that yielded less than good quality flowers! As with all things rosin-related, the better the quality of the starting material, the higher the yields will be. I hope that helps, all the best and happy squishing!


emilio 2019-10-10
Hi one question i have tried your method and it works fine i get i good yieald when i press the hash. i made a cartridge using wax liqudizer and mixing that with the rosin. but the e juice comes out cloudy and it destroys the coil in the cartridge. my question is how do i filter the juice from waxes and lupids

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2019-10-14
Hi Emilio, thanks for your question. My first question would be to ask what kind of hash you're pressing? If you're pressing imported commercial hash, the cloudiness could be some type of adulterant in the hash itself. If not, then yes it's indeed possible that the plant waxes and lipids are causing the cloudiness. The first and the easiest thing to try would be to press the hash through 15-micron filter bags (if you can source them) instead of 25 or 37, which tend to be the standard for hash rosin. This ought to mean a cleaner, higher purity rosin, which may carry fewer fats and waxes. Otherwise, the only method to remove waxes/lipids would be to winterize, which involves dissolving the rosin in ethanol, then getting the mixture down to a very low temperature (in the freezer) before passing it through a fine filter (a couple of coffee filters will do if nothing else is available), which retains the waxes and lipids. Once filtered, the alcohol is evaporated away (ideally under vacuum using a rotary evaporator, but not essential) to leave a pure, dewaxed extract, which shouldn't give you any problems once diluted with Wax Liquidizer. All the best, happy vaping!


Damion 2019-09-09
Hey there thanks for a great feed am looking at trying this as recently got diagnosed with copd so like alen looking at using it to vape and the only price been quoted on some hash rosin ready is 35 a gram so 1)am i right in thinking if even was the lower range of yield numbers this would still be more cost effective and 2) in alen comment says about adding terpenes' does this need to be done or would vaping still work without adding

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2019-09-17
Hi Damion, thanks for your comment and question, and also thanks for the kind words! I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, hopefully vaporising will not cause too many problems for your condition. However, in your place, I'd be very careful to only vaporise flowers and concentrates, not e-liquids or any extracts with added terpenes or diluted with PG/VG blends, as these will most likely aggravate your COPD. As far as hash rosin goes, it depends what kind of quality you're talking about. It's not the same thing to make rosin with some Moroccan hash bought on the streets as it is to press out some high-quality bubble hash as in this post, so the price will vary greatly from product to product. High-End hash rosin can easily cost $100 per gram in a dispensary, so the $35 you quoted might not be too bad a price. That said, it'll always be more economical to grow your own, make the hash and then make the rosin with it, plus you'd have the peace-of-mind of knowing exactly what was in your medicine, as you've controlled every step of the process. In reply to your question about added terpenes to rosin to be able to vape it, that technique is only needed if you want to vape it in an e-cigarette type unit, and as I've already mentioned, the extra terpenes won't do your COPD any good at all, so I'd recommend staying away from that kind of thing, sticking to good quality built vaporisers such as the Mighty, which allow vaping of the pure, undiluted concentrates and also work great for herb. I hope that helps, all the best and happy vaping!


Alen 2019-06-06
Okej thanks for the answer i will experiment a little bit. but for how long shoulde i press. is their such a thing as pressing for to long ? from 50 grams of hashish how much rosin shoulde i expect to collect ? thanks for de advice is their anything more i shoulde now think about

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2019-06-07
Hi again Alen, To be honest, it's quite difficult to press hash for too long, unlike flowers which quickly get that burnt popcorn smell and flavour. I usually just press until the rosin stops flowing. One thing to be extra careful about, however, is to begin applying pressure slowly, allowing the resin to soften and liquify before pressing too hard otherwise there's a very real risk of the filter bag splitting and having a "blow-out" which spoils the rosin. To help avoid this I put the hash first inside a 25-micron bag, and then put that into a 220-micron bag to reinforce it under pressure. As for the return to expect, that will depend entirely on the quality of the hash being pressed. I've pressed high-quality bubble hash that gave me over 95% return, while other, lower quality dry sifts have given me less than 20% back!!! Hope that helps, all the best and happy pressing!


Alen 2019-06-03
Hi i have a question im going to be presing some hash. whats the diffrens if i press 120ºC or 140ºC is it that it will be less terpines if i press at a higher temperature. my plan is to make vape cartridges. the rosin i will mix with wax liqudizer and after add real terpines if neccesery. how woulde u recomend i go about it? i bought the black leaf rosin press. and i have 50 grams of hasish that i was thinking of pressing 5g at a time

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2019-06-04
Hi Alen, thanks for your question. Personally, I'd start pressing at 100ºC, the temperatures you mention seem awfully hot to me, and you'd probably evaporate away all of the terpenes in the hash. I'd even be tempted to start pressing at 90ºC and see how it comes out. The higher the temperature, the more return you'll get, but only up to a certain point. After that point, all you'll be doing is reducing quality. The trick is to find this point, but if you've got 50g and you're pressing 5g at a time, you shouldn't have any problem. I'd press the first 5g at 90º, then the second at 100º, if you don't see much increase in return at 100ºC then I'd press at the lower temperature. However, if at 100ºC you see that you're getting more back without sacrificing quality, then it's time to try at 110ºC, and so on until you see that the quality degrades or the yields flatten out. I imagine that over 100º will reduce quality significantly without offering improved yields. As for adding terpenes and mixing with wax liquidizer, that's going to work fine, I'd add the terpenes to the rosin first, following the manufacturer's guidelines (usually 1 drop per gram). Then follow the instructions for Wax Liquidizer according to the concentration and texture you want to achieve. I hope that's cleared up any doubts, all the best and happy pressing!


meech 2019-04-09
I did a couple of runs, the yield wasn't great but I honestly put that down to the quality of the hash I used (It was very brown, solid, and so dry that I can grind it to a fine powder) Interestingly though, I used 2 different techniques with this particular hash, first time was the standard way and didn't yield much at all. The second rime was better, and this time I ground the hash into a fine powder before putting it into the tea bag. This seemed to work better for my particularly dry hash. Although the yield was not great, the end result is that I am left with a very potent rosin when compared to the potency of this low grade hash, so overall I am pleased! Thank you for your help! I had pressed using flower before but wasn't sure how this would go using low quality hash, I will definitely be trying this with better quality hash too!


Meech 2019-04-09
Thank you very much for the quick response! Very helpful!I'm going to try first with some lower quality hash I have and see how it goes!


Meech 2019-04-09
I don't have any coffee filters at the moment but really want to try this asap. Could I use an emptied and clean teabag or would that absorb the wax?

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2019-04-09
Hi Meech, thanks for the question. I'd say yes, it'd work fine as long as the teabag doesn't impart any taste of tea leaves to the rosin, just bear in mind that the teabag paper is not as thick as coffee filter paper, so you'll have to be very gentle and slow applying the pressure, so as not to burst the package containing the hash and getting a blowout. Alternatively, you could use a double layer of teabag paper. As for absorbing the resin, a certain amount is inevitable, but I don't think it'd be any worse than with coffee filter paper. All the best and happy pressing!


Flóki 2018-10-31
Thanks man! I tried my own version of this the other day, with little success. I was using cloth as the filter, which happened to soak up all the wax. In the end i was left with slightly shittier hash hahah. Will try this as soon as i can.

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2018-11-05
Hi Flóki, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about the lack of success, coffee filter would be a better idea than cloth, although we now stock a range of rosin bags in various sizes designed specially for this purpose. For hash I'd recommend 25 or 37 microns to filter properly. Best of luck for your next attempt!


Michael Barrella 2018-05-06
The only thing wrong I see worth busting your balls over is the wax paper. You shouldn't leave one side tight to the package. By doing this you're cutting off an exit point and now the rosin has to travel through the package to flow out. This means passing unnecessary heat on the way and really downgrading the final produce. If you give yourself an inch around the whole package you will maximize yield, and keep the quality stable. The point should be quickest and easiest exit point. Once the temp is reached and the gold flows, it's got to get out as fast as possible to preserve quality Either way bravo. Love this homemade method. Though I finally ordered bubblebags and a hydraulic press to do it legit I'm stoked

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2018-05-07
Hi Michael, thanks for your comment, I see your point, although in this case, with such a small package I don't think there's a major issue, with the hair straightener we were pressing vertically, by which I mena that the rosin was dripping away from the plates using gravity, I don't think it would have worked as well with an inch of parchment all the way around the package. I like to have the package tightly wrapped to prevent any rosin remaining in contact with the plates, if it's tightly wrapped it's got nowhere to go except outwards away from the heat. That said, these days we're working with larger plates and a hydraulic press, we're pressing horizontally so now I leave the parchment wrapping open at the front and the back, enabling the rosin to escape both ways and get quickly away from the heat of the plates. Thanks again, and you're right, this is a great way for people to get started making their own rosin at home with minimal investment. All the best!

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